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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you take some time to enjoy today! Spend time with friends and/or family, open gifts and just have a relaxing day! 

I hope you get some good books too! I am off work until next year!!!  I return to work on January 2nd! I will hopfully be able to relax despite the cold!

There will be some more posts these last few days of 2023!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving here in the USA, and if you are part of the USA I hope you enjoy today, eat some good food, and spend some time with loved ones.  If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then Happy Thursday!  😉

I have the rest of the week off and hoping that I get some reading done.  We are in the middle of something big at my house, which I am *hoping* to share once everything is completed.

Until the next post: Happy Reading!


It’s Our 10th Anniversary!

It’s a big year for Morgan and I: Today is our 10th anniversary!! The bad has come along with the good, but we are still here together and still kind of like each other!  We have taken the day off to celebrate!

We aren’t doing a ‘big trip’ this year, but plan on several smaller trips throughout the year! I think I’ll keep him still! And he is still so supportive of my book blogging!!  He’s got a crazy book loving and cat loving wife!