Book Review: The Amber Room by Steve Berry

The Amber Room
Author: Steve Berry

Published: August 26, 2003
464 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Atlanta judge Rachel Cutler loves her job and her kids, but her life takes a dark turn when her father dies under strange circumstances, leaving behind clues to a secret about one of the greatest treasures ever made by man. Forged of the exquisite gem, the Amber Room inexplicably disappeared sometime during World War II. Determined to solve its mysteries, Rachel takes off for Germany with her ex-husband, Paul, close behind. Before long, they’re in over their heads. Locked into a treacherous game with professional killers, Rachel and Paul find themselves on a collision course with the forces of greed, power, and history itself.

Kim’s Review:

I’ve been on a thriller/conspiracy kick lately. Steve Berry does seem to be the king of a good conspiracy! I’ve read The Amber Room before, but it’s been a very long time so I decided to reread it: And it was worth it! Russian treasure is the kind of thing I’d like to find while randomly digging on the beach. I don’t have the athletic prowess to be a treasure hunter, so I’ll just live vicariously through these characters. Thankfully, most of them are likeable! I prefer the villains in this story . . . not that that should surprise anyone. I mean, sneaking into rich people’s European castles to steal their already stolen treasures sounds like a dream come true. I could do without all the murder, but that’s not the point! The Cutler’s are a nice couple, but the silly passive aggressiveness got a little boring after a while.

There’s a good bit of everything for everyone in this book. You may not like history, but there’s plenty of action to keep you distracted. Overall, I really like this book. I plan to go see the Amber Room reproduction before I die and maybe we’ll get lucky and the real thing will eventually be found! 

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