Bookies Annual Authorber Fest! #AuthorberFest

I am so excited about October finally being here come tomorrow! In addition to it finally being fall and hopefully COOLER temperatures soon, we get Halloween and over at the Bookies Facebook Page (where I am one of the admins) we have our annual Authorber Fest!  We use the hashtag: #AuthorberFest

What is Authorber Fest? Every day in October a different author ‘takes over’ the Bookies page! This is where we can learn about the author and their book(s) that have written. They all plan all kinds of goodies to share, which COULD include giveaways!  I have worked with several of these authors and look forward to them taking over the page!  I will try and be there as often as possible!

Here is the lineup:

The link for Bookies is here.

Times authors will take over the page will be announced daily. There are giveaways going on! Be sure to check out Bookies all through October and discover a ‘new to you’ favorite author! 

I thought I would share what I have done with some of these authors. It can range from just a review to an author spotlight or interview. The date they are taking over Bookies is next to their name:

 Leah DeCesare (10/01)

One year celebration of her novel Forks Knifes, and Spoons:

EM Bosso (10/07)

Review of SMAFU:

JT Lawrence (10/09)

Review of The Underachieving Ovary:

Kim and I both reviewed Sticky Fingers:

Wendy Brant (10/14)

Review of Zenn Diagram:


Taylor Saville (10/16)

Author Spotlight which included Kim’s review of Jagged Mind:

MR Pritchard (10/23)

Short Story review of Asteroid Riders:

Flash Story review of The Safest City on Earth:

Dan Klefstad (10/24)

Short Story reviews:

The Caretaker:



**Dan will be back at Jessica’s Reading Room in October with reviews of his Fiona short stories that are on a podcast!**

Jennifer Gilmour (10/29)

Review of Isolation Junction:

Review of Clipped Wings: