I Hate My Brother by Branislav Bojčič

I Hate My Brother
Author:  Branislav Bojčič
Suzana Stapar
Ksenija Gburčik
Published: February 18, 2020
148 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

This book maybe answers the question of whether we can become a monster, or the monster already lies deep within us, waiting for the opportunity to come to the surface.

The action of this novel takes place in the region of ex-Yugoslavia as well as in prison and the court of The Hague Tribunal for war crimes.
The main character is Gvozden Mishic. He is courageous, honest, hard-working, and above all, a highly honorable man.

What happens when such a man of incredible persistence and will-power has his heart broken and filled with hatred?


This book represents a transformation, or rather a deformation of an impressive and above all, unique personality with countless qualities, among which the greatest is – an immense love for his family.

This quality is precisely his greatest fault. Love that he felt for his wife and daughter becomes an inexhaustible source of hatred that makes him commit deeds that give a new dimension and severity to the term “war crime.”

The severity that the readers will undoubtedly feel in their hearts while reading this book.

This book is nothing more than a profoundly emotional testimony of a tragedy of one people, carried on wings of hatred, hatred of those who once lived for LOVE, who once fought for LOVE.

Kim’s Review:

This was a very random find for me. It popped up while I was looking on Amazon and this cover intrigued me. It was a simple, straightforward read, while also presenting many complex ideas. It was a little difficult to understand the context so I would definitely suggest reading up on the Balkan conflict in the 90s. When borders are drawn by foreigners with no sense of nationality or ethnicity, problems will arise. Believe me, there are many times I wish people would just grow up and live peacefully, but I also get the roots of some conflicts. Gvozden wasn’t one of those people who cared too much about what happened outside his purview. He loved his life and he was proud of his heritage and his country, whatever that country was at that time. This is an account of one man. It’s not about the overall conflict, though of course that does come into play. Gvozden went from a peaceful farmer to one of the most infamous murderers of the entire conflict. I Hate My Brother shows his journey while also mirroring the bigger picture.

I really liked it and the emotions and ideas stuck with me. I think this would be good for more philosophically minded readers.

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Blog Tour: The Secret Letters by Taryn Leigh

Today I am sharing my review as a part of the blog tour for The Secret Letters by Taryn Leigh. The cover of this one is just gorgeous! 

Book Description:

RACHEL, saved from an attack twelve years before by a faceless stranger, never got to thank him, never knew his name.

Despite the devastation she chose to rise above it to help others from their pain by becoming a psychologist…. Her only issue now is that she’s an expert at fixing everyone else’s problems, and blind to her own.

After a long relationship with her boyfriend WILL starts to go south, she turns to her best friend AMELIA for guidance.

Suddenly her world is turned upside down when tragedy strikes and she’s left with no one to comfort her but Will’s rude older brother RUARI.

Paralyzed by fear, she struggles to take grip of her life, until the day when anonymous letters begin to appear from the stranger who saved her twelve years before.

The Secret Letters
Author: Taryn Leigh

Published: August 9, 2020
241 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: July 24-August 1, 2020
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Jessica’s Review:

The Secret Letters This is one that covers a lot of themes: romance, various relationships, trauma and survival, unfaithfulness, with a little bit of mystery thrown in.  It is also a fictional tale based on a real life attack.

Twelve years ago Rachel was attacked and then saved by an unknown person.  In the aftermath she begins to receive letters from her ‘hero’ to try to help her to come to grips with what happened  and help her heal.  He never makes himself known to her and eventually the letters stop.

Since surviving the attack, twelve years has passed and Rachel has become a psychiatrist and truly wants to help others face their issues. She has a boyfriend of 11 years and lately things have become stagnant.  She also meets an older gentleman she wants to help named Mr. Lemon. His story is just as important as Rachel’s and takes shape in the novel as well.  There was just something about the two of them that resonated with me.  I adored him and need a Mr. Lemon in my life!

Then tragedy happens to Rachel a second time and her life is turned upside down again for a variety of reasons…. Then the letters start coming again.

This is a novel that covers so much emotion and you cannot help but become fully invested in the story.  I did figure out who the mystery letter writer was at relatively early on, but that did not take away the enjoyment of the novel.  I just sat back and enjoyed the story and waited to see how Rachel would react to everything.

The story is based out of South Africa where Leigh is from and she is very descriptive in her writing; she makes you feel like you actually are in South Africa:  I would love to see a zebra in the ‘real world’ living its life like a deer does here in Georgia!

This is a powerful read that deals with very heavy subjects that are difficult to handle, but also about overcoming those tragedies.  Add a little bit of mystery and a sweet and possible developing romance and you just about have everything covered!

This is one I definitely recommend.

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About the Author:

Taryn Leigh is a South African Author, who spent her childhood with her nose buried in books. Her love for reading transpired into her ambition to become an Author.

Taryn Leigh’s first book, Perfect Imperfections, is available in Paperback, eBook and AudioBook. She lives in Pretoria with her husband and son.

Contact Taryn:
Twitter: @tarynleighbook


Why I’m Afraid of the Dark

Why I’m Afraid of the Dark
Author: J.T. Withelder
Published: October 12, 20198

147 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 3 stars

Book Description:

Discover J.T. Withelder’s first collection of five unforgettable novellas that explore the darkest depths of his brilliant yet twisted imagination.

Featured in this anthology:

  • Stevie, a violent reimagining of the childhood trauma of the monster under your bed.
  • Magic Eight blends the believable with the unbelievable when a father discovers a clairvoyant toy amongst his children’s belongings.
  • Man’s Best Friend brings you heroism trapped in a nightmare where the forces of good and evil do battle in the most unexpected of places.
  • Guardian entangles you with the unspeakable horrors that emerge from the closet.
  • Finally, in Perfect, a bond forged by years of matrimony is irrevocably shattered when a husband makes a chance discovery leading to the horrifying implications that his life may not be what it seems.

These stories will question your resolve to sleep without a night light!

Kim’s Review:

I love scary stories! Now that I’ve admitted that to myself, they just seem to gravitate to me. I saw this cover and I wanted it. Unfortunately, only one of these stories was about the dark. I enjoyed three out of the four stories so I enjoyed the book. . . . it just didn’t give me what I wanted. I recommend it to anyone looking for simple, creepy stories. I read it in about an hour; it was easy and fun. But I wanted stories about the dark and I didn’t get that. I did like how Withelder tied everything together by the end. It was interesting that he had a bigger picture in his head.

Overall, I would have given it 4 stars if the stories had actually been about the dark. It really annoyed me so I docked a star. But the stories were engaging and spooky.

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