Book Review: Rick by Alex Gino

Author: Alex Gino

Published: April 21, 2020

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: October 28-29, 2021
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Rick’s never questioned much. He’s gone along with his best friend Jeff even when Jeff’s acted like a bully and a jerk. He’s let his father joke with him about which hot girls he might want to date even though that kind of talk always makes him uncomfortable. And he hasn’t given his own identity much thought, because everyone else around him seemed to have figured it out.

But now Rick’s gotten to middle school, and new doors are opening. One of them leads to the school’s Rainbow Spectrum club, where kids of many genders and identities congregate, including Melissa, the girl who sits in front of Rick in class and seems to have her life together. Rick wants his own life to be that … understood. Even if it means breaking some old friendships and making some new ones.

Jessica’s Review:

Rick is not a sequel to George/Melissa, but a companion novel that has the same set of kids, only now they are in middle school.  Rick has been best friends with Jeff forever, despite Jeff being a bully to others.  Now being in middle school they are starting to experience life changes and Rick comes across the Rainbow Spectrum Club which is where kids on every part of the spectrum of the LGBTQIAP+ scale can come together and be themselves without retaliation.  This includes Melissa, who used to be known as George. Now being in middle school, Melissa is fully embracing who she is. 

Rick, as well as the reader, lean about the various types of genders and identities that currently exist.  These can be very fluid, which references the + in LGBTQIAP+.  Rick starts to think about who he may actually be since he has never given much thought to it and his friendships in general. 

This is another novel by Alex Gino that showcases how everyone can be who they are and who they will become.  I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Rick and his grandfather.  Rick learns and accepts his grandfather for who he actually is and how much they have in common. The author themself narrated Rick.   Normally I am all for the author narrating their novel, but the narration did not really work for me with Gino’s voice. 

Both George/Melissa and Rick are needed novels with the way our ever-changing world has become.

Rick is recommended!

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