Book Review: The Mindf*ck Series: The Risk by S.T. Abby

The Risk
Series: Mindf*ck #1
Author: S.T. Abby

Published: December 1, 2016
132 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read:  February 19-26, 2023
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

They took too much. Left too little.
I had nothing to lose…until him.
I didn’t expect him.  I didn’t want to fall in love. But I can’t let him go. Logan Bennett makes the world a safer place. He’s brilliant. He’s a hero. He locks away the sick and depraved.

But while he’s saving lives, I’m taking them. Collecting the debts that are owed to me.
Ten years ago, they took from me. They left me for dead. They should have made sure I stayed dead. Now I’m taking from them. One name at a time. I’ve trained for too long.
I’ve been patient. I can’t stop now. Revenge is best served cold…

They never see me coming, until I paint their walls red.

Logan doesn’t know how they hurt me. He doesn’t know about the screams they ignored. He doesn’t know how twisted that town really is. He just knows people are dying. He doesn’t know he’s in love with their killer. No one suspects a dead girl. And Logan doesn’t suspect the girl in his bed. They’re looking for a monster. Not a girl who loves red. Not a girl in love.

I’m a faceless nightmare.
At least until I tell them the story they’ve pretended never happened.

But in the end, will Logan choose them? Or will we watch them burn together?

Jessica’s Review:

This is a novel about a female serial killer and the male FBI agent looking for her? They are total opposites, and he is dating her not knowing who she is?  Sign me up for this one!

I was leery about the Mindf*ck series for a while because when you look at the e-book covers, it just looks like smutty erotica, but the paperback cover looks great! Several friends decided to read it and we all buddy read it, a couple reading the series very quickly!

The Risk is a short (132 pages) and very quick read. We meet all the necessary characters and get into the chase of the novel: We have Lana who is a badass. 10 years ago she was a victim and left for dead. Now at 26, she is seeking revenge on those who hurt her and her family by graphically killing them. She meets Logan who works for the FBI and they are drawn to each other, not really knowing anything about each other.  We don’t know everything that happened to Lana yet, but I am sure we will by the end of the series!

This is a book not for everyone: It is graphic, violent, thrilling, twisted, messed up, and right up my alley!  If you follow my reviews, then you know I like the ‘dark side’. There is also torture and mutilation, and yes there is some sex. It’s not so much ‘smut’ as you are led to believe from the cover: There are just two sex scenes in this book, and not as explicit as erotica books can be.

I love the author’s pen name: S.T. Abby: STABBY!  That was done intentionally. Unfortunately, the author passed away a few years ago in a car accident, but the Mindf*ck series was completed.

I love Lana! She is such a strong badass woman, but Logan is definitely her weakness. She has done all this revenge planning and… Oops: You meet the FBI agent searching for you and you fall for each other.  Lana knows better but can’t help it.  Though Logan thinks he is looking for a man….  Logan on the other hand, despite being a really good FBI agent he comes off as not that smart! LOL. Telling a woman he barely knows about his case and showing her case files?!?!?!  Even getting her input on cases because she seems to know what she is talking about after having just taken one criminal justice class. He’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, and thinking with a certain body part that isn’t his brain! HAA!

I’m reading this because I want to know more about Lana’s backstory. And I wonder how this series will end, a serial killer and an FBI agent? That ultimately cannot work! Whatever happens, I think I am going along with this series!

The Risk does end in a cliffhanger, but fortunately I don’t have to wait for the next book. In fact, I’m going to read the second one right now!

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