Book Review: The Redwood Asylum: A Paranormal Horror by L.A. Detwiler

The Redwood Asylum: A Paranormal Horror
L.A. Detwiler

Published: March 12, 2021
222 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

The dead do talk … if you’re brave enough to hear their sinister secrets.

In a thick forest sits a forgotten stone building, The Redwood Asylum. Once inside, the criminally insane, the darkly disturbed, and the eternally confused residents learn one thing very quickly: they are at the mercy of ruthless evil in many forms.

At twenty-six, Jessica Rosen starts a new job at Redwood in the hopes of forgetting an insidious past. She quickly realizes, however, that Redwood harbors malevolent secrets and beings in every chilly corner. On her second day adjusting to her job, the unstable man in 5B quickly latches onto Jessica in an unsettling way. When his rantings and warnings start to make sense, though, Jessica will be taken on a ride of secrets, murder, and dangerous beings. As she begins to uncover the horrifying truths behind the man’s past , the terrors of Redwood Asylum will follow her home and make her question her own sanity.

Can Jessica solve the secrets of the man in 5B in time to save herself, or will the terrors trap her in Redwood’s evil clutches forever?

Kim’s Review:

I do love an asylum! Especially a haunted one! This one just wasn’t quite perfect. I liked a lot of the elements that Detwiler put in, but I just felt like they didn’t all fit together. I get the hauntings, I get the reason for spirits being there, I get the role of the staff and admin; I just wasn’t sure what the serial killer had to do with anything. This book felt a little more like a murder mystery with a few paranormal elements thrown in. The paranormal stuff was great and effective and in many places, pretty dang creepy, I just wish all the pieces fit together a little better. The twist at the end was awesome and solidified the feelings of horror that seems to permeate Redwood.

Overall, this was a good book, with some shortcomings that by no means ruined it. I would recommend this to those who like horror and to those who enjoy murder mysteries.

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