Audiobook Short Story Review: The Gift by Freida McFadden

The Gift
Author: Freida McFadden

Narrator: Alyson Krawchuk
Published: December 4, 2022
Audiobook: 1 hour 4 minutes

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Listened To: December 20, 2023
Jessica’s Rating: 3 stars

Short Story Description:

It’s Christmas Eve and Stella Hansen is broke.

She is so broke that despite working two jobs, she can’t even afford a present for her husband on their first Christmas as man and wife. But then a mysterious storekeeper at a pawn shop offers Stella an intriguing trade.

Stella wants more than anything to buy her husband the Christmas gift of his dreams. But will it come at a terrible price?

The Gift is a gripping Christmas-themed thriller inspired by the classic O. Henry tale, The Gift of the Magi.

Jessica’s Review:

I wanted to share my review for this one before we got too far away from Christmas, so I am sharing it now!

Please note that this is not a full-length novel, but a short story. The book is about 50 pages and the audiobook (which I listened to) is just over an hour.  I knew this going in as it says right there on Amazon the pages/ how long this story is.  It is not the author’s fault if the reader does not notice that, and yes, I knew going in that it was short. I was ready for that as my commute is right at an hour and I knew I could get completely listened to then carry on for my work day!

The reader should also be aware that is inspired by that classic that we have all read in school: The Gift of the Magi, so we know the general direction this short story will go. But in McFadden fashion she has her own twist to it!

For me this short story was just average. The buildup was good, but the big twists didn’t shock me as I was hoping they would.  It was more of a ‘what goes around comes around’ in a way certain characters did not see coming.

The narrator was Alyson Krawchuk and I have listened to her before. Her narration was good, especially with the old lady portrayal!  

I’d love to see McFadden try her hand at more short stories, but with the ‘negative reviews’ as to the length of it (which again is mentioned if readers would actually… read ‘about the book’) I don’t think she will write more short stories.

If you enjoy McFadden books give it a try, but please realize that this is a short story!

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