Standalone Sunday: The Chosen One

Last week was my first Standalone Sunday, and I think I will try and make this a weekly feature on my site. Standalone Sunday was started by Megan over at Bookslayer Reads.

What is Standalone Sunday?

Each Sunday bloggers feature a standalone book (one that is not part of a series) that they loved or would recommend. The standalone can also be one you want to read. There is so much focus on books that are part of a series that standalone books seem to be forgotten. They can be just as great as book series!

Without further ado, here is my selection for Standalone Sunday:

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Book Description from Goodreads:

Thirteen-year-old Kyra has grown up in an isolated community without questioning the fact that her father has three wives and she has twenty brothers and sisters, with two more on the way. That is, without questioning them much—if you don’t count her secret visits to the Mobile Library on Wheels to read forbidden books, or her meetings with Joshua, the boy she hopes to choose for herself instead of having a man chosen for her.

But when the Prophet decrees that she must marry her sixty-year-old uncle—who already has six wives—Kyra must make a desperate choice in the face of violence and her own fears of losing her family forever.

I listened to the audiobook version back in 2014 and it made my Top 5 that year.  I wasn’t expecting much from it when I picked it up at the library as the description on the cd case was very different from the above description.  I wish I could get that description for you to compare, but it was something along the lines of Kyra enjoying reading and relaxing in trees.

There is something about FLDS and polygamy that I just find fascinating. I don’t know what it is, maybe because I am not a part of that culture and it is so extreme and different from what I live in.  If memory serves, The Chosen One does not say that Kyra is part of FLDS.

I need to request this book from the library again so I can properly review it since I listened to it way before I was writing book reviews. I was taken on a roller coaster while I listened to this book.  It is a short one.  There are just five cds (5.5 hours of listening). According to Goodreads, it is just 213 pages.

It is a short enough book and can be read very quickly, I recommend everyone to give The Chosen One a try!



First Line Friday #20

This week’s First Line Friday was chosen by my husband. Why is that? It’s his 40th birthday!! I hope it’s a great birthday for you! <3

Suppose that you and I were sitting in a quiet room overlooking a garden, chatting and sipping at our cups of green tea while we talked about something that had happened a long while ago, and I said to you, “That afternoon when I met so-and-so… was the very best afternoon of my life, and also the very worst afternoon.”

A literary sensation and runaway bestseller, this brilliant debut novel tells with seamless authenticity and exquisite lyricism the true confessions of one of Japan’s most celebrated geisha.

Speaking to us with the wisdom of age and in a voice at once haunting and startlingly immediate, Nitta Sayuri tells the story of her life as a geisha. It begins in a poor fishing village in 1929, when, as a nine-year-old girl with unusual blue-gray eyes, she is taken from her home and sold into slavery to a renowned geisha house. We witness her transformation as she learns the rigorous arts of the geisha: dance and music; wearing kimono, elaborate makeup, and hair; pouring sake to reveal just a touch of inner wrist; competing with a jealous rival for men’s solicitude and the money that goes with it.

In Memoirs of a Geisha, we enter a world where appearances are paramount; where a girl’s virginity is auctioned to the highest bidder; where women are trained to beguile the most powerful men; and where love is scorned as illusion. It is a unique and triumphant work of fiction—at once romantic, erotic, suspenseful—and completely unforgettable.



Mailbox Monday!

Today I am going to share with you some of the ‘bookmail’ I have recently received. I will share where it came from.

First is the non- book:

I received this bag from St. Martin’s Press in a Facebook giveaway! It was one of 500 given out. I can’t wait to use it!

**Come Sundown by Nora Roberts will be released on May 30th.

I received The Fact of a Body from Flatiron Books in a Facebook giveaway!   I hope to read it soon.

**The Fact of a Body will be released TOMORROW on May 16th!

The Good Widow was mystery book mail I received.  I do not know who the sender is.  Thank you to whomever you are!

The Good Widow will be released June 1st. I can’t wait to read it!

I also received The Map that Leads to You from St. Martin’s Press in a Facebook giveaway. I don’t usually read romance, but I will be giving it a try.

The Map That Leads to You will be released on June 13th

 I recently received both of these YA novels from KCP Loft.  I can’t wait to read them!

**The Lost Causes will be released on September 5th and Kiss Me in New York will be released on October 3rd

What have YOU recently received?