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Changes Are Here!!


We have had some changes here at Jessica’s Reading Room: We have gotten a bit of a facelift!  First, the First Line Friday picture was updated:

To me it’s more simple, and has the beginning of that classic line: Once Upon a Time…..  This is the whole purpose of First Line Friday: See what that first line or two of a novel consists of then maybe read the featured book!


But here is the big news that I am super excited about:  We have a new header design and I absolutely love it!!! It was designed by D. Harris, PARTNER OF ICE Designs! He is super talented and I am very appreciative that he made these designs for me.  Thank you so much!  This site has already been updated with the new design and later today Twitter and Facebook will be updated as well.


Here is the new header:

It’s a little small here, but if you go to the top of this site you can see it much larger!

Here is a closer view of his design! (Can you say profile picture!?!??!)

What do you guys think of this new design?!?!?!

Check out D. Harris’ work! He has a website where you can buy shirts for adults and kids, wall art, tote bags, and more! He also has a Facebook page you can check out:



It’s a Forks, Knifes and Spoons 1 year celebration!!

Today is a day to celebrate: Forks, Knifes and Spoons by Leah DeCesare was published one year ago!  It’s time for Jessica’s Reading Room to join in on the party!

Buy Forks, Knifes and Spoons NOW:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Book Description:

There are three kinds of guys: forks, knives, and spoons. That is the final lesson that Amy York’s father sends her off to college with, never suspecting just how far his daughter will take it. Clinging to the Utensil Classification System as her guide, Amy tries to convince her skeptical roommate, Veronica Warren, of its usefulness as they navigate the heartbreaks and soul mates of college and beyond.

Beginning in 1988, their freshman year at Syracuse University, Amy and Veronica meet an assortment of guys—from slotted spoons and shrimp forks to butter knives and sporks—all while trying to learn if the UCS holds true. On the quest to find their perfect steak knives, they learn to believe in themselves—and not to settle in love or life.

If you love or lived during the 1980s then this is the book for you: It might give some of you some of that good feeling: Nostalgia!!


**There will be a giveaway running on my Facebook page through Sunday afternoon** This giveaway will be US only. You can find the link to my Facebook page here.  **If you are following this site, you will have a bonus entry!**

What will you win? A signed book, and fork, knife and spoon necklace and earring set sent by Leah herself!

If you haven’t gotten the book yet, it is on sale this week on Amazon for just $1.99 on Kindle!!!! Grab it now!! 

About the Author:

Leah DeCesare is the award-winning author of Forks, Knives, and Spoons and the nonfiction parenting series Naked Parenting, based on her work as a doula, early parenting educator, and mom of three. Her articles on parenting have been featured in The Huffington Post, Eligible Magazine, Simply Woman, the International Doula, and The Key, among others.

In 2008, she cofounded the nonprofit Doulas of Rhode Island, and in 2013 she spearheaded the Campaign for Hope to build the Kampala Children’s Centre for Hope and Wellness in Uganda.

In a past life, DeCesare worked in public relations and event planning. She now writes, teaches, and volunteers in Rhode Island, where she lives with her family and talking cockatiel.

Contact Leah:
Twitter @LeahDeCesare
Amazon Author Page


Remembering Megan of BookslayerReads


Standalone Sunday is a meme that was started by Megan of BookslayerReads. I participated in Standalone Sunday for a while then came up with my own ‘Sunday Memes’ that I do from time after time.  The last time I did a Standalone Sunday was Christmas time.  Then last Sunday I participated in it again. As I was setting up my post for this I noticed that Megan’s blog was gone. I know she had not been posting as much and had started a candle making business, but I was still surprised to see it gone.

This past week I, along with the book blogging community found out that Megan recently passed away. We do not know the cause of death.  All of her social media has been erased from the internet. So in addition to the deep loss of Megan we loose her in every other way. I did not know Megan personally, but she was very supportive of me and many others when we started our blogs. She was a very genuinely kind person and I wish I had known her better.  Megan, your presence will be missed by the book blogging community. She was a young mother and I have many thoughts and prayers for her family and friends, both online and in real life.

Her death caused me to have that conversation with my husband about my site. If something happened to me I would want it to stay up for at least a while.  I’ve worked so hard and love doing this site and I love sharing the love of books with everyone.  This site may not be huge but it is mine and I am proud of it.

We will remember you at Jessica’s Reading Room Megan! I will continue to post Standalone Sunday and will include a remembrance to Megan in those future posts.