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UK Price Drop: Passport to Happiness!

I was on the blog tour earlier this month, and now the price for Passport to Happiness has dropped to 99p in the UK!  You guys in the UK always get such great deals!  **If you are lucky enough to be  in the UK, be sure to take advantage of the special 99p price drop, while it lasts!**

Book Description:

An inspiring and escapist read – Eat, Pray, Love meets Bridget Jones!

Will the trip of her dreams…

Everly Carter is bored.

With her job, with her single status and with the never ending line of rubbish men on Tinder.  Tired of going through the motions of seeming happy, Everly wants to be happy!

So, in a spontaneous moment of bravery (perhaps spurred on by a few cocktails) Everly books a holiday.  Time away, alone, to find out what she really wants from life.

Become the journey of her lifetime?

Everly’s search for happiness takes her to picturesque Swiss villages and the sunsets of glamourous Bermuda.  But with every new stamp in her passport, Everly still feels as though something is missing…

Could it be that true happiness is hard to find, until she finds herself?

Purchase Links: **Remember it is 99p in the UK!**
Amazon US
Amazon UK

About the Author:

Carrie was born and raised in London, but her love for travel and adventure has seen her spend the last fourteen years living and working internationally. She is currently based in Spain alongside her husband, young daughter and adopted Indonesian dog, Bali.

Carrie is a traditionally published author with Harper Impulse, as well as an independently published author. When not writing, she works as a Psychic Medium & Spiritual Coach ( To find out more about her, connect on Facebook (Carrie Stone) or Twitter @CarrieStoneUK

It’s my Birthday!

It’s my birthday and I am 39 today!  How did that happen?!?!? At least I am off: It’s a  3 day weekend for me!!!

The 30’s have a been a good decade, definitely better than the 20’s. Here are just some highlights:

  • Celebrated my 30th with a BIG trip to the Northern USA and Canada
  • I met and married my husband
  • My first big move into my hubby’s house
  • We adopted two twin kitties that are perfect for us
  • I became an admin of the Bookies Facebook page
  • I started this site and am part of the ‘book world’ and have met  a lot of great people
  • I have a current book club who are not just great friends, they are family!

Let’s see how long I can keep up with doing my book reviewing and site.  It takes up nearly all of my free time, but I really enjoy doing it!  It’s all about the book love! 

Despite some issues going on long-term that will hopefully end soon and with a positive ending,  I will look forward to this last year of my 30’s and seeing what comes next! You never know what God has in store for you. It’s all in HIS plans, and we are all along for the ride.

And I really hope I don’t have issues with reaching the big 4-0 next year… Though right now I think I might…..



Happy 6th Anniversary!

Today is my 6th anniversary to my hubby: We started celebrating yesterday by having a three day weekend.  I love you and hope for many more to come!

Yesterday he gave me a shirt that had two things I love on it: cats and books. I loved it! I hope today will come some books as gifts!  


Here is us on our big day:


To my hubby:

Thank you for being so supportive of me doing my blog. You know how much I love doing it!  You even help me with my site with troubleshooting and even more: you edit my reviews to help make them better!  You also put up with me and my silly craziness I have!

Here’s to many more years: I love you!