ARC Review: Moment in Time by Suzanne Redfearn

Moment in Time
Suzanne Redfearn

To Be Published: March 8, 2022
287 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: February 15-27, 2022
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

It’s been eight years since a tragic accident changed Mo Kaminski’s and Chloe Miller’s lives forever. Now in their midtwenties, they’re sharing an apartment in San Francisco and navigating the normal challenges of early adulthood. Along with their roommate, Hazel, they are making their marks on the world—Mo revolutionizing the news with her media start-up, Hazel using her big brain to anticipate the future, and Chloe rescuing abandoned strays in the city.

But when Hazel disappears after being sexually assaulted, Mo’s and Chloe’s lives are again suddenly ripped apart. And when the perpetrator turns up drugged and beaten, the mystery of where Hazel is deepens. Intensely worried and desperate to discover the truth, they set out to find Hazel and bring her home.

Mo and Chloe are no strangers to tragedy, but this journey will test them in ways they never imagined. The stakes are high; the future uncertain; the need for justice essential.

Will their commitment to their friend bring them closer together—or ultimately drive them apart?

Jessica’s Review:

Moment in Time is a follow-up to In an Instant with two characters the focus of Moment.  It is not necessary to have read Instant but it is highly recommended to read it before starting Moment.  Moment mentions the events of Instant, but skipping it would be missing out on a life changing event for both Mo and Chloe.  It is now eight years later and they are all grown up in their mid-twenties.  They are now (sort of) roommates along with Hazel.  We also have Ruby a stray dog who steals the show!

Trigger Warning: Moment deals with the date rape drug GHB, rape, and several “what would you do” scenarios and their effects. After being raped Hazel disappears and Mo and Chloe try to find her, and many complications arise.  Hazel is a minor character that we unfortunately don’t get to know, but we are fully invested in Mo and Chloe after their survival eight years ago.  I enjoyed their continuing story and Redfearn also includes characters from her other novels. You won’t have needed to have read the previous books other than Instant, but I say read Redfearn’s other novels. I have only missed out on one of her previous novel’s Hadley and Grace.

We do have a little bit of insta-love that develops and the reader also sees how important the friendships are to these young women and how far they will go for each other.  I enjoyed the ending which seemed to wrap things up nicely.  I wish we had more of Hazel in the novel as she is the victim and we don’t see how she handles the after effects of her situation other than what is implied.

Be sure to read Redfearn’s author’s note to see where she came up with the idea for Moment.

Many thanks to the author for sending me an e-arc via Netgalley.

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