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Heroes and Villains 2016

Heroes and Villains is a convention, similar to Walker Stalker. Actors from various shows such at Arrow, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, and more are there for you to meet! Yes, this IS book related as some of these shows started as graphic novels.

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My husband and I wanted to attend Heroes and Villains.  We attended yesterday, November 19th.  It was in the same location as Walker Stalker (The Georgia World Congress Center).  Heroes and Villains was a much smaller scale than Walker Stalker: Not as many actors and vendors.  It was a much more relaxed atmosphere and not as many attendees!


The crowd waiting to get in.


We got to meet Bex Taylor-Klaus. She was at Walker Stalker last year and Morgan missed meeting her since he had to work. So we made her our #1 to celebrity to meet.

She has played Bullet in The Killing, Sin in Arrow, and now Audrey in Scream the tv series.

I am so proud of Bex for coming out this past week (as a fan of hers I was not surprised of her sexual orientation). She is a brave young woman to do that. I support her and hope she can be a roll model for others. When I told her that, I could see it affected her as her eyes started to tear up a little.  She asked about Morgan’s shirt too! The Birthday Massacre is his favorite band.


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Morgan wanted to meet Jack Coleman. He was a nice guy to meet. It looked like we was just doing autographs, but we asked if we could get a photo and he said yes. He has played Noah in Heroes and Bill Forbes in the Vampire Diaries among other roles.  He is so tall, I had to be in the middle!

img_20161119_105710 I had to meet James Frain! He has been in Grimm and True Blood. But I loved him as Forney in Where the Heart Is. I totally outed myself to him saying that was my favorite movie in college and I had a huge crush on him. lol:  Yep, I went a little fan girl on him… He was really nice. And I love the accent! He is TINY in person.


Merle!! He’s alive!! lol… Morgan really wanted to meet Michael Rooker as he is impossible to meet at Walker Stalker. He is really interactive with the fans. Unfortunately, we ended up being rushed through with him as a VIP got out of line and came back in line right as we went up to him. That kind of sucked…. Oh well….

img_20161119_114007  Rick Cosnett did not have a line, so I got to meet him! He played Eddie Thawne on The Flash and was also in Quantico. He is really nice and a cutie! Morgan chose to not be in the picture since we met him for me.


Neal McDonough! He has been in so many things.  Most recently Damien Dahrk in Arrow. He was great to meet! I also had to be in the middle of the pictures. Short problems!!

img_20161119_125912  img_20161119_125913


 I got a photo op with David Ramsey. He plays John Diggle in Arrow. I love Diggle! Hopefully, if Heroes and Villains returns next year and he is there I can get him to sign this. It may have been a very quick encounter, but I enjoyed it. And I got a hug!!!

Walker Stalker Con 2016

Yes, this IS book related as the tv show The Walking Dead began as a graphic novel.  I do hope to read it as some point. I even gave the hubby the first compendium as a wedding gift! We will just need to get the second and third.


Last weekend my hubby, sister-in-law, niece and her friend, and I all went to Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta!  This is the third year we have gone.  Various actors from The Walking Dead and several other shows are there.  You can meet them, get a selfie with them, and an autograph if you wish. My #1 guy is always Michael Cudlitz who played Abraham.  It is NOT a crush, he is such a great actor that I am in awe of him. I loved when he was on Southland, and was overjoyed when I found out he was cast on The Walking Dead.


We got there 2.5 hours before Walker Stalker opened. The line was going to get worse the later it was. These pictures are of the line ahead of us and  behind us.   3


The doors opened and the hubby and I go straight to “My Guy” Michael Cudlitz’s line. He is always my must see celebrity! Specifically now.  :’-(



5  7 Waiting in line for Michael Cudlitz!  I can’t wait to meet him again!

10 8    We are so close! I am all smiles ready to meet “My Guy”! He is that close! And then something happens…….

NO!!!  He had to leave for photo ops and wasn’t returning to his table until almost 2pm! What made it even worse for me was that I was the next person in line to see him…. He even left late for those photo ops…. They gave everyone these “magic tickets” so we would not have to wait when he returned…


The hubby and I moved on. I was disappointed as I wanted to meet him first thing.  We kept an eye on the time since we had to be back at Cudlitz’s table at 1:15 to get lined up.  I hated that we had to keep an eye on the clock. We still made sure to enjoy the rest of the day….

14 13

We got to meet Michael Emerson! (Ben from Lost and Finch from Person of Interest). He did not have a line at the time so he and Morgan had a good conversation about the themes of Person of Interest and how it’s coming to life now. I just listened to their conversation. The whole time I was thinking, “OMG, it’s Ben from Lost!” He was a nice man. It was very cool to meet him.  Meeting him made Morgan’s day!


Right next to Michael Emerson’s booth was John Carroll Lynch!! He played Eastman on The Walking Dead. When Morgan introduced himself, John said, “I know a Morgan!” (Lennie James) John was great!! Morgan had to look up to him a little bit! I felt tiny next to them both. As you can see John is making himself a little shorter in the picture.  He is a fun and very friendly guy! 


We got to meet Mercedes Mason (Ofelia) and Coleman Domingo (Strand) from Fear the Walking Dead! (We don’t even know if they are still on the show as we are a few episodes behind). She is gorgeous in person. They were great. Morgan even told Coleman that I love his voice! That caused some laughs!  (But he does have a great voice….)  Strand is my favorite on the show.

20We even got to run into one of my friends that I have not seen since college! Unfortunately, it was a very short visit as we had things to do and she did as well. It was great to see you Jess! (Yes, her name is Jessica as well!)

Back to Michael Cudlitz’s line…. We get there at 1:15 and there is chaos. It is unbelievable how many people are in line.  Everyone wants to meet “Abraham”. I was getting nervous even though we had a ticket that we were going to have to wait in this enormous line (which would have ruined my day). I am guessing at least 200 people were already waiting to meet him. Luckily, when 1:15 arrived everyone with tickets got in the line first.  The funny thing is that the volunteers working did not put us in line by ticket number. They just grouped us together.  All of us with a ticket put ourselves in the correct order.  We were all thinking it was the only fair thing to do. Then it was close to 2pm and finally Michael Cudlitz was here! Instead of the workers letting the VIPs go first, they had six General Admission start the line. And guess who was first?? ME!!!!  I got to see Michael first!!

23  FINALLY!! I was so happy!   You could tell Michael was tired. This was day three and he had LONG lines. First thing I did was ask if I could have a hug. He said, “Absolutely!”(OMG!) I asked if he was ready for round two and he said, “Round two may kill me”.  I was so happy to meet “My Guy” for the third time.22

Even though these pictures are blurry, you can see how happy I was to meet him again! This picture you can see my ‘sad face’ since he is not on the show anymore.

24 25

Morgan was just going to let me have time with “My Guy” but Michael insisted Morgan get in the shots! Even though he was very tired, he was still great with his fans!

I really enjoyed Walker Stalker this year. I hope to go back next year.  We saved all year so we can enjoy it. I won’t post all our purchases on here but I want to show one thing. I got an autographed photo from Michael in case he is not back next year. As we were walking around I saw the same picture hand drawn. I had to get it!


We will see where this season of The Walking Dead heads. I am anticipating where it will go. And even though Negan killed ‘My Guy’ and another favorite, I like him. There is just something about him…..