Kim’s February Reads

Kim is back with another video summary of her February reads! (And a few January reads that did not make it in last month’s video).

Please Note:

Patrick Ness and Emilie Autumn-She really enjoyed your books!
Neal Schusterman- She LOVES you! I’m (Jessica) going to have to read your books. Kim is really beginning to influence my reading! I have Scythe on request from the library in audio form!

What did you read in February? What did you like or not like?  What suggestions do you have for Kim? Don’t you love her bookcases!?!?!

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One response to “ Kim’s February Reads ”

  1. Yami says:

    I would love to read Asylum, Dreadlocks and A Monster calls. I, unfortunately only read 1 book in the month of February. It was The Bear and the Nightingale, and I really did enjoy it. I started reading the second book that series, The girl In the Tower but I was slacking. I’m definitely going to pick up on my reading again. Oh, trigger warning isn’t a good thing as far as I know. They usually use that for like an example if there is rape in scene they will warn people about it just in case someone who was rape starts reading that book and comes across that scene, it might be a trigger to all the bad memories and feeling they had. And I would appreciate library shelf book tour! I love your shelves in the background!

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