Books Read By Year

These are the books Jessica read each year:

Books Read in 2009:

The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory-started in 2008

1. Twilight – Stephenie Meyer
2. New Moon- Stephenie Meyer
3. Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer
4. Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer
5. Confessions of a Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella
6. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan- Sophie Kinsella
7. Shopaholic Ties the Knot- Sophie Kinsella
8. Shopaholic and Sister- Sophie Kinsella
9. Shopaholic and Baby-Sophie Kinsella
10. Cyber Cinderella- Christina Hopkinson
11. The Second Virgin Birth- Tommy Taylor
12. I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eyes – Hemant Mehta
13. Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip–Confessions of a Cynical Waiter )- Steve Dublanica
14. Roasting in Hell’s Kitchen: Temper Tantrums, F Words, and the Pursuit of Perfection – Gordon Ramsay
15. My Jesus Year: A Rabbi’s Son Wanders the Bible Belt in Search of His Own Faith – Benyamin Cohen
16. The Guy I’m Not Dating- Trish Perry
17. Fifteen Minutes of Shame- Lisa Daily
18. The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest University- Kevin Roose
19. Twenties Girl- Sophie Kinsella
20. Blind Dates Can Be Murder- Mindy Starns Clark
21. Elementary My Dear Watkins- Mindy Starns Clark
22. Best Friends Forever- Jennifer Weiner
23. The Trouble with Tulip- Mindy Starns Clark
24. Shepherd’s Fall- Wanda Dyson
25. Dead Until Dark- Charlaine Harris
26. House of Evil- House of Evil: The Indiana Torture Slaying- John Dean
27. Living Dead in Dallas- Charlaine Harris
28. Club Dead- Charlaine Harris
29. Dead to the World- Charlaine Harris
30. Dead as a Doornail- Charlaine Harris

Definitely Dead- Charlaine Harris- Started in 2009

Books Read in 2010:

Definitely Dead- Charlaine Harris- started in 2009

1. All Together Dead- Charlaine Harris
2. From Dead to Worse- Charlaine Harris
3. A Touch of Dead- Charlaine Harris
4. Dead and Gone- Charlaine Harris
5. The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown
6. Your Own Jesus: A God Insistent on Making it Personal- Mark Hall
7. The Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold
8. Fallen- Lauren Kate
9. Hush, Hush- Becca Fitzpatrick
10. Around the World in 80 Dates- Christa Ann Banister
11. Blessed Are the Meddlers-Christa Ann Banister
12. Indestructible- Aislin Keeley
13. Ransomed Dreams- Amy Wallace
14. Dead in the Family- Charlaine Harris
15. Heavenly- Jennifer Laurens
16. Too Good to be True- Trish Perry
17. Secrets in the Cellar- John Glatt
18. Healing Promises- Amy Wallace
19. Penitence- Jennifer Laurens
20. Enduring Justice- Amy Wallace
21. Absolution- Jennifer Laurens
22. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter- Seth Grahame-Smith
23. Torment- Lauren Kate
24. Grave Sight- Charlaine Harris
25. Grave Surprise- Charlaine Harris

Books Read in 2011:

1. An Ice Cold Grave- Charlaine Harris (280 pages) Paperback
2. Grave Secret- Charlaine Harris (274 pages) Paperback
3. Crescendo- Becca Fitzpatrick (427 pages) Hardback
4. The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins (374 pages) Hardback
5. Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins (391 pages) Hardback
6. Mockingjay- Suzanne Collins (390 pages) Hardback
7. Overprotected- Jennifer Laurens (243 pages) Paperback
8. Climbing Higher- Montel Williams (182 pages) Paperback
9. If I Stay- Gayle Forman (234 pages) Hardback
10. Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver (470 pages) Hardback
11. Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back- Todd Burpo (157 pages) Paperback
12. Bloodthirsty- Flynn Meaney (234 pages) Hardback
13. Mini Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella (418 pages) Paperback
14. 13 Little Blue Envelopes- Maureen Johnson (368 pages) Kindle
15. Dead Reckoning- Charlaine Harris (325 pages) Hardback
16. Elisha’s Bones- Don Hoesel (336 pages) Kindle
17. Dark Mirror- M.J. Putney (304 pages) Paperback
18. The Last Little Blue Envelope- Maureen Johnson (280 pages) Hardback
19. The Help- Kathryn Stockett (451 pages) Hardback
20. Confessions of a Call Center Gal- Lisa Lim (296 pages) Kindle
21. A Stolen Life- Jaycee Dugard (288 pages) Kindle
22. Passion- Lauren Kate (420 pages) Hardback
23. Warm Bodies- Isaac Marion AUDIO BOOK
24. Jemima J- Jane Green (416 pages) Paperback
25. Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope- Mary Beth Chapman (288 pages) Kindle
26. Dracula, My Love- Syrie James (457 pages) Paperback
27. Matched- Ally Condie (384 pages) Kindle
28. Crossed- Ally Condie (367 pages) Kindle
29. Shade’s Children- Garth Nix (345 pages) Paperback

Books Read in 2012:

1. Something Blue- Emily Giffin (348 pages) Paperback
2. Bumped- Megan McCafferty (324 pages) KINDLE- (Book Club)
3. The Girl Who Was On Fire- Leah Wilson (210 pages) Paperback
4. Delirium- Lauren Oliver (394 pages) KINDLE (Book Club)
5. The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition- Gary Chapman (249 pages) Paperback
6. The Stoning of Soraya M: A Story of Injustice in Iran – Freidoune Sahebjam; Richard Seaver (translator) (160 pages) KINDLE
7. The Pregnancy Project- Gaby Rodriguez (218 pages) Hardback
8. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Stieg Larsson (590 pages) Paperback (Book Club)
9. Silence- Becca Fitzpatrick (438 pages) Hardback
10. Pandemonium- Lauren Oliver (384 pages) KINDLE (Book Club)
11. Uglies- Scott Westerfeld AUDIO BOOK
12. 11/22/63- Stephen King (849 pages) Hardback (Book Club)
13. Pretties- Scott Westerfeld AUDIO BOOK
14. The Shack- William Paul Young (250 pages) Paperback
15. Specials- Scott Westerfeld AUDIO BOOK
16. Extras- Scott Westerfeld AUDIOBOOK
17. The Marriage Pact- MJ Pullen (268 pages) KINDLE (Book Club)
18. The Sookie Stackhouse Companion- Charlaine Harris (461 pages) Hardback
19. The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption- Jim Gorant AUDIOBOOK
20. Deadlocked- Charlaine Harris (327 pages) Hardback
21. The Weight of Silence-Heather Gudenkauf- AUDIOBOOK
22. Thumped- Megan McCafferty (290 pages) Hardback
23. Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy- Donald Kraybill, Steven M Nolt, Devid L Weaver-Zercher AUDIOBOOK
24. These Things Hidden- Heather Gudenkauf AUDIOBOOK
25. Size 12 is Not Fat- Meg Cabot- AUDIOBOOK
26. Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married- Gary Chapman (161 pages) Paperback
27. Size 14 is Not Fat Either- Meg Cabot- AUDIOBOOK
28. Big Boned- Meg Cabot- AUDIOBOOK
29. All Dressed in White: The Irresistible Rise of the American Wedding- Carole McD. Wallace (311 pages) Paperback
30. The Leftovers- Tom Perrotta- AUDIOBOOK
31. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War- Max Brooks- AUDIOBOOK
32. Mr and Miss Anonymous- Fern Michaels- AUDIOBOOK
33. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn (432 pages) KINDLE (Book Club)
34. Size 12 and Ready to Rock- Meg Cabot (361 pages) Paperback
35. Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope- Gabrielle Giffords & Mark Kelly- AUDIOBOOK
36. Legend- Marie Lu- AUDIOBOOK
37. Robopocalypse- Daniel H. Wilson- AUDIOBOOK
38. The Countess: A Novel of Elizabeth Bathory- Rebecca Johns (284 pages) Paperback
39. Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money- Dave Ramsey (325 pages) Hardback
40. I am the Messenger- Markus Zusak- AUDIO BOOK
41. Love the One You’re With- Emily Giffin- AUDIOBOOK
42. Wedding Cake for Breakfast- various authors- Paperback (244 pages)
43. Wither- Lauren DeStefano- AUDIOBOOK
44. Fever- Lauren DeStefano- AUDIOBOOK
45. Raising Stony Mayhall- Daryl Gregory-Paperback (403 pages)
46. Where We Belong- Emily Giffin- AUDIOBOOK
47. Never Knowing- Chevy Stevens- AUDIOBOOK

The Welsh Healer: A Novel of 15th Century England- Ginger Myrick- KINDLE- Started in 2012

Books Read in 2013:

The Welsh Healer: A Novel of 15th Century England- Ginger Myrick- KINDLE- Started in 2012

1. The Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey- AUDIOBOOK
2. Still Missing- Chevy Stevens- AUDIOBOOK
3. Room- Emma Donoghue- AUDIOBOOK
4. The Last Policeman- Ben H. Winters- Paperback- 316 pages
5. Some Kind of Fairy Tale- Graham Joyce- AUDIOBOOK
6. Remember Me?- Sophie Kinsella- AUDIOBOOK
7. Sever- Lauren DeStefano- Hardback- 371 pages
8. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister- Paperback 368 pages (Book Club)
9. Devastation: Built on Fear 1- Shandy Kurth- KINDLE- 256 pages
10. Heart of the Matter- Emily Giffin- AUDIOBOOK
11. The Eleventh Victim- Nancy Grace- AUDIOBOOK
12. Identical- Ellen Hopkins- AUDIOBOOK
13. Identical Strangers: A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited- Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein- AUDIO BOOK
14. Inferno- Dan Brown- KINDLE- 480 pages (Book Club)
15. Life Expectancy- Dean Koontz- AUDIOBOOK
16. The Cuckoo’s Calling- Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)- KINDLE- 464 pages (Book Club)
17. The Husband’s Secret- Liane Moriarty- KINDLE- 416 pages (Book Club)
18. Isolation: Built on Fear 2- Shandy Kurth- KINDLE- 252 pages
19. The Maze Runner- James Dashner AUDIOBOOK
20. Alas, Babylon- Pat Frank- AUDIOBOOK
21. Work of Art: Love and Murder in 19th Century New York- Ginger Myrick KINDLE
22. Bringing Elizabeth Home: A Journey of Faith and Hope- Ed and Lois Smart, Laura Morton- AUDIOBOOK
23. Dead Ever After- Charlaine Harris- Hardback- 338 pages
24. Divergent- Veronica Roth- AUDIOBOOK
25. After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse- Hardback- 195 pages
26. Insurgent- Veronica Roth- AUDIOBOOK/KINDLE
27. Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn- AUDIOBOOK
28. The Last Unicorn- Peter S Beagle- Paperback- 212 pages

Started  in 2013:
The Fifth Wave- Rick Yancey- AUDIOBOOK
How to Study the Bible for Yourself- Tim LaHaye Paperback- 173 pages

Books Read in 2014:

Started in 2013-
The Fifth Wave- Rick Yancey- AUDIOBOOK
How to Study the Bible for Yourself- Tim LaHaye Paperback- 173 pages

1. Night- Elie Weisel- AUDIOBOOK
2. Nelson’s Student Bible Dictionary- A Complete Guide to Understanding the World of the Bible- various authors- Paperback- 275 pages
3. The Chosen One- Carol Lynch Williams- AUDIOBOOK
4. Allegiant- Veronica Roth- KINDLE- 545 pages
5. The Rosie Project- Graeme Simison- KINDLE- 305 pages
6. Hush Little Baby- Suzanne Redfearn- Paperback- 357 pages
7. The Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey- AUDIOBOOK
8. Bridget Jones’s Diary- Helen Fielding- Paperback- 271 pages
9. Matched- Ally Condie- AUDIOBOOK
10. Crossed- Ally Condie- AUDIOBOOK
11. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason- Helen Fielding- Paperback- 337 pages
12. Reached- Ally Condie- AUDIOBOOK
13. Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy- Helen Fielding- Hardback- 386 pages
14. Teardrop- Lauren Kate- AUDIOBOOK
15. But For the Grace of God: A Novel of Compassion in a Time of War- Ginger Myrick- KINDLE- 423 pages
16. Type N- Michelle Onuorah- KINDLE 153 pages
17. Defending Jacob- William Landay- AUDIOBOOK
18. Insatiable- A Macabre History of France~ L’Amour: Marie Antoinette- Ginger Myrick- KINDLE- 402 pages
19. Fallen- Lauren Kate- AUDIOBOOK
20. The Fault in our Stars-John Green- KINDLE- 337 pages
21. Torment- Lauren Kate- AUDIOBOOK
22. Passion- Lauren Kate- AUDIOBOOK
23. Indestructible- Aislin Keeley- KINDLE- 307 pages
24. The Story of My Life- Helen Keller- KINDLE-??? Pages
25. Rapture- Lauren Kate- AUDIOBOOK
26. Taking Names- Michelle Onuorah- KINDLE- 149 pages
27. Fallen in Love- Lauren Kate- AUDIOBOOK
28. Yellow Star- Jennifer Roy- AUDIOBOOK
29. The Johnstown Girls- Kathleen George-Paperback 335 pages
30. The Lincoln Myth- Steve Berry- AUDIOBOOK
31. Remember Me- Michelle Onuorah- KINDLE- 208 pages
32. I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban- Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb –AUDIOBOOK

Longest Book Read: Allegiant- Veronica Roth- 545 pages

Top Five Books I read in 2014:
1. Type N- Michelle Onuorah
2. Taking Names- Michelle Onuorah
3. Hush Little Baby- Suzanne Redfearn
4. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green
5. The Chosen One- Carol Lynch Williams

Books Read in 2015:

1. The Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey- AUDIOBOOK
2. The Rosie Effect- Graeme Simison- Kindle- 415 pages
3. Winds of Salem- Melissa de la Cruz- AUDIOBOOK
4. Child 44 (Leo Demidov #1)- Tom Rob Smith- Hardback- 436 pages
5. ****15 W. Gibson- Aubree Lane-Kindle- 47 page novella
6. Love Finds You (Helena’s Grove #1)- Ivy Alexander- Kindle- 176 pages
7. The Choice- Robert Whitlow- AUDIOBOOK
8. Jane- Michelle Onuorah- Kindle- 412 pages
9. The Secret Speech (Leo Demidov #2)- AUDIOBOOK
10. Love For Hire (Helena’s Grove #2)- Ivy Alexander- Kindle- 163 pages
11. Love Takes Hold (Helena’s Grove #3)- Ivy Alexander- Kindle- 143 pages
12. Love is Strong (Helena’s Grove #4)- Ivy Alexander- Kindle- 114 pages
13. Love Lives On (Helena’s Grove #5)- Ivy Alexander- Kindle- 102 pages
14. Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption- Laura Hillenbrand- AUDIOBOOK
15. The Woman Upstairs- Claire Messud- AUDIOBOOK
16. Agent 6 (Leo Demidov #3) Tom Rob Smith- Hardback- 467 pages
17. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail- Cheryl Strayed- AUDIOBOOK
18. Secrets of a Charmed Life- Susan Meissner- Paperback- 398 pages
19. ****Ruined Sacrifice- Paul Kohler- Kindle- 32 page novella
20. The Last Time We Say Goodbye- Cynthia Hand- Hardback-390 pages
21. The Perfect Witness- Iris Johansen- AUDIOBOOK
22. The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins-Kindle- 326 pages
23. Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money- Dave Ramsey- Hardback- 325 pages
24. Save the Date- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK
25. The Pull- Sara V. Zook- Kindle- 130 pages
26. Four: A Divergent Story Collection- Veronica Roth- AUDIOBOOK
27. As Good as Dead- Elizabeth Evans- Hardback- 258 pages (Won on Goodreads)
28. On the Right Side of the Line- Shandy Kurth- Kindle- 176 pages
29. Kitty Genovese- The Murder, The Bystanders, The Crime that Changed America- Kevin Cook- Hardback- 223 pages
30. Shopaholic to the Stars- Sophie Kinsella- AUDIOBOOK
31. Go Set a Watchman- Harper Lee- AUDIOBOOK
32. Atlas Died- Michelle Onuorah- KINDLE- 310 pages
33. Flesh and Blood- Patricia Cornwell- AUDIOBOOK (Won on Book Riot)
34. ****The Okapi Society- R M Lee- KINDLE- 66 pages
35. Sisters In Law: Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the Friendship That Changed Everything – Linda Hirshman- Paperback- 320 pages (Won on Goodreads)
36. The Silkworm- (Cormoran Strike #2)- Robert Galbraith- AUDIOBOOK
37. ****Drunken Fireworks- Stephen King- AUDIOBOOK (novella)
38. Zoo- James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge- Kindle- 417 pages
39. ****Slipping- Shandy Kurth- KINDLE- 59 page novella
40. ****Reading Between the Lines- Anna J. Stewart- Kindle-77 page novella
41. Dead Wake- The Last Crossing of the Lusitania- Erik Larson AUDIOBOOK
42. The Ocean at the End of the Lane-Neil Gaiman- AUDIOBOOK
43. Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike #3)- Robert Galbraith- Kindle- 512 pages
44. That Night- Chevy Stevens- AUDIOBOOK
45. The New Neighbor- Leah Stewart- Hardback- 288 pages (Won on Goodreads)
46. Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family- Amy Ellis Nutt- Hardback- 279 pages
47. Ladies Night- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK
48. ****The Watcher: Sweet Revenge- Adam Mason- Kindle- 23 pages

Short Stories/novellas read: 7 (one on audio book; they are marked with ****)
Audio Books: 19

Longest Book Read: Career of Evil- Robert Galbraith- 512 pages

Top Books Read (Ones I gave 5 stars):
1. Secrets of a Charmed Life- Susan Meissner
2. Child 44 (Leo Demidov #1)- Tom Rob Smith
3. The Last Time We Say Goodbye- Cynthia Hand
4. Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family- Amy Ellis Nutt
5. Kitty Genovese- The Murder, The Bystanders, The Crime that Changed America- Kevin Cook
6. Jane- Michelle Onuorah

Books read in 2016:

1. ****Yet to Be Determined- John Meany- Kindle- 16 pages
2. Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey- AUDIOBOOK- 3 Discs- 220 minutes
3. The Good Girl- Mary Kubica- Kindle- 352 pages
4. If You Could Be Mine- Sara Farizan- AUDIOBOOK- 5 Discs- 315 minutes
5. Pretty Baby- Mary Kubica- Kindle- 381 pages
6. The Help- Kathryn Stockett- AUDIOBOOK- 15 discs- 18 hours
7. The Weight of Silence- Heather Gudenkauf- Hardback- 373 pages
8. ****Bridget Jones’s Guide to Life- Helen Fielding- Paperback- 55 pages
9. Spring Fever- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK- 12 Discs- 15 hours 30 minutes
10. These Things Hidden- Heather Gudenkauf- Paperback- 337 pages
11. Christmas Bliss- Mary Kay Andrews-AUDIOBOOK- 6 Discs- 7.5 hours
12. One Breath Away- Heather Gudenkauf- Paperback- 370 pages
13. Midnight Clear- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK- 9 Discs- 11 hours
14. ****Little Lies- Heather Gudenkauf- Kindle- 45 pages
15. Little Mercies- Heather Gudenkauf- Paperback- 304 pages
16. Beach Town- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK- 12 discs- 14 hours
17. Change of Scene (prequel to Beach Town)- Mary Kay Andrews- Kindle- 144 pages
18. ****Six Days- Theresa Kay-Kindle- 23 pages
19. ****The Grownup- Gillian Flynn-on phone- 66 pages
20. The Millionaire Mind- Thomas J. Stanley- AUDIOBOOK- 10 discs- 12 hours
21. Missing Pieces- Heather Gudenkauf- Hardback-284 pages
22. Summer Rental- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK- 12 discs- 15 hours
23. Dinner with a Perfect Stranger: An Invitation Worth Considering- David Gregory- Hardback- 100 pages
24. A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy- Sue Klebold- Hardback- 284 pages
25. Deep Dish- Mark Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK- 12 discs- 13.75 hours
26. No Ordinary Life- Suzanne Redfearn- Paperback- 365 pages
27. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender- AUDIOBOOK- 7 discs- 8 hours 36 minutes
28. The Happiness Effect: How Social Media is Driving a Generation to Appear Perfect at Any Cost- Donna Freitas- Kindle- 352 pages
29. The Devil’s Labyrinth- John Saul- AUDIOBOOK- 9 discs- 11 hours
30. Thirteen Reasons Why- Jay Asher- AUDIOBOOK- 5 Discs- 6 hrs 25 min
31. Me Before You- Jojo Moyes- Paperback- 409 pages
32. ****The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card- R Weir- Kindle- 27 pages
33. Red Velvet Cupcake Murder- Joanne Fluke- AUDIOBOOK- 9 discs- 9 hrs 45 min
34. After You- Jojo Moyes- 352 pages- Paperback
35. Most Wanted- Lisa Scottoline- AUDIOBOOK- 10 discs- 12 hours 30 min
36. My Girl-Jack Jordan- Kindle- 248 pages
37. Now That It’s You- Tawna Fenske- Kindle -314 pages
38. Still Missing- Chevy Stevens- AUDIOBOOK- 8 Discs- 9 hours 13 min
39. Tracking a Shadow: A Jarvis Mann Detective Novel- R Weir- Kindle- 212 pages
40. The Middle Place- Kelly Corrigan- Paperback- 272 pages
41. The Woman in Cabin 10- AUDIOBOOK
42. Marie Antoinette’s Darkest Days: Prisoner No. 280 in the Conciergerie- Will Bashor-Kindle- 392 pages
43. The Husband- Dean Koontz- AUDIOBOOK- 8 Discs- 9.5 hours
44. For the Love- Jen Hatmaker- Hardback
45. ****Find Me- E.J. Bennett- Kindle-33 pages
46. The Girls- Emma Cline- AUDIOBOOK- 8 discs- 9 hours 44 min
47. SMAFU: Situation Married All F$” Up- EM Bosso- Kindle 281 pages
48. ***Special Delivery- Lia Fairchild- Kindle- 24 pages
49. Twice as Fatal- R. Weir- Kindle- 232 pages
50. There is Freedom and Power in Transparency- Natalie Thomas- Paperback- 110 pages
51. ***Astray: When Adventure Leads to Horror- Ginny Clyde- Kindle 32 pages
52. The Wonder- Emma Donoghue- AUDIOBOOK- 10 discs- 13 hours
53. The Queen of Blogging- Therese Loreskar – Kindle- 192 pages
54. Always Watching- Chevy Stevens- AUDIOBOOK- 10 Discs- 12 hours 16 minutes
55. Separate Lives – Kathryn Flett- Kindle- 401 pages
56. Room- Emma Donoghue- AUDIOBOOK- 9 discs- 10 hours 52 minutes
57. His Kidnapper’s Shoes- Maggie James- Kindle- 284 pages
58. Happiness is a Commodity- The Behrg- Kindle- 108 pages
59. The Girl With All The Gifts- M.R. Carey- AUDIOBOOK- 13 hours 6 minutes
60. The Second First Time- Elisa Lorello- Kindle- 224 pages
61. The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett- Chelsea Sedoti- Kindle- 400 pages
62. In a Dark, Dark Wood- Ruth Ware- AUDIOBOOK- 9.5 hours
63. Operating on Faith- Matt Weber- Kindle- 168 pages
64. My Dad the Magician- Damian Powell- Paperback- 68 pages (children’s book)

Began in 2016: Stop the World- Sherry Mayes

Audio books: 24
Short Stories (****): 9

Book I awarded 5 Stars:

1. My Girl- Jack Jordan
2. Me Before You- Jojo Moyes
3. Still Missing(Audiobook version)- Chevy Stevens
4. The Weight of Silence- Heather Gudenkauf
5. These Things Hidden- Heather Gudenkauf
6. Room (Audiobook version)- Emma Donoghue
7. The Help (Audiobook version)- Kathryn Stockett
8. Missing Pieces- Heather Gudenkauf
9. The Girl with all the Gifts- M.R. Carey
10. The Queen of Blogging- Therese Loreskar
11. SMAFU: Situation Married All F$” Up- EM Bosso
12. His Kidnapper’s Shoes- Maggie James
13. The Happiness Effect- Donna Freitas

Children’s Book- My Dad the Magician- Damian Powell

Books Read in 2017:
The short stories are marked with ****

Started in 2016: Stop the World- Sherry Mayes- Kindle- 216 pages

  1. ****The Caretaker- Dan Klefstad- short story
  2. If I was Your Girl- Meredith Russo- AUDIOBOOK- 6 Discs- 7 hours
  3. Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey- AUDIOBOOK- 3 Discs- 220 minutes
  4. Duplicity- Sibel Hodge- Kindle- 316 pages
  5. Ghost Boy- Martin Pistorious- AUDIOBOOK- 6 Discs-7 hours 18 minutes
  6. Behind Her Eyes- Sarah Pinborough- Paperback 306 pages
  7. ****Asteroid Riders: Breaking Hearts and Making Moons-M.R. Pritchard – Kindle- 20 pages
  8. ****Invisible- Billy McLaughlin- Kindle- 31 pages
  9. You Will Know Me- Megan Abbott- AUDIOBOOK- 8 Discs- 9 hours 11 minutes
  10. ****House of Horror- E.J. Bennett- Kindle 28 pages
  11. In Farleigh Field- Rhys Bowen- Paperback-379 pages
  12. ****Where There’s Smoke- Jodi Picoult- Kindle- 40 pages
  13. The Weekenders- Mary Kay Andrews- AUDIOBOOK-12 Discs- 15 hours 25 minutes
  14. Never Let You Go- Chevy Stevens- Hardback- 406 pages
  15. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time- Mark Haddon- AUDIOBOOK- 5 discs- 6 hours 15 min
  16. I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend- Martin Short- AUDIOBOOK- 7 discs-8 hours 42 minutes
  17. Tattletale- Sarah J Naughton- Kindle- 336 pages
  18. Zenn Diagram- Wendy Brant- Paperback- 315 pages
  19. Before the Fall-Noah Hawley-AUDIOBOOK- 10 discs- 12 hours 57 minutes
  20. Just a Normal Tuesday- Kim Turrisi- Paperback- 250 pages
  21. Woman of God- James Patterson and Maxine Paeto- AUDIOBOOK- 8 discs- 9 hours 16 minutes
  22. The Best of Adam Sharp- Graeme Simsion- Kindle- 352 pages
  23. Everything Everything- Nicola Yoon- AUDIOBOOK- 6 discs- 6 hours 45 minutes
  24. Textrovert- Lindsey Summers- Paperback- 234 pages
  25. Damaged (Rosato and DiNunzio #4)- Lisa Scottoline- AUDIOBOOK-11 discs-13.5 hours
  26. He Said/She Said- Erin Kelly- Paperback- 390 pages
  27. Accused (Rosato and DiNunzio) #1- Lisa Scottoline- AUDIOBOOK- 9 discs- 11 hours
  28. The Fourth Monkey- J.D. Barker- Paperback-412 pages
  29. The Couple Next Door-Shari Lapena-AUDIOBOOK-7 discs- 8.5 hours
  30. The Chosen One- Carol Lynch Williams- AUDIOBOOK- 5 discs-5.5 hours
  31. One Perfect Lie- Lisa Scottoline- Hardback
  32. Behind Closed Doors- B.A. Paris- Hardback- 293 pages
  33. The Breakdown- B.A. Paris- Paperback- 328 pages
  34. Fight Club- AUDIOBOOK- 5 Discs
  35. The Queen of New Beginnings- Therese Loreskar- Kindle- 271 pages
  36. See What I Have Done- Sarah Schmidt- Kindle- 324 pages
  37. Isolation Junction- Jennifer Gilmour- Paperback- 126 pages
  38. Every Last Lie- Mary Kubica- AUDIOBOOK- 10 discs- 12 hours
  39. The Lost Causes- Alyssa Embree Schwatrz & Jessica Koosed Etting- Paperback- 341 pages
  40. Exposed- Lisa Scottoline- AUDIOBOOK- 8 discs- 9 hours
  41. Letters to the Pianist- S.D. Mayes-Kindle-487 pages
  42. Wonder- R.J. Palacio- AUDIOBOOK- 7 discs- 8 hours 12 min
  43. Kiss Me in New York- Catherine Rider- Paperback 200 pages
  44. Love and Laughter in the time of Chemotherapy- Manjusha Pawagi- Kindle- 288 pages
  45. The Lying Game- Ruth Ware- AUDIOBOOK-11 discs- 13.5 hours
  46. El Deafo- Cece Bell- Graphic Novel-233 pages
  47. Last Call- Jerry Herships- Kindle- 192 pages
  48. ****Dear Aylissa- E.J. Bennett- 5000 word short story
  49. The Radium Girls- Kate Moore- Kindle- 399 Pages
  50. Perfect Imperfections- Taryn Leigh- Paperback- 289 pages
  51. Clipped Wings: Hear Some Stories of Survival- Jennifer Gilmour- Kindle- 148 pages
  52. My Best Friend’s Exorcism- Grady Hendrix- AUDIOBOOK- 10 hours 12 minutes
  53. The Magnolia Story- Chip and Joanna Gaines-AUDIOBOOK-5 hours
  54. The Memory Watcher- Minka Kent-AUDIOBOOK- 8 Hours 47 minutes
  55. The Sisters of Blue Mountain- Karen Katchur- Hardback- 320 pages
  56. The Haunting of Hattie Hastings- Kindle- 90 pages
  57. Tails of Friendship- Sally Grace- photo book-124 pages
  58. ***Solstice-Dan Klefstad- 1600 word short story
  59. The Hate U Give- Angie Thomas- AUDIOBOOK
  60. Anatomy of a Scandal- Sarah Vaughn- Paperback- 394 pages
  61. A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens- AUDIOBOOK- 3 hours 31 minutes
  62. Jacob T. Marley- R William Bennett- AUDIOBOOK- 4 hours 10 minutes
  63. Santa Claus is for Real- Charles Edward Hall-AUDIOBOOK- 2 hours 28 minutes
  64. Sticky Fingers- JT Lawrence- AUDIOBOOK-4 hours 40 minutes
  65. The Wife Between Us- Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen- Paperback- 352 Pages
  66. Sisters First-Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life- Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush- AUDIOBOOK- 5 discs 6.5 hours

These were the books I awarded 5 stars to in order of preference:

  1. Just A Normal Tuesday- Kim Turrisi
  2. The Fourth Monkey- J.D. Barker
  3. The Couple Next Door- Shari Lapena
  4. Behind Closed Doors- B.A. Paris
  5. The Chosen One- Carol Lynch Williams
  6. Zenn Diagram- Wendy Brant
  7. Perfect Imperfections- Taryn Leigh
  8. Never Let You Go- Chevy Stevens
  9. Clipped Wings- Jennifer Gilmour
  10. Letters to the Pianist- S.D. Mayes
  11. Stop the World- Sherry Mayes (finished in 2017)
  12. If I Was Your Girl- Meredith Russo
  13. The Wife Between Us-Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
  14. The Lost Causes- Alyssa Embree Schwatrz & Jessica Koosed Etting
  15. Radium Girls- Kate Moore
  16. The Memory Watcher-Minka Kent
  17. Sisters First-Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life- Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush
  18. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime- Mark Haddon
  19. The Queen of New Beginnings-Therese Loreskar

Books read in 2018:
The short stories are marked with ****

  1. Two From the Heart- James Patterson- Audiobook- 5 hours 30 minutes
  2. Grist Mill Road- Christopher J Yates- Paperback- 340 pages
  3. The Sun is also a Star- Niccola Yoon-Audiobook-8 hours
  4. The Mother’s Promise- Sally Hepworth- Paperback- 286 pages
  5. Year One- Nora Roberts- Audiobook- 12 hours 20 minutes
  6. Surprise Me- Sophie Kinsella- Kindle- 432 pages
  7. **The Big Flood (children’s picture book) Paul and Delores Gulley-32 pages
  8. **A Giant Headache (children’s picture book-) Paul and Delores Gulley-32 pages
  9. The One-John Marrs- Paperback- 412 pages
  10. Warcross- Marie Lu- Audiobook- 11 hours 47 minutes
  11. An Appeal to the World: The Way to Peace in a Time of Division- Dalai Lama XIV- Hardback-113 pages
  12. The Princess Diarist- Carrie Fisher- Audiobook- 5 hours 11 minutes
  13. The Family Next Door- Sally Hepworth-Hardback – 352 pages
  14. Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl- Bernice Bloom- 206 pages
  15. The Dispatcher- John Scalzi- Audible- 2 hours 18 minutes
  16. The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part 2- Audrey Davis- Kindle- 95 pages
  17. Rebel with a Cupcake- Anna Mainwaring- Paperback- 208 pages
  18. Still Me- Jojo Moyes-AUDIOBOOK-
  19. Someday, Somewhere- Lindsay Champion- Paperback- 270 pages
  20. The Underachieving Ovary- JT Lawrence- Audible- 7 hours 10 minutes
  21. Summer Constellations- Alisha Sevigny
  22. The Space Adventurer’s Guide (children’s picture book)
  23. The Cat Who Ate Christmas (children’s picture book)
  24. Save the Date- Mary Kay Andrews-Audiobook
  25. Whisper-Lynette Noni-Paperback- 312 pages
  26. The Forever Night Stand- Bena Roberts
  27. Scythe- Neal Schusterman-Audiobook
  28. London Hat Hunting Mission(children’s picture book)
  29. Project Semicolon- Amy Bleuel- Paperback-
  30. How to Walk Away- Katherine Center-Paperback- 320 pages
  31. Bring Me Back-B.A. Paris- Paperback -304 pages
  32. Chilling Tales of the Unexpected- Ann Girdharry-Kindle- 200 pages
  33. The Note- Andrew Barrett- Kindle- 80 pages
  34. Ivan:  The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla- Katherine Applegate- Children’s Hardback- 40 pages
  35. Thunderhead- Neal Schusterman-Audiobook- 13 hours 2 minutes
  36. The Lost for Words Bookshop- Stephanie Butland- Paperback-343 pages
  37. The One and Only Ivan- Katherine Applegate- Audiobook-
  38. The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part 3- Audrey Davis- Kindle-101 pages
  39. Loved Baby-Sarah Philpott- Kindle- 176 pages
  40. Baby Teeth- Zoje Stage- Audiobook
  41. I See Life Through Rose Colored Glasses-Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella –Kindle-352 pages
  42. The Fifth to Die- JD Barker- paperback-544 pages
  43. The Death of Mrs. Westaway- Ruth Ware- Audiobook
  44. Dear Martin- Nic Stone- Audiobook
  45. She was the Quiet One- Michele Campbell- 342 pages
  46. After Nightfall- AJ Banner- Audiobook
  47. I Give You My Heart- Sarah Jane Ford- 314 pages
  48. Evie’s Little Black Book- Hannah Pearl
  49. The Other Woman- Sandie Jones- Audiobook
  50. The Leading Edge of Now- Marci Lyn Curtis- 336 pages
  51. The Little Gate Crasher- Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer- 110 pages
  52. Kiss Me in Paris- Catherine Rider- 216 pages
  53. The Fixer Upper- Mary Kay Andrews- Audiobook
  54. Sadie – Courtney Summers-paperback-311 pages
  55. Me and Me- Alice Kuipers-Paperback- 248 pages
  56. The Flight Attendant- Chris Bohjalian- Audiobook
  57. **Magic O’Clock- L.S.Fellows-Kindle- 16 Pages
  58. **Magical Memories- LS Fellows –Kindle- 27 Pages
  59. Till it Stops Beating- Hannah R Goodman- 216 Pages
  60. Dear Mr Pop Star- Derek and Dave Philpott- 416 Pages
  61. Sticky Fingers 2- JT Lawrence- Audiobook
  62. The Last Wish of Sasha Cade- Cheyanne Young- 312 Pages
  63. **Him with the Beard- Pernille Meldgaard Pedersen- 42 Pages
  64. Sticky Fingers 3- JT Lawrence- Audiobook
  65. **A Very Coco Christmas- Robert Bryndza- 82 Pages
  66. **Lullabye- (Short Story) Audiobook
  67.  **Do Bugs Wear Shoes? And Other Silly Questions- Addie Broussard- 36 pages (children’s picture book)
  68. **A Spooky Tale- Sue Wickstead- 40 pages (children’s picture book)
  69. **Christmas Spirit- Nicola May- 58 pages
  70. Coco Pinchard’s Must-Have Toy Story- Robert Bryndza- Kindle- 144 pages
  71. Wildcard- Marie Lu- Hardback- 352 pages
  72. A Good Night for Shooting Zombies- Jaco Jacobs- Kindle- 160 pages
  73. **Harold and the Poopy Little Puppy-Ellie Crowe- 26 pages (children’s book)
  74. Kids, Camels, & Cairo- Jill Dobbe- Kindle- 168 pages
  75. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine- Gail Honeyman-Audiobook
  76. Time to Refresh: a 21 Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Laid Off, Fired, or Sidelined- Karen Brown Tyson- Kindle- 78 pages
  77. The Gift that I can Give- Kathie Lee Gifford- 26 pages (children’s picture book)
  78. Dumplin’- Julie Murphy- AUDIOBOOK
  79. Gather -Round the Sound- complication- AUDIOBOOK
  80. Adorable Fat Girl and the Mysterious Invitation- Bernice Bloom- Kindle- 175 Pages
  81. An American Family- Jackson Baer- Audiobook
  82. Capital Gaines- Chip Gaines- Audiobook
  83. Life After Death- Jackson Baer- Audiobook
  84. The Worst Class Trip Ever- Dave Berry-Audiobook
  85.  Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda- Becky Albertalli- Audiobook
  86. An Anonymous Girl- Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen- arc- 384 pages
  87. The Lock- Andrew Barrett- Kindle- 122 Pages

My top 10 reads of 2018:

  1. Scythe/Thunderhead- Neal Schusterman
  2. The One- John Marrs
  3. Year One-Nora Roberts
  4. The Sun is also a Star- Nicola Yoon
  5. How to Walk Away- Katherine Center
  6. Warcross- Marie Lu
  7. Dear Martin- Nic Stone
  8. The Last Wish of Sasha Cade- Cheyenne Young
  9. The Underachieving Ovary- JT Lawrence
  10. I Give You My Heart-SarahJane Ford

Longest Book Read: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman- 504 pages

Books Read in 2019

The short stories and children’s books are marked with **

        1. #Single: Dating in the 21st Century- Lost the Plot- Kindle 170 pages
        2. Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood: The Good, The Bad, and the Scary- Jill Smokler- Audible
        3. Whisper to Me- Sherrie Lowe- Kindle- 151 pages
        4. The Dream Daughter- Diane Chamberlain- Audio Download
        5. 365 Ways to Beat Stress- Adam Gordon- Kindle- 224 pages
        6. Leah on the Offbeat- Becky Albertalli- Audiobook
        7. Plus+: Style Inspiration for Everyone- Editor: Bethany Rutter- 224 pages
        8. The Secret to Falling in Love- Victoria Cooke- 198 Pages
        9. Feared- Lisa Scottoline- Audiobook
        10. 365 Ways to Find Peace-Editor: Marcus Braybrooke- Kindle- 224 Pages
        11. The Ghostly Father- Sue Barnard- Kindle- 256 Pages
        12. The Upside of Unrequited- Becky Albertalli- Audiobook
        13. **Dark & Fluffy: Volume II- Janet Stock- 67 pages
        14. Betrayed: Lisa Scottoline- Audiobook
        15. Dead Serious: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Suicide- Jane Mersky Leder-Kindle-210 pages
        16. Corrupted- Lisa Scottoline- Audiobook
        17. She’s My Dad: A Father’s Transition and a Son’s Redemption- Jonathan S. Williams with Paula Stone Williams- Kindle- 200 Pages
        18. The Start of Something Wonderful- Jane Lambert- Audiobook
        19. WTF, God?: Understanding God in the Midst of Transition-Michelle N. Onuorah-  Kindle- 125 pages
        20. The Worst Night Ever- Dave Barry- Audiobook
        21. One of Us is Lying- Karen McManus- Audiobook
        22. Whirligig- Paul Fleischman- Audiobook
        23. I Owe You One- Sophie Kinsella- Kindle- 448 Pages
        24. **The Scientist**- Andres Cruciani- Kindle – 9 pages
        25. Educated- Tara Westover- Audiobook
        26. Life and Other Dreams- Richard Dee- Kindle- 257 Pages
        27. Of Blood and Bone- Nora Roberts- Audiobook
        28. The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of a Serial Killer- Jason Moss- Audiobook
        29. The Last- Hanna Jameson- Kindle- 288 pages
        30. Two Can Keep a Secret- Karen M McManus-Audiobook
        31. After Jessica-Morgen Bailey- Kindle- 172 Pages
        32. Dry- Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman- Audiobook
        33. Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus- Sue Wickstead- Children’s Book- 41 Pages
        34. The Mother-in-Law- Sally Hepworth- Paperback- 352 Pages
        35. Kindred- Octavia Butler- Audiobook
        36. Someone Knows- Lisa Scottoline-Audiobook
        37. The Farm-Joanne Ramos- Kindle- 336 Pages
        38. **Mommy Where Are You?- CG Adler- phone- 26 Pages
        39. Birthday- Meredith Russo-Paperback- 336 Pages
        40. As You Wish- Cary Elwes- Audiobook
        41. Game of Crones- Jay Raven- Kindle- 110 Pages
        42. **The Big Event**- Anne John-Ligali- Kindle- 28 pages
        43. They Both Die at the End- Adam Silvera- Audiobook
        44. **Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure- Sue Wickstead- Children’s picture book- 44 pages
        45. The Weekend Spa Break- Anne John-Ligali- Kindle- 148 Pages
        46. Small Great Things- Jodi Picoult- Audiobook
        47. The Dinner in the Sky- Anne John-Ligali- Kindle- 363 Pages
        48. The Story a Day May Collection- Morgen Bailey- Kindle- 259 Pages
        49. The Lynmouth Stories- LV Hay- Kindle
        50. An Unwanted Guest- Shari Lapena- Audiobook
        51. **I Campaigned for Ice Cream**-Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw- children’s picture book- 32 pages
        52. **The Brave Cyclist**- Amalia Hoffman- children’s picture book- 40 pages
        53. Closer Than You Think- Lee Maguire- Paperback- 314 Pages
        54. **Dear Mr. President**- Sophie Siers- children’s picture book-
        55. Five Feet Apart- Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis- Audiobook
        56. **Washington, D.C. Monsters**- Rebecca K Moeller- 22 pages
        57. **A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee’s Flutter**- Jan Spivey Gilchrist- 32 pages
        58. The Cinderella Plan- Abi Silver- Kindle- 272 Pages
        59. The Cage- Ruth Minsky Sender- Audiobook
        60. Only the Lonely- Joanne Nicholson- Kindle- 191 Pages
        61. Things You Save in a Fire- Katherine Center- Kindle 320 Pages
        62. The First Lady- James Patterson & Brendan Dubois- Audiobook
        63. Pixie and the Green Book Mystery-Coraline Grace- children’s chapter picture book-103 pages
        64. **One Star**- The Behrg-Kindle-  17 pages
        65. **Quinn Says Goodbye**- Christie Thomas- Children’s Picture book- 32 pages
        66. The Perfect Son- Lauren North-359 Pages- paperback
        67. **Dear Justice League**-Michael Northrop- Middle Grades Graphic novel
        68. The High Tide Club- Mary Kay Andrews- Audiobook
        69. The Whisper Man- Alex North- 368 Pages- Paperback
        70. A Stranger in the House- Shari Lapena- Audiobook
        71. **Confessions of a Traveler** Clara Molina- 18 pages- Kindle
        72. **The Girl in the Plane**- Katherine Center- Audiobook
        73. Adorable Fat Girl Takes Up Yoga- Bernice Bloom-Audiobook
        74. The Serial Dater’s Shopping List- Morgen Bailey- Kindle- 373 Pages
        75. The Hive-Barry Lyga and Morgan Baden- Hardback- 416 Pages
        76. **Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus**- Sue Wickstead- 40 Pages
        77. Trapped- Michael Northrop- Paperback- 232 Pages
        78. Michigan vs the Boys- Carrie S Allen- Hardback- 304 pages
        79. Sunset Beach- Mary Kay Andrews- Audiobook
        80. A Simple Favor- Darcey Bell- Audiobook
        81. The Grace Year- Kim Liggett- Kindle- 416 Pages
        82. 50 Dinosaur Tales- Sabrina Ricci- Kindle- 396 Pages
        83. **Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark**- Alvin Schwartz- Paperback- 111 Pages
        84. Hope and Other Punchlines- Julie Buxbaum- Audiobook
        85. **More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark** Alvin Schwartz- Paperback- 100 Pages
        86. **Scary Stories 3:More Tales to Chill Your Bones** Alvin Schwartz- Paperback- 115 pages
        87. **The Lottery**- Shirley Jackson- Paperback- 20 pages
        88. Someone We Know- Sari Lapena- Audiobook
        89. XYZ: One Man, Two Kids, Ten Devices and an Internet-Sized Generation Gap- William Knight-Kindle- 216 Pages
        90. **Ark**- Veronica Roth- Kindle- 39 Pages
        91. The Proposal- Jasmine Guillory- Audiobook
        92. Full Support: Lessons Learned in the Dressing Room – Natalee Woods- Kindle- 300 pages
        93. The Book in Room 316- ReShonda Tate Billingsley- Audiobook
        94. **Still Born**- The Behrg- Kindle- 38 pages
        95. Never Have I Ever- L.V.Hay- Kindle
        96. The Safest Lies- Megan Miranda- Audiobook
        97. **Killer Kitteh Khristmas**- Sian B. Claven- Kindle- 21 pages
        98. **Krampus**- Billy McLaughlin- Kindle- 52 Pages
        99. The Gift- Richard Paul Evans- Audiobook
        100. Screams You Hear- James Morris- Kindle- 275 Pages
        101. **A Christmas Crime**- Tara Lyons- Kindle
        102. **Good News! It’s Christmas!**  Glenys Nellist- PDF- 18 Pages
        103. The Storied Life of AJ Fikry- Gabrielle Zevin- Audiobook
        104. The God Game- Danny Tobey- Paperback- 496 Pages
        105. The Bus Ride: A Zany Busnapping Adventure- Joanie Chevalier- Paperback 128 Pages

      Top 10 of 2019:

      10. Birthday
      9. One of Us is Lying
      8. Things You Save in a Fire
      7. Five Feet Apart
      6. Hope and Other Punchlines
      5. They Both Die at the End
      4. Dry
      3. The Ghostly Father
      2. Kindred
      1. The Dream Daughter

Books Read in 2020

Short stories and children’s books are marked with **

  1. When- Victoria Laurie-Audiobook- 5 Stars
  2. Big Lies in a Small Town- Diane Chamberlain- 400 Pages- Kindle- 4 Stars
  3. Apartment 6- Stuart James- 288 Pages- Kindle- 4 Stars
  4. Remember- Shervin Jamali- 166 Pages- Kindle- 5 stars
  5. American Dirt- Jeanine Cummins- Audiobook- 3 stars
  6. ***50 Real Heroes for Boys***- Audiobook-Christy Monson- 5 Stars
  7. Unborn- 271 Pages- Rachel McLean-4 Stars
  8. Wilder Girls- Rory Power- Audiobook- 3 Stars
  9. ***Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom***-32 Pages- Heather Tekavec- 4 Stars
  10. The Silent Patient- Alex Michaelides- Audiobook- 3 Stars
  11. ***To Plant a Single Seed***- Kelsey Ketch- 14 Pages
  12. House of Leaves- Mark Z. Danielewski- 709 Pages- Paperback-2 Stars
  13. Last Girl Seen- Nina Laurin- Audiobook- 2 stars
  14. ***Five Minutes, Alfie***- Lily Mae Walters- 60 Pages- 4 Stars
  15. Finding Charlie- Katie O’Rourke- Audiobook- 3 Stars
  16. 30 Days in June- Chris Westlake- Kindle- 359 Pages- 3.5 stars
  17. ***What if Bunny’s NOT a Bully?***- Lana Button-32 pages- 5 stars
  18. ***Why Do We Cry?***- Fran Pintadera-32 Pages- 5 Stars
  19. The Tower- Anne –Marie Ormsby-Kindle- 135 pages- 2 stars
  20. Darling Rose Gold- Stephanie Wrobel- Kindle-320 Pages – 5 Stars
  21. ***On That Easter Morning***- Elena Pasquali- 32 pages-5 stars
  22. Coronavirus: A Book for Children- Various Authors- 26 pages- 5 stars
  23. Hollywood Park- Mikel Jollett- 384 pages- 4 stars
  24. Secondborn- Amy A. Bartol- Audiobook- 3 stars
  25. The Year We Turned Forty- Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke- Paperback- 319 Pages- 4 stars
  26. The Escape Room- Megan Goldin- Audiobook -4 stars
  27. The Adorable Fat Girl in Lockdown- Bernice Bloom- 109 pages- 4 stars
  28. The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die- April Henry- Audiobook- 4 stars
  29. Walk Your Way to Better: 99 Walks That Will Change Your Life- Joyce Shulman- Paperback- 230 Pages- 5 stars
  30. The New Husband- DJ Palmer- Audiobook- 4.5 stars
  31. Jackpot- Nic Stone- Audiobook- 5 stars
  32. The Book of Us- Andrea Michael- Kindle- 400 Pages- 4 stars
  33. Little Secrets- Jennifer Hillier- Audiobook- 2 stars
  34. 136 Billion to One: A Memoir: Winning the $50 Million Lottery Has Its Price- Randy Rush- Kindle-233 Pages- 3.5 stars
  35. Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive- Stephanie Land- Audiobook- 3.5 stars
  36. **The Prank- Ashley Rae Harris- Audiobook- 2 stars
  37. **The Late Bus- Rick Jasper- Audiobook- 3 stars
  38. Flying Solo- Zoe May- Kindle- 4 stars
  39. I Love You Too, Daddy- Shervin Jamali- Kindle- 5 stars
  40.  The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires- Grady Hendrix- Audiobook-2.5 stars
  41. The Safe Place- Anna Downes- Paperback- 352 Pages
  42. A Good Marriage- Kimberly McCreight- Audiobook- 3.5 stars
  43. The Secret Letters- Taryn Leigh- Kindle- 241 Pages- 4 stars
  44. The Shadows- Alex North- Audiobook- 2 stars
  45. A Story About Cancer-India Desjardins- Children’s book- 96 Pages-4 stars
  46. Making A Difference-Melissa Seymour- Children’s Books- 96 Pages- 4 stars
  47.  Why Do I Feel So Sad? Tracey Lambert- Prater- children’s book- 50 pages 5 Stars
  48. It’s Brave to Be Kind- Natasha Daniels- Children’s book-50 Pages- 4 stars
  49. Love, Creekwood- Becky Albertalli- Audiobook-5 stars
  50. The Companion- Katie Alender- Hardback- 448 Pages- 5 stars
  51. The Vanishing Half- Brit Bennett- Audiobook- 3 stars
  52. 365 Days of Gratitiude- Mariëlle S. Smith- Journal- 5 Stars
  53. The Suicide House- Charlie Donlea- Paperback- 5 stars
  54. The Dilemma- B.A. Paris- Audiobook- 4 stars
  55. What You Wish For- Katherine Center- Audiobook- 3 stars
  56. The Girl You Forgot- Giselle Green- Kindle- 378 Pages- 4 stars
  57. **Citali and the Day of the Dead- Berta De Llano- Paperback 32 pages- 3 stars
  58. Matched- Ally Condie- Audiobook- 3 stars
  59. **Ghost Writer (Graphic Novel) – Rayco Pulido- Paperback- 96 Pages 4 stars
  60. Fiona’s Guardian’s- Dan Klefstad- Kindle- 306 pages- 4 stars
  61. Blue Skies- Alana Oxford- Kindle- 100 Pages- 5 stars
  62. Goddess in the Machine- Lora Beth Johnson- Audiobook 4.5 stars
  63. My Sister, The Serial Killer- Oyinkan Braithwaite- Audiobook- 3 stars
  64. Inside Voices- Sarah Davis- Paperback-309 Pages- 5 Stars
  65. **Twig and Turtle: Big Move to a Tiny House**- Jennifer Richard Jacobson- Paperback -101 Pages
  66.  One by One- Ruth Ware- Audiobook-3.5 Stars
  67. **F is For Fashion, Darling**James Tyler- Hardback-32 Pages- 4 stars
  68. The Turn of the Key- Ruth Ware- Audiobook- 5 stars
  69. Let’s Talk About Cats: Conversations on Feline Behaviour- Anita Kelsey- Paperback- 276 Pages- 4 stars
  70. SOLO: A Down to Earth Guide to Travelling the World Alone-  Aaron Hodges- Kindle-160 Pages- 5 Stars
  71. Leave the World Behind- Rumaan Alam- Audiobook-3 stars
  72. Long Way Down- Jason Reynolds- Audiobook- 5 stars
  73. Super Fake Love Song- David Yoon- Hardback -349 Pages 3.5 stars
  74. **ABC What Can I Be?** Jessie Ford- Hardback – 32 pages- 5 stars
  75. **Baby Loves: Earth** Jenny Broom- Hardback 30 pages- 3 stars
  76. Contempt- Michael Cordell-  Paperback – 202 pages- 4.5 stars
  77. Saint X- Alexis Achaitkin- Audiobook 3 stars
  78. Memory Lane – Sara Shepard and Ellen Goodlett-Kindle- ? Pages, 5 stars
  79. My Lovely Wife- Samantha Downing- audiobook- 5 stars
  80. Hawthorne & Heathcliff- R.K. Ryals-Kindle- 425 Pages- 4.5 stars
  81.  He Started It- Samantha Downing- audiobook- 4 stars

Top 10 reads of 2020:

10.  The Suicide House by Charlies Donlea
9.  The Companion by Katie Alender
8.  Love, Creekwood by Becky Albertalli
7.  Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel
6.  Remember by Shervin Jamali
5.  When by Victoria Laurie
4.  Inside Voices by Sarah Davis
3.  My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing
2.  I Love You Too, Daddy by Shervin Jamali
1.  Long Way Down by Jason Reynold


  1. Siri, Who Am I? Sam Tschida- Kindle- 352 Pages- 3 stars
  2. Open Book- Jessica Simpson- Audiobook- 5 stars
  3. It Will Be Quick- Karl Drinkwater- Kindle- 3 stars
  4. Burial Rites- Hannah Kent- Kindle 336 Pages- 3 stars (DIVERSEATHON)
  5. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue- V.E. Schwab- Audiobook- 5 stars
  6. The Echo Wife- Sarah Gailey- Paperback- 256 Pages- 4 Stars
  7. We Need to Talk About Kevin-Lionel Shriver- Audiobook- 4 Stars (DIVERSEATHON)
  8. Flying Duo- Zoe May- Kindle- 161 Pages- 4 Stars
  9. Every Last Fear- Alex Finlay- 368 Pages- Paperback – 5 stars
  10. That’s Not What Happened- Kody Keplinger- Audiobook- 5 stars
  11. All American Boys- Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely- Audiobook – 4 stars
  12. Kill Code- Clive Fleury- Paperback- 137 pages- 4 stars
  13. Happy & You Know It- Laura Hankin- Audiobook- 4 stars
  14. U Up?- Catie Disabato- Paperback- 308 Pages- 1 star
  15. The Chain- Adrian McKinty- Audiobook- 5 Stars
  16. Kindred- Octavia E Butler- Paperback (DIVERSEATHON)- 5 stars
  17. Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaption- Paperback- 240 pages- (DIVERSEATHON) 3 stars
  18. This is My America- Kim Johnson- Hardback- 416 Pages (DIVERSEATHON)- 5 stars
  19. The Night Before- Wendy Walker- Audiobook- 2 stars
  20. Later- Stephen King- Audiobook
  21. God’s Blogs: Life from God’s Perspective- Lanny Donoho- paperback- 256 pages- 4 stars
  22. Hatchet- Gary Paulsen- Audiobook-(DIVERSEATHON)- 4 stars
  23. The River- Gary Paulsen- Audiobook-(DIVERSEATHON)- 4 stars
  24. Brian’s Winter- Gary Paulsen- Audiobook-(DIVERSEATHON)- 4 stars
  25. Brian’s Return- Gary Paulsen- Audiobook-(DIVERSEATHON)- 3 stars
  26. Bran’s Hunt- Gary Paulsen- Audiobook-(DIVERSEATHON)- 4 stars
  27. The Plot- Jean Hanff Korelitz- Paperback-336 Pages- 2 stars
  28. Island of the Blue Dolphins- Scott O’Dell- Audiobook- 3 stars
  29. Glass- Louise Worthington- Kindle- 405 Pages- 3 stars
  30. In Five Years- Rebecca Serle- Audiobook- 5 stars
  31. The Soulmate Equation- Christina Lauren- Audiobook- 4 stars
  32. The Good Sister- Sally Hepworth- Kindle- 309 Pages- 4 stars
  33. You Are Essential: 100 Inspirational Reminders of How Much You Matter- 173 Pages- 5 stars
  34. **Barty Barton: The Bear that was Loved too Much- Sue Wickstead- 19 Pages- 5 stars
  35. Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre-Max Brooks- Audiobook- 4 stars
  36. All the Impossible Things- Lindsay Lackey- Audiobook- 3 stars
  37. The Taking of Jake Livingston- Ryan Douglass- (DIVERSEATHON) Paperback -308 Pages- 4 stars
  38. The Book of Essie- Meghan MacLean Weir- Audiobook- (DIVERSEATHON) 4.5 stars
  39. The In Between- Marc Klein- paperback- 304 pages- 4 stars
  40. The Forest of Stolen Girls- June Hur- Audiobook- 3 stars
  41. Restorative Grief: Embracing Our Losses Without Losing Ourselves- Mandy Capehart- Paperback – 209 Pages- 4 stars
  42. Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus- Dusti Bowling- Audiobook- (DIVERSEATHON)- 5 stars
  43. 100 Days of Sunlight- Abbie Emmons- Paperback (#DIVERSEATHON)-311 Pages- 5 stars
  44. Hour of the Witch- Chris Bohjalian- Audiobook- 5 stars
  45. Survive the Night- Riley Sager- Audiobook- 5 stars
  46. Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus- Dusti Bowling- Audiobook (DIVERSEATHON) 4.5 stars
  47. Signs in the Rearview Mirror: Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind- Kelly Smith- Paperback- 214 Pages- 5 stars
  48. Falling- T.J. Newman- Audiobook- 4 Stars
  49. Fright Night- Maren Stoffels- Audiobook- 2 stars
  50. Out of the Darkness- Kelly Smith- Kindle- 127 pages- 5 stars
  51. Clap When You Land- Elizabeth Acevedo- Audiobook- (DIVERSEATHON) 4 stars
  52. Escape Room- Maren Stoffels- Audiobook- 3 stars
  53. The House on the Cerulean Sea- TJ Klune- Audiobook- 5 stars
  54. After Math- Emily Beth Isler- Audiobook- 5 stars
  55. The Hiding Girl- Dorian Box- Kindle- 334 Pages- 5 stars
  56. Home Before Dark- Riley Sager- Audiobook- 5 stars
  57. The Girl in Cell 49B- Dorian Box- Kindle- 354 Pages- 4 Stars
  58. The Therapist- B.A. Paris- Audiobook- 2 stars
  59. Ground Zero: A Novel of 9/11- Alan Gratz- Hardback-336 pages- 5 stars
  60. Lock Every Door- Riley Sager- Audiobook- 5 stars
  61. Save Me- Lisa Scottoline Audiobook- 3 stars
  62. The Final Girl Support Group- Grady Hendrix- Audiobook- 2 stars
  63. Your Corner Dark- Desmond Hall- Kindle- 383 Pages- (DIVERSEATHON)-4 stars
  64. Final Girls- Riley Sager- Audiobook- 3 stars
  65. **Snowflakes- Ruth Ware- Audiobook-2 stars
  66. Hello (From Here)- Chandler Baker and Wesley King- Audiobook-4 stars
  67. **Treasure- Oyinkan Braithwaite- Audiobook – 3 stars
  68. A Breathe Too Late- Rocky Callen- Paperback- 5 stars
  69. The Last Time I Lied- Riley Sager- Audiobook-3 stars
  70. Tessa and Weston: The Best Christmas Ever- Abbie Emmons- Paperback- 208 Pages- 5 stars
  71. Under the Whispering Door- T.J. Klune- Audiobook- 3 stars
  72. George/Melissa- Alex Gino- Audiobook- 5 stars
  73. **The Gift- Alison Gaylin- Audiobook- 2.5 stars
  74. **Slow Burner- Laura Lippman- Audiobook- 3.5 stars
  75. Rick – Alex Gino- Audiobook- 4 stars
  76. Full Disclosure- Camryn Garrett- Audiobook- 4 stars
  77. **Buried- Jeffrey Deaver- Audiobook- 1 star
  78. My Secret Sister- Lauren Westwood- Kindle- 4 stars
  79. The Santa Suit- Mary Kay Andrews- Audiobook – 5 stars
  80. Five Total Strangers- Natalie D. Richards- Audiobook- 1 star
  81. Lost Boys- Darcey Rosenblatt- Paperback- 288 Pages- (DIVESEATHON)-3.5 stars
  82. The Hush- Sara Foster- Audiobook- 320 Pages- 4 stars
  83. **The Marriage Test- Suzanne Redfearn- Audiobook- 4 stars
  84. The Hunting Party- Lucy Foley- Audiobook- 3 stars
  85. Only in India- Jill Dobbe- Kindle- 230 Pages- (DIVERSEATHON) – 4 stars
  86. **Killer Kitteh Khristmas- Sian B. Claven- Kindle- 46 Pages- 5 stars
  87. **Let Her Be- Lisa Unger- Audiobook- 2 stars
  88. Merry Meow- Sian B.Claven- Kindle- 50 Pages- 5 stars
  89. Apples Never Fall- Lian Moriarty- Audiobook- 2
  90. Diary of an Adorable Fat Girl at Christmas- Bernice Bloom- Audiobook- 3 stars
  91. Horrorstör- Grady Hendrix- Audiobook- 4 stars
  92. You’ve Reached Sam- Dustin Thao- Kindle -298 Pages- 4 stars

Top 10 5 star reads: 2021

10.  A Breathe Too Late- Rocky Callen
9.   That’s Not What Happened- Kody Keplinger
8.   Lock Every Door- Riley Sager
7.  Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus- Dusti Bowling
6.  The Hiding Girl- Dorian Box
5.  The Chain- Adrian McKinty
4.  In Five Years- Rebecca Serle
3.  Ground Zero- Alan Gratz
2.  The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue- V.E. Schwab
1.  100 Days of Sunlight- Abbie Emmons

Honorable Mention:  George/Melissa Alex Gino


**short story/children’s book

Started in 2021: Unholy Murder- Lynda La Plante- 416 pages- Paperback- 4 stars

  1. The Lost Village- Camilla Sten- Audiobook- 2.5 stars
  2. **The Lion’s Den**-Anthony Marra- Audiobook
  3. Buried- Sian B. Claven- Audiobook- 4.5 stars
  4. Resilient: Survival is Everything- Toni Cox- Audiobook- 4 stars
  5. Tatum (Butcher Books #1)- Sian B. Claven- Audiobook- 4 stars
  6. Lockdown on London Lane-352 pages – Beth Reekles- Kindle 4 stars
  7. The Rural Diaries: Love, Livestock, and Big Life Lessons Down on Mischief Farm- Hilarie Burton Morgan- Audiobook- 5 stars
  8. Verity- Colleen Hoover- Audiobook- 5 stars
  9. If We Break Up- Cheyanne Young- Paperback- 282 pages- 5 stars
  10. If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t)- Betty White- Audiobook- 4 stars
  11. **Halfway to Free** -Emma Donoghue- Audiobook
  12. Do You Follow?- J.C. Bidonde- Audiobook- 3.5 stars
  13. **Can You Feel This?**- Julie Orringer- Audiobook
  14. In An Instant- Suzanne Redfearn- Audiobook- 4.5 stars
  15. Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases- Paul Holes- Paperback -288 pages-5 stars
  16. Anatomy: A Love Story- Dana Schwartz- Audiobook-5 stars
  17. **Funny Kids: Book Set**- Sheryl Green- PDF-4 stars
  18. Moment in Time- Suzanne Redfearn-Kindle 287 Pages- 4 stars
  19. Times Convert- Deborah Harkness- Audiobook- 4 stars
  20. Local Woman Missing- Mary Kubica- Audiobook- 4 stars
  21. Curfew- Jayne Cowie- Kindle- 320 Pages- 4 stars
  22. Wish You Were Here- Jodi Picoult- Audiobook- 4 stars
  23. When Animal Rescue- Belinda Recio- Audiobook- 4 stars
  24. **Zenith Man- Jennifer Haigh- Audiobook
  25. Don’t Look Back- Ben Cheetham- Audiobook- 2 stars
  26. Notes of an Execution- Danya Kukafka- Audiobook- 4 stars
  27. **This Telling- Cheryl Strayed- Audiobook
  28. The Devil’s Whispers- Lucas Hault- Paperback- 224 Pages- 2 stars
  29. It Will End Like This- Kyra Leigh- Audiobook- 3.5 stars
  30. **The Contractors- Lisa Ko- Audiobook
  31. The Marriage- K.L. Slater- Audiobook- 2 stars
  32. An American Marriage- Tayari Jones- Hardback- 308 pages – 4 stars
  33. The Chemist- Stephenie Meyer- Audiobook- 4 stars
  34. **Everything My Mother Taught Me- Alice Hoffman- Audiobook
  35. After Happily Ever After- Leslie A. Rasmussen- Audiobook
  36. The School for Good Mothers- Jessamine Chan- Audiobook- 4 stars
  37. The Latecomer – Jean Hanff Korelitz- Paperback- 3 Stars
  38. Tatum (Butcher #1)- Sian B. Claven- Audiobook- 4 Stars (re-read)
  39. Kallista (Butcher #2)- Sian B. Claven- Audiobook-5 stars
  40. Sylvana (Butcher #3)- Sian B Claven- Audiobook- 4 stars
  41. Before You Wake- Cheyanne Young- Paperback -268 pages- 5 stars
  42. The Golden Couple- Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen- Audibook- 2.5 stars
  43. The Lady Butcher (Butcher #4)- Sian B. Claven – Kindle 87 pages- 5 stars
  44. **Choice- Jodi Picoult – Audiobook- 5 stars
  45. The Homewreckers- Mary Kay Andrews- Audiobook- 5 stars
  46. The Island- Adrian McKinty- Audiobook-4 stars
  47. **Graceful Burdens- Roxane Gay- Audiobook- 4 stars
  48. The Bodyguard- Katherine Center- Audiobook-4 stars
  49. **Shine, Pamela! Shine! Kate Atkinson** Audiobook
  50. Book Lovers- Emily Henry- Audiobook- 2 stars
  51. Things We Do in the Dark- Jennifer Hillier- Audiobook- 4 stars
  52. Radiance (Wraith Kings #1)- Grace Draven- Kindle- 297 pages- 4 stars
  53. Unbalanced- Jason Parent- Audiobook- 4 stars
  54. **Sweet Virginia**- Caroline Kepnes- Audiobook
  55. Booked on a Feeling- Jayci Lee- Audiobook- 4 stars
  56. Stay Awake- Megan Goldin- Audiobook- 5 stars
  57. Eidolon (Wraith Kings #2)- Grace Draven- Kindle -292 pages- 4 stars
  58. The Kitchen House- Kathleen Grissom- Audiobook- 3 stars
  59. Hidden Pictures- Jason Rekulak- Hardback- 373 Pages- 5 stars
  60. The Messy Lives of Book People- Phaedra Patrick- Audiobook- 4 stars
  61. The Drug Trial- S.R. Masters- Audiobook- 3.5 stars
  62. **See How They Run**- Rachel Howzell Hall-Audiobook- 3 stars
  63. **Song of the Northwoods**- Jessica Huang-Audioplay-4 stars
  64. **The Wrong One**- Dervla McTiernan- Audiobook
  65. **Misconception**- Liv Constantine- Audiobook- 3 stars
  66. **One Little Mistake**- Lucinda Berry- Audiobook- 4 stars
  67. **Sleeping Dogs Lie**- Samantha Downing- 5 stars
  68. Daisy Darker- Alice Feeney- 352 pages- 5 stars
  69. Letters to the Lost- Iona Grey- Audiobook- 3 stars
  70. The Prisoner- B.A. Paris- Audiobook- 2.5 stars
  71. They Both Die at the End- Adam Silvera- Audiobook- 5 stars
  72. The Death of Mrs. Westaway – Ruth Ware- Audiobook- 3 stars
  73. Wrong Place Wrong Time- Gillian McAllister- Audiobook- 5 stars
  74. The Dispatcher- John Scalzi- Audiobook- 5 stars
  75. Murder by Other Means- Audiobook- John Scalzi- 4 stars
  76. Travel by Bullet- John Scalzi- Audiobook- 5 stars
  77. **Uncharted Waters**- Sally Hepworth- Audiobook-1 star
  78. **I Choose Darkness**- Jenny Lawson- Audiobook- 5 stars
  79. The Matchmakers- Carolyn Brown- Audiobook- 3 stars
  80. The Ippos King (Wraith Kings #3) Grace Draven- Kindle 437 pages- 4 stars
  81. Just Like Home- Sarah Gailey- Audiobook- 2 stars
  82. **Stockholm**- Catherine Steadman- Audiobook
  83. Layla- Colleen Hoover- Audiobook- 3 stars
  84. Friend Request- Laura Marshall- Audiobook-3 stars
  85. Never Lie- Freida McFadden- Audiobook- 4 stars
  86. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo- Taylor Jenkins Reid- Audiobook- 4 stars
  87. The Man Without Shelter- Indrajit Garai- Kindle- 119 pages
  88. Fairy Tale- Stephen King- Audiobook 3 stars
  89. Sign Here- Claudia Lux- Audiobook- 2 stars
  90. 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas- various authors- Paperback- 223 pages- 3 stars
  91. Best Friends Forever- Shannon Hollinger- Audiobook- 2.5 stars
  92. **Tell Her Story**- Margot Hunt- Audiobook- 4 stars

5 star reads:

1  Wrong Place Wrong Time- Gillian McAllister
2  They Both Die at the End- Adam Silvera
3  Stay Awake- Megan Goldin
4  Daisy Darker- Alice Feeney
5  Hidden Pictures- Jason Rekulak
6  Verity- Colleen Hoover
7  Anatomy- A Love Story- Dana Schwartz
8  Kallista/ The Lady Butcher (Books 2 and 4 of The Butcher series) Sian B Claven
9  If We Break Up- Cheyanne Young
10 The Homewreckers- MKA

**Honorable Mentions: Short Story

Choice- Jodi Picoult
Sleeping Dogs Lie- Samantha Downing

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