Book Review: Triumphant! By Jessica Roberts

Triumphant! One Woman’s Journey from Prison to Purpose
Jessica Roberts

Published: January 12, 2019
224 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: October 24-31, 2023
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

I tried to live my life the way I’d been shown, and early on, it wasn’t as hard to do. But as I got older, choices weren’t so black and white. Love can make you do things that you otherwise would not do. Haven’t you ever done something that you really didn’t want to do, but it was for someone you really loved? I’ve come to understand that sometimes, the places we find ourselves and the experiences we encounter serve to prepare us for our purpose.  Now that I have the benefit of age, experience, and wisdom, I can see how the things I went through has shaped the woman I am now. The dreams and goals I have now were not the dreams I started out with. My love and my choices left me facing a ten-year prison sentence! In spite of my choices and what I thought I wanted for my life, my dreams took a different turn. My new dreams have been directly influenced by the direction my life took.

Coincidence? Read my story and then you can decide.

Jessica’s Review:

I met the author at an event for authors from Georgia telling you about the books they wrote. At first I didn’t realize that Jessica’s book was telling her story, but when I did, I had to get it and read it! Fortunately, I was finishing my current read and I was able to pick up her book and read her story. 

Roberts’ story is a quick read with short chapters and once I got started I wanted to keep reading!  I inhaled it as a “read in my free time” selection. If you are short on time this would be a memoir that can be read very quickly.  

Jessica tells her story to us directly and candidly. We see how the decisions she made shaped her life, and pointed her in the direction her life eventually goes. The reader sees what happens through her words, and the book evokes strong feelings to go with it: It just didn’t seem like the attorney really wanted to represent her. Your lawyer is supposed to be #TeamClient and Roberts’ lawyer appeared to be working against her. Why take on the case then? This wasn’t a court appointed attorney but a privately hired one.  

We go through the criminal case as Jessica tells her story, and her life after she is released. She has people who helped her and her young daughter, and now Roberts is working to help those women who need it as she did.  Through everything she had Faith and still does. 

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