This information is current as of 01/01/2020:

Jessica is not currently accepting books for review unless they are audiobooks in cd format or Audible on Amazon.

Kim is also not currently accepting books for review. Physical books are her preferred format and she will feature your book with a Bookstagram picture on her Instagram account. The picture will also be posted with her review on this site.

Kim will NOT accept:

At a future time, Kim will also accept books for review via Audible on Amazon.  When  we  both accept books that way, it is possible you will receive a “Double Review”.

Jessica is currently taking spots for Author/Book Spotlights, Interviews, Blog Tours, etc. I AM open to cover reveals.

Once open again, if you are an author and have a suggestion for another type of feature please contact me! I am open to new features for this site.

Thank you!


Jessica will accept formats in .mobi for Kindle, physical books, and audio books in CD format and Audible. Please see the Books Read By Year page for books I have read since 2009 to get a feel for my interests. **Self-published/Indie Authors are welcome!

I will NOT accept:
-Books in a series unless it can be read without having read the previous books in the series.

I am selective with choosing books in these genres:

I WILL accept most everything else. I have a wide range of “book tastes” that is hard to narrow down. I will read Adult and YA/NA. Again, please see the Books Read By Year page on this site to see what I have read in the past.

Accepting Books:

If either Kim or Jessica accept a book, it does not guarantee a review. We will make every effort to read and review the book in a timely fashion. We will take the release date in account for when we read the book and post the review. Please send a book to review at least 3-4 months ahead of release date to have a better chance to be read and reviewed.

Review Postings:
In addition to this site, reviews will be posted in these locations online:


Facebook:  You could possibly be featured in the Weekly Wonder on the Bookies Facebook page. The Weekly Wonder is where I post a book review every Wednesday. I am one of the three admins on this page.

Facebook: Her reviews will be posted on her personal page.

There are several ways to be featured on this site:
1.  Author/Book Spotlight
2.  Review
3.  Interview
4. Cover Reveal
5. Blog Tour


Author/Book Spotlight

**I AM currently accepting authors for the Author Spotlight.

The Author Spotlight will feature the author and 2-4 of his/her books. The Author Spotlight will include:

-A picture of the author
-Some information on the author- That could be a sentence or two and you may provide this to me
-Up to 10 books listed that have been written with links to Amazon
-The books that will be featured in the spotlight will be mentioned along with the book description from Amazon unless a different description is provided.
-A review if possible for the featured books.

**An author can be featured in the Author Spotlight without me having read a book as a review is not necessary.


Book Review

Book Reviews will include:
-Book Title
-Cover Art and/or possibly a Bookstagram photo
-Date Published/Expected Release Date
-Dates book was read (Jessica only)
-Where the book came from if given in exchange for a review
-Star Rating
-Amazon US (Affiliate) links and Amazon UK links

Ratings score:
1 star- I did not like the book/ I could not continue reading it
2 stars- It was ok/ It wasn’t terrible
3 stars- It was good/ I liked it
4 stars- I really liked it
5 stars- I loved the book and was blown away/it was amazing

*Ratings can include half star rating
**Most books tend to get a four star rating from me. I don’t often give a five star rating; when I do it is well deserved. Rarer still is a one or two star rating.

I do not set a word count on my reviews. They will be the length I determine that it take for me to give my input on the book. I do my best to keep reviews spoiler free. If spoilers will be mentioned, I will give a disclaimer.

My goal is to write a review for every book I read. I write fair and honest reviews, but this does not mean I will always write positive reviews. My reviews are my opinion, and if I don’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that. My reviews will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon though they may be modified.

My reviews are written in a relaxed manner similar to a conversation among friends. I like to think I am talking to my blog readers.



Interviews will include:
-Picture of the Author
-Something about the author- That could be a sentence or two and you may provide this to me.
-Up to 8 books listed with links to Amazon and cover art
-Interview questions and answers
-Author’s contact information (website, Facebook, etc)
-Links provided of any specific organization mentioned in the author’s answers

**I like to personalize the author’s questions to the books they have written, so it helps if I have read some of their books first.

Authors can feel free to not answer any of the questions asked.


Cover Reveal

I would love to feature your book for a cover reveal on this site!!
Cover Reveals would include:
-The cover of the book
-Description of the book
-Release Date

If the book is part of a series, I may include pictures of the other books in the series.


Blog Tour

If you are having a blog tour/blitz for an author or book I would love to participate!

If you have any interest in The Author/Book Spotlight, Review, Interview, Cover Reveal, or Blog Tour please email me at or use the Contact Me page.

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