Betrayed by Lisa Scottoline

Author: Lisa Scottoline
Published: November 24, 2014

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: February 1-7, 2019
Jessica’s Rating: 3.5 stars

Book Description:

Blockbuster author Lisa Scottoline returns to the Rosato & Associates law firm with “Betrayed,” and maverick lawyer Judy Carrier takes the lead in a case that’s more personal than ever. Judy has always championed the underdog, so when Iris, the housekeeper and best friend of Judy’s beloved Aunt Barb, is found dead of an apparent heart attack, Judy begins to suspect foul play. The circumstances of the death leave Judy with more questions than answers, and never before has murder struck so close to home.

In the meantime, Judy’s own life roils with emotional and professional upheaval. She doesn’t play well with her boss, Bennie Rosato, which jeopardizes her making partner at the firm. Not only that, her best friend Mary DiNunzio is planning a wedding, leaving Judy feeling left behind, as well as newly unhappy in her relationship with her live-in boyfriend Frank.

Judy sets her own drama aside and begins an investigation of Iris’s murder, then discovers a shocking truth that confounds her expectations and leads her in a completely different direction. She finds herself plunged into a shadowy world of people who are so desperate that they cannot go to the police, and where others are so ruthless that they prey on vulnerability. Judy finds strength within herself to try to get justice for Iris and her aunt — but it comes at a terrible price.

Jessica’s Review:

If you have been following my reviews, then you know I have been listening to the Rosato & DiNunzio  (R&D) series and really enjoying it.  Yes, I have been listening to them out of order- but that was not my fault: I won a copy of Damaged via a Goodreads giveaway.  Damaged sounded interesting and I did not know it was part of a series. Over the course of reading this series I have grown attached to these characters and cannot wait to find out when the next one will be released.

Betrayed is the second in the series, and this time Judy takes the lead.  We get to learn more about her as a person and her family situation is a full part of the novel.  Judy is my least favorite of the ladies, and even after this one she still comes off as immature. As I was listening to this, I did identify with Judy some as a relative of hers has a health situation come up, and I recently had a family member face a very similar situation. That resonated with me as I felt some similar things that Judy did. Sometimes you are meant to read a book at a certain time, and reading Betrayed in 2019 was for me.

As with all the R&D novels, we start in one direction and end up going in another.  The focus of Betrayed deals with immigrants and their legal status.  Judy becomes determined to find out what happened to her Aunt Barb’s friend Iris no matter the cost, sometimes to Judy’s detriment. This one was less the legal thriller and more of the family drama, but I still enjoyed it.

Having read the series out of order I enjoyed certain parts of the book more: This is the second book and I know what is in the ‘future’ for these characters and enjoyed knowing what is coming, but also having some bittersweet feelings knowing as well. The ending had a mixture of emotions for me  knowing what is to come.

Betrayed is recommended.

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