Book Review: Out of the Darkness by Kelly Smith

Out of the Darkness
Author: Kelly Smith

Published:  July 28- August 3, 2021
127 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: July 28- August 3, 2021
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

After enduring an abusive, toxic relationship, what do you do when you leave? You heal. In Out of the Darkness, the follow up to Kelly’s first book Signs in the Rearview Mirror: Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind, Kelly takes you on her journey of her healing process recovering from her own past abusive tendencies and her previous toxic relationship. Dating soon follows and so do the bad and unhealthy dates.

A life-changing trip to Europe with a friend shows Kelly what she’s truly looking for in a healthy relationship. With eyes wide open, Kelly meets Cruz. They click right away and as they move forward together, Kelly guides you throughout her firsts in her new healthy relationship after healing from a toxic relationship. What does a healthy relationship look like after abuse? Find out in Out of the Darkness.

Jessica’s Review:

Kelly continues to tell us her story of recovering from her past toxic relationships and healing.  After finally leaving Gabe at the end of Signs in the Rearview Mirror, Kelly moves forward in her life with self-healing and eventually dating with Out of Darkness.

Kelly is again telling us her story and she is 100% honest.  Learning her own triggers and working to love herself first, she goes on a trip of a lifetime through Europe with Matt (just as friends). Through this trip she realizes she is basically on a trip with Gabe’s ‘twin’ in actions.  She eventually loses touch with Matt and continues to heal. 

After some time, Kelly goes on what can only be called “adventures in dating”. We are given the good and the bad. Eventually Kelly meets Cruz and slowly she finally finds herself in a healthy relationship. 

Through time Kelly has healed while still learning her triggers, but she is finally complete. Whatever happens in her life with Cruz, Kelly and now also the reader will know that she will be fine with whatever life brings her next. Many thanks to Kelly for telling her story to us through these two memoirs.

Out of the Darkness is recommended.  I was given a copy to read and review from the author. Both of her memoirs are recommended!

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