Month: February 2020

Cover Reveal: The Walls We Build by Jules Hayes

Today I am helping in the cover reveal for The Walls We Build by Jules Hayes. This one will be released on March 23rd! I personally love this cover!

Book Description:

Three friends … 

Growing up together around Winston Churchill’s estate in Westerham, Kent, Frank, Florence and Hilda are inseparable. But as WW2 casts its menacing shadow, friendships between the three grow complex, and Frank – now employed as Churchill’s bricklayer – makes choices that will haunt him beyond the grave, impacting his grandson’s life too.

Two Secrets …

Shortly after Frank’s death in 2002 Florence writes to Richard, Frank’s grandson, hinting at the darkness hidden within his family. On investigation, disturbing secrets come to light, including a pivotal encounter between Frank and Churchill during the war and the existence of a mysterious relative in a psychiatric hospital.

One Hidden Life … 

How much more does Florence dare reveal about Frank – and herself – and is Richard ready to hear?

Set against the stunning backdrop of Chartwell, Churchill’s country home, comes a tragic story of misguided honour, thwarted love and redemption, reverberating through three generations and nine decades.

For readers of Kate Morton, Rachel Hore, Katherine Webb, Lucinda Riley and Juliet West.

“Passion, intrigue and family secrets drive this complex wartime relationship drama. A page turner. I loved it.”  #1 bestselling author, Nicola May





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Here it is:

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About the Author:

Jules Hayes lives in Berkshire with her husband, daughter and a dog. She has a degree in modern history and holds a particular interest in events and characters from the early 20th century. As a former physiotherapist and trainer – old habits die hard – when not writing Jules likes to run. She also loves to watch films, read good novels and is a voracious consumer of non-fiction too, particularly biographies.

Jules is currently working on her second historical novel, another dual timeline story.

Jules also writes contemporary thriller and speculative fiction as JA Corrigan.

Contact the Author
Jules Hayes can be found at:

Twitter @JulesHayes6
Instagram: JulesHayes6


Writing as JA Corrigan, Jules can be found at:
Twitter: @juliannwriter
Instagram: corriganjulieann

What We Buried by Kate A. Boorman

What We Buried
Author: Kate A. Boorman
Published: February 26, 2019
304 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 3 stars

Book Description:

Siblings Liv and Jory Brewer have grown up resenting one another. Liv—former pageant queen and reality-TV star—was groomed for a life in the spotlight, while her older brother Jory, born with a partial facial paralysis, was left in the shadows. The only thing they have in common is contempt for their parents.

Now Liv is suing her mom and dad for emancipation, and Jory views the whole thing as yet another attention-getting spectacle. But on the day of the hearing, their parents mysteriously vanish, and the siblings are forced to work together. Liv feels certain she knows where they are and suspects that Jory knows more than he’s telling . . . which is true.

What starts as a simple overnight road trip soon takes a turn for the dangerous and surreal. And as the duo speeds through the deserts of Nevada, brother and sister will unearth deep family secrets that force them to relive their pasts as they try to retain a grip on the present.

Kim’s Review:

What a weird book. The cover held me enthralled for so long and I finally got it for Christmas. I’m pretty sure this book will be in the 2020 Most Gorgeous Cover Tournament . . . But as we were all taught, never judge a book by its cover. It took me forever to even get into the story. The characters were insufferable. The only one I liked was Jory. Literally everyone else was shallow and unlikable. Then as the story progressed, things made less and less sense. I think that was supposed to happen, but I think it was supposed to intrigue the reader. Instead, I was frustrated.

The whole book was one big confusing, annoying meandering that led absolutely nowhere. Honestly, the only reason I’m giving 3 stars is because of the amazing cover. I really don’t think I recommend this book to anyone. It felt like a waste of time, even when I got to the end and things were “explained”.

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Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky

Imaginary Friend
Author: Stephen Chbosky
Published: October 1, 2019
705 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Imagine… Leaving your house in the middle of the night. Knowing your mother is doing her best, but she’s just as scared as you.

Imagine… Starting a new school, making friends. Seeing how happy it makes your mother. Hearing a voice, calling out to you.

Imagine... Following the signs, into the woods. Going missing for six days. Remembering nothing about what happened.

Imagine… Something that will change everything… And having to save everyone you love.

Kim’s Review:

Whoa. I really loved Perks of Being a Wallflower and I got so excited when I found out he was publishing another book, and a horror book at that! I was able to get a signed copy from Island Bookstore in Corolla, NC. Then I read it. Holy. Crap. For being such a large book, it went by very quickly. I was engrossed within the first chapter. Thankfully, I liked who I was supposed to like and hated those I was supposed to hate. Though the twist got me; I’ll admit that I didn’t see it coming. I should have. Once it twisted, I kicked myself for not having an inkling about it.

The reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 was because there were places that made me, as a Christian, a little uncomfortable. I can only assume that Chbosky is a catholic, because the catholic themes guiding the story are obvious. I can’t say too much about the story because I don’t want to give anything away. The synopsis is the perfect tantalization and I don’t think anymore should be learned before reading. It is definitely creepy, but I don’t think it was scary. Even those who don’t like horror will like this book. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something to completely immerse themselves in.

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