Cover Reveal: Lucky Number 11 by Jess Kitching


Today I am helping in the cover reveal for the upcoming novel Lucky Number 11 by Jess Kitching.   This is her third novel and I have her first two on my kindle, but I may just have to read this one first: She writes thrillers and this one deals with… Well just read the book description!!!! This one will be out August 25th!

Book Description:

When Hannah Allen was fourteen years old, she was abducted by an elusive serial killer, Peter Harris. Intended to be his eleventh victim, she was his only survivor.⁠

Ten years later, therapy and friendship have helped Hannah overcome the trauma of her past.⁠

But then a body is found. A body bearing eerily similar injuries to Peter’s victims, complete with the numerical brand he forced upon his captives.⁠

Soon it becomes clear that somewhere, someone is continuing Peter’s work.⁠

Somewhere, someone wants Hannah dead.⁠

Can she survive a serial killer twice, or has her luck finally run out?








Now….. What does the cover look like?????? Keep scrolling to find out!!





















Almost there!!!













Here it is:

You can pre-order the book here!  I just did!!!

Contact Jess:
Instagram: @jesskitchingwrites
Twitter: @kitching_jess