Coming in 2022: The ABC Challenge!

2021 had #Diverseathon and 2022 will bring something different, which is why I am telling you about it now: I will be doing an ABC Challenge!

If you are a heavy reader as I am, then you amass books from a variety of ways and those stacks are very out of hand!  So for 2022, I will be reading ‘physical’ books that I actually own and in one case borrowed. I will be reading the selected books via the alphabet with the first letter of the particular book corresponding with the letter. As I was planning this, I did come to realize that there are two letters that I don’t have books for, so for those I decided to find a book that had the letter in the title.

I will also be reading one book each that starts with The and This– the decision for those books will come from the followers of Jessica’s Reading Room on Facebook and Instagram

**Now, this is just physical books, not any from my kindle.  I have not set a goal on when I will complete this. It could be in 2022 or 2023.  The reason is this- I will not be sticking to solely reading books for the ABC challenge. I will finish this when I finish this. 

The books could change, but as of now this is my plan of books to read for the ABC challenge:

A: An American Marriage-Tayari Jones
B: Brahmahatya- Rajiv Mittal
C: Can You Keep A Secret?- Sophie Kinsella
D: Distress Signals- Catherine Ryan Howard
E: Everything You Want Me to Be- Mindy Mejia
F: Fierce Kingdom- Gin Phillips
G: Good Me Bad Me- Ali Land
H: How to Save a Life- Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
I: It Happens All the Time- Amy Hatvany
J: Juliet- Anne Fortier
K: Keeping the Beat- Marie Powell and Jeff Norton
L: Love, Alice- Barbara Davis
M: Monster- Walter Dean Myers
N: November 9- Colleen Hoover
O: Outlander – Diana Gabaldon (borrowed from my Mother-in-Law)
P: Pay It Forward- Catherine Ryan Hyde
Q: The Queen’s Gambit- Walter Tevis
R: Rewind- Catherine Ryan Howard
S: Saving Meghan- D.J. Palmer
T: Thirteen- Steve Cavanagh
U: Under the Blood Red Sun- Graham Salisbury
V: Vox- Christina Dalcher
W: Wicked Women of the Bible- Ann Spangler
X: My EX Life- Stephen McCauley
Y: Your Heart Belongs to Me- Dean Koontz
Z- Zoo/ Zoo 2

To be decided by JRR likers from Facebook and Instagram:

**I will narrow the choice to 3 books for them to choose from**

 I just want to get my pile of books that need to be read somewhat smaller and this seemed like a good start for me!  Do you think you might take part in this challenge?  Let me know if so and how you do!!!  And what do you think of my list????