Day: November 23, 2018

First Line Friday: Black Friday Edition!

Today’s First Line Friday is a bit different: It is Black Friday here in the US, a day of all kinds of sales in stores where people will be up at 2am and line up for! And get this: Those lines are not for things NEEDED, just wants!!!  Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday season with all the chaos you can get!  I actually did early Black Friday shopping  one year, but it was for a need: I was in college and my computer was dying, so I needed another one. Needless to say I got my computer!

I admit that I do some Black Friday shopping, but it is mainly online or at Target where they have two days sales. No early rising with the crazies for me!   I find myself really wanting to read this book: I may have to buy it: Not because I want it, I need it!  😉

The reason this post is up so early is in case anyone who follows this page is up doing their Black Friday shopping!  So in the spirit of today, here is today’s First Line Friday, Black Friday Edition: Black Friday by Michael Hodges:

Patricia Sundstrom wanted it. Now, she didn’t want it, she needed it. All the coupon sites were pointing her to the SaveRite waffle iron. She maneuvered through the slog of webpages with purpose, her breathe quickening as she glanced over each deal.

Patricia worships Zoot, CoupFinity, CashReturn, and DealParadise—her favorite shopping apps and websites. Every buzz of her smart phone is a celebration of savings. So Patricia takes a trip to Bridgefield Mall on Black Friday, her face buried in the glow of her smart phone.

While scanning deals at a kitchen appliance store, the fire alarm roars. The horde of shoppers she’d been elbowing stampedes out the exits, leaving Patricia with all the deals to herself.

After securing her items under a cloth-draped table, Patricia decides it’s time to investigate why no one came back. She tries calling her family, but her smart phone won’t work. Not even Twitter.

The mall lights flicker and surge. Bulbs shatter and spray glass into the air. Patricia bolts for the Macy’s exit, the mall quaking under her feet. When she reaches the parking lot, an ominous mist surrounds the mall, and an unseen, crazed man shouts out to her.

Woken from her shopping craze, she realizes there’ll be no deals at Bridgefield Mall today, and no app to save her.

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Because it is all in the spirit of Christmas….. Greed and all!