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The Ravenous by Amy Lukavics

Author: Amy Lukavics
Published: September 26, 2017
299 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

From the outside, the Cane family looks like they have it all. A successful military father, a loving mother and five beautiful teenage daughters. But on the inside, life isn’t quite so idyllic: the Cane sisters can barely stand each other, their father is always away, and their neglectful mother struggles with addiction and depression.

When their youngest and most beloved sister, Rose, dies in a tragic accident, Mona Cane and her sisters are devastated. And when she is brought back from the dead, they are relieved. But soon they discover that Rose must eat human flesh to survive, and when their mother abandons them, the sisters will find out just how far they’ll go to keep their family together.

Kim’s Review

This book . . . Whoa. Lukavics has become one of my favorite authors. She does creepy so dang well and I can always count on her to write a great book! The Ravenous is actually her most unusual. Yet it’s so simple! There actually isn’t much to say because the story is straightforward. The synopsis pretty much covers the story, but saying that the journey is just as great as the destination totally applies here. It’s so full of emotion and insanity and realism (considering the unrealistic elements), it was rather overwhelming, in a great way!

This is a short review so y’all can go out and get The Ravenous and read it and experience all of it for yourselves! The one downfall is that there is a lot of language and adult themes so definitely save it for older teens. But I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for an unusual, creepy read!

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Blog Tour: The Dinner in the Sky

Today I share my review as a part of the blog tour for The Dinner in the Sky by Anne John-Ligali. This is the third in the Friendships Online series. I recently reviewed the first two in the series here.

Book Description:

After a shocking confrontation with an unexpected encounter, Constance tries to piece her life back together and is on a mission to finally move on.

The thought of having her friends near is comforting as they take time out of their busy online lives and meet up at their favourite place, A Cupful of Dreams Café. Everyone seems happy enough until cracks begin to show and all is not as good as it seems. Constance tries desperately to keep positive as there’s so much to look forward to: shopping for posh frocks, dinner at The Shard and a movie premiere.

As things start to look rosy, a few odd tweets begin to pop up from nowhere. At first, they seem innocent, but as the weeks go by and premier night draws near, not only do the tweets increase but they become more obnoxious.

By the time Constance and her chums arrive on the red carpet, she’s determined to work out who the troll could be and to keep them from spoiling her evening. However as Constance soon learns, the troll wants to destroy far more than that!

Breathtaking views of London. 

Posh frocks and Paparazzi

But there’s definitely trouble in the air…

Author: Anne John-Ligali
Published: May 31, 2019
363 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: May 25- June 1, 2019
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

The Dinner in the Sky is the third in the Friendships Online series. The first started as a short story, then the second graduated to a novella, and now we have a full length third novel to this series!  Each in the series builds on the previous so you really need to read the previous two to know exactly what is going on.

This is a series I have enjoyed and I l really like Constance.  I was rooting for her the whole time, especially when the novel went in an unexpected direction and became like a romantic comedy movie.  I really did enjoy the last 25% of the novel with the rushed urgency (Go Constance, GO!!!!).

Will Constance be able to pull her life together after the ending of The Weekend Spa Break and who will she choose: Maxwell or Julio? And who is this troll that is determined to ruin Constance’s life? We do get a conclusion to all of these questions and this is a complete story. 

The Friendships Online series is an enjoyable and quick read. You should read them concurrently to get the full effect. This series is recommended.

A Spotify Playlist for the series is here.

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About the Author:

Anne John-Ligali is a writer and found of Books and Authors UK, a website that features author interviews, cover reveals, blog posts, features and reviews. She loves all things books, going to book events and meeting other book worms. She has written her first series and is currently writing her first novel. 

When Anne is not writing she is likely to be playing with her kids, going for walks in the park, watching Netflix or thinking up more stories.  Originally from Peterborough, Anne now lives in London. After moving to London she studies graphic design at the University of Arts and held a number of IT jobs in the city. Anne continues to write romantic comedies, women’s fiction, and has the desire to write a non-fiction book and a few children’s books. 

Contact Anne:
Twitter @AnneJohnLigali


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Blog Blitz: The Lynmouth Stories by L.V. Hay

Today I am helping in the Blog Blitz for The Lynmouth Stories by L.V. Hay.  I share my review for this three story collection of short stories that all have one thing in common: Lynmouth!

Book Description:

Beautiful places hide dark secrets … 

Devon’s very own crime writer L.V Hay (The Other Twin, Do No Harm) brings forth three new short stories from her dark mind and poison pen:

– For kidnapped Meg and her young son Danny, In Plain Sight, the remote headland above Lynmouth is not a haven, but hell.

– A summer of fun for Catherine in Killing Me Softly becomes a winter of discontent … and death.

– In Hell And High Water, a last minute holiday for Naomi and baby Tommy  becomes a survival situation … But that’s before the village floods.

All taking place out of season when the majority of tourists have gone home, L.V Hay uses her local knowledge to bring forth dark and claustrophic noir she has come to be known for.

Did You Know …?

Known as England’s ‘Little Switzerland’, the Devon village of Lynmouth is famous for its Victorian cliff railway, fish n’ chips and of course, RD Blackmore’s Lorna Doone.

Located on the doorstep of the dramatic Valley of The Rocks and the South West Cliff Path, the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth have inspired many writers, including 19th Century romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who honeymooned there in 1812.

The Lynmouth Stories
Author: L.V. Hay
Published: December 3, 2018
33 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: June 7, 2019
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Jessica’s Review:

The Lynmouth Stories is free on Amazon and I had gotten myself a copy then had the opportunity to join the one day blog blitz for it, so I jumped on it!  I have been on a few tours for LV Hay, but this is the first of hers that I have read and it will not be the last!  These short stories show the talent she possesses as a writer and her knowledge of the real town of Lynmouth.

The Lynmouth Stories  is comprised of three short stories that can be read within an hour.  They are ‘dark’ stories that have suspense and all take place after tourist season is over for the town of Lynmouth.  Even though tourist season is over, things still happen in this town and they may not be pleasant…..

I had not heard of Lynmouth before (possibly because I am an American), so I looked it up once I was finished reading. I was shocked to learn that there had been a flood in 1952, which made the final story feel even more real.  This final story Hell and High Water was my favorite of the three: It was a complete story and had a satisfying ending.

After reading The Lynmouth Stories which served as an ‘introduction’ for me to Hay’s writings, I WILL be reading more from her!

Buy The Lynmouth Stories here!  It’s currently FREE!

About the Author:

Lucy V Hay is a script editor for film and an author of fiction and non-fiction. Publishing as LV Hay, Lucy’s debut crime novel, The Other Twin, is out now and has been featured in The Sun and Sunday Express Newspaper, plus Heatworld and Closer Magazine. Her second crime novel, Do No Harm, is an ebook bestseller. Her next title is Never Have I Ever for Hodder Books. 

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