Book Review: Memory Lane by Sara Shepherd and Ellen Goodlett

Memory Lane
Sara Shepard
Ellen Goodlett
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Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: December 10-13, 2020
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

Alex Bryant is pissed at her mother, but what else is new? She’s spent most of her life picking up after her charismatic but scatterbrained mom, Cassie, who is always on some new get-cash-quick scheme. This latest one—a scientific study in memory implantation, with Alex as a fellow test subject—is sure to be a total flop. That is, unless the memory study answers Alex’s questions: who is her father, and where is he now?

When the experiment actually works and flashes of Cassie’s memories while pregnant with Alex appear in her mind, Alex thinks it just might have been worth it. But soon, calamity strikes when the memories reveal a decades-old murder that present-Cassie swears never happened. Discovering the truth someone tried to keep buried in the past sends Alex and Cassie on the run from a threat they never saw coming: their own minds.

Jessica’s Review:

Please Note: I am not even sure how many pages Memory Lane is as it is a kindle copy and doesn’t list the page numbers; Amazon and Goodreads also do not have the number of pages listed. There is also some confusion as to the publication date. Both Netgalley (where I received my arc) and Goodreads have the publication date as January 13, 2021 while Amazon shows the publication date of December 21, 2021. Personally, I am more inclined to go with the release date on Amazon, so I received a very advanced copy of Memory Lane. Needless to say, my thoughts reflect the current arc I read and not any future versions which might have changes. There are also two covers showing, and I know which one I prefer!

Memory Lane is a serialized novel of 8 episodes/chapters in one short novel. It centers around mother and daughter Cassie and Alex. They are at odds, but Cassie convinces Alex to go on this latest experiment to earn money. Alex accepts and it is actually a memory transfer. Cassie’s chosen memories are implanted in Alex and then they go on a road trip which triggers Cassie’s memories in Alex’s head. But soon other memories begin to flash for Alex, including ones that Cassie has no memory of. Soon Alex does not know who to trust.

This is a very quick read that keeps going the whole time! The ending was quite unexpected, and I hope there is a continuation of this serialized novel. I really enjoyed reading this one.

Many thanks to the publisher Serial Box for granting me an arc to read and review via NetGalley.

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