Book Review: The Ippos King by Grace Raven

The Ippos King
Series: Wraith Kings #3
Author: Grace Raven

Published: October 6, 2020
437 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: September 11- October 25, 2022
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

The demonic horde that threatened to devour the world has been defeated, but at great cost.

Plagued by guilt and nightmares, Serovek Pangion sets out to deliver the soulless body of the monk Megiddo to the heretical Jeden Order for safekeeping. Accompanying him is sha-Anhuset, the Kai woman he admires and desires most–a woman barely tolerant of him.

Devoted to her regent, Anhuset reluctantly agrees to act as a Kai ambassador on the trip, even though the bold margrave known as the Beladine Stallion gets under her skin like no other, and Anhuset fears he’ll worm his way into her armored heart as well.

But guilt and unwelcome attraction are the least of their problems. The demons thought vanquished are stirring again, and a warlord with blood-soaked ambition turns a journey of compassion into a fight for survival. When the Beladine king brands Serovek a traitor, Anhuset must choose between sacrificing the life of a man she’s grown to love and abandoning lifelong fealty to the Kai people.

A tale of loyalty and acceptance.

Jessica’s Review:

The tale that began with Brishen and Ildiko’s marriage continues and this time we get my favorite would-be couple’s story: Serovek and Anhuset.  I have adored those two much more than Brishen and Ildiko and was ready for their turn! As with Radiance, Raven writes a slow burner, almost to the point where it was painful! This was in a good way as I kept reading and cheering for Serovek and Anuset to finally get together.  They are both so stubborn and their chemistry is just.. on point!  Their banter is entertaining and brings a laugh then frustration.. I mean come on and just finally get together! You both know it will happen…

The last quarter of the novel we get some must read action that I really enjoyed!  It brought some much-needed excitement to this otherwise slow burner. Raven’s novels are all about the characters and their story, so for those who enjoy fast moving action, you might struggle through it.  If you love these characters then you will love these novels. 

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