Day: July 23, 2019

Pixie and the Green Book Mystery

Author:  Coraline Grace
Illustrator: Encarna Dorado

Published: March 2019
103 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: July 14, 2019
Jessica’s Rating:  4 stars

Book Description:

Pixie And The Green Book Mystery is the first in the series: The Purple Mystery, and The Yellow Mystery up next.

Magic is alive at The Rocky Point Library. ~

It’s an apple disaster day for Pixie, a second grader at Rocky Point Elementary. However, a trip to her local library changes everything. When Pixie happens upon a mysterious green book, she discovers the fairy tales have come to life out of their books. But danger is lurking just around the corner. The usual librarian, Miss Rita Goode, is nowhere to be seen. And it doesn’t take long for Pixie to learn the man behind the counter is an imposter. He’s an evil Book Guardian trying to capture the fairy tale characters and rid their books forever.

But for a girl who loves reading, Pixie will do whatever it takes to save her new friends. Tick tocktime is running out! Can she get them safely back into their books before it’s too late? Or will the world of fairy tales come to an end?

Jessica’s Review:

Pixie was a fun short children’s chapter picture book that encourages reading and library attendance.  If your child enjoys fairy tales including Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snow White, and Alice in Wonderland then they will enjoy Pixie as some of these characters come to life in their own unique way that is different from the stories we know. 

Pixie, whose real name is Marigold has a bad day at school, but then she goes to the library and there she ends up in an adventure to save our beloved fairy tale characters from the evil Book Guardian, who wants to put them in electronic devices for some unknown reason.  For me, this was confusing as some readers (including myself) may actually be reading this story on a device.  What is so bad about electronic devices? Yes, I prefer ‘physical books’, but reading is still reading.  Kids most likely won’t notice this conundrum as this book is meant for children’s enjoyment, which they will have no matter what format they are reading the story on.

This is a complete story as Pixie saves the day and she looks forward to returning to the library and more adventures. 

There were some nice additions at the end of the story.  There was “Words You May Not Know” which gives definitions to some larger words that younger children may not know.  There was “Write On” which are activities for the young reader to help them think about the story they just finished and make it interactive.  Lastly, there is a “Cooking with Pixie” child friendly recipe for ants on an apple log that was mentioned early on in the story.  The recipe of course mentions getting an ok with an adult first. 

The book is themed with green as the ‘magic’ color and it is throughout the story and illustrations.  The illustrations definitely enhance the story as they are simple, yet effective.

I look forward to Pixie’s next adventure along with the themed color. 

**Special thanks to the author for sending me a copy that I chose to read and review on my own.**

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