Audiobook Review: Sylvana by Sian. B Claven

Series: The Butcher #3
Author: Sian B. Claven

Narrator: Jacq Ainsworth

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: May 13, 2022
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Diana and Robbie are tired of moving their family of five around. When Robbie is offered a great job, and permanent position, they must find somewhere to stay temporarily while they house hunt. Aware of the gruesome murders that happened in the Metz family house, they move in regardless and instantly regret it. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Diana and Robbie must face their greatest horror. A copycat killer starts to strike around their neighbourhood, just like the Butcher once did, and Diana’s family seems to be right in the centre of it.

Where is Sylvana when her tenants need answers?

The Butcher might just strike them where it hurts most before they get the answers they seek.

Jessica’s Review:

Sylvana is the third novel in the Butcher series as the story continues.  If you thought the Butcher was gone after the end of Kallista, you were wrong! The Butcher is back!

Many people have tried to move into the Metz house and failed, and now we have a new family who is temporarily moving in until they can get settled in the area. Uh oh- there were murders in the house: But there is nothing to worry about because the killer is also dead…Or is he?  Diana and Robbie along with their three children are the focus of Sylvana while Sylvana herself is a minor character. No one living or otherwise rests easily in the Metz house. Please keep in mind that there is a paranormal take in this series, it’s not just a serial killer series! 

As with the other novellas in the series, the violence is present and parts are surprising!  It is a quick read/listen and there is seemingly a conclusion as it seemed that Claven was winding down the Butcher series. But surprise: There is one more novel out called The Lady Butcher, so it seems like our killer’s story continues yet again! This last one is not currently available on audio, but I already have it on my kindle. I will be reading this one very soon.

I also have Sylvana on kindle, but Claven was kind enough to send me the audible copy to listen to, which I started right after finishing Kallista.  As with the previous novellas Jacq Ainsworth narrated. While she has done a good job previously, her voice of Charlie rubbed my ears the wrong way.  Yes, Charlie is a small child, but her narration of this character didn’t work for me as Charlie’s voice was irritating for me.  It could be because I do have a hearing issue and the higher octave sounds can hurt my hearing. Otherwise the narration was fine!

I have enjoyed this series and look forward to The Lady Butcher and the final conclusion to the Butcher series. (Or will it be the conclusion???)

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