Our April 2023 Reads!

We are here today to share our April 2023 reads:


Kim  (and Gus!)only had one book read for April, but more importantly: Gus was able to leave NIC-U and go home this past Wednesday, April 26th!  WTG Gus!!!  Hopefully everyone, including JC is adjusting to Gus being home!


I had 8 books read in total:  7 audiobooks, and 1 kindle read. It was a romance month for me as well.

The Helena’s Grove series by Ivy Alexander. I gave all 5 four stars:

Love Finds You
Love for Hire
Love Takes Hold
Love is Strong
Love Lives On

Paint it All Red (Mindf*ck series #5) -S.T. Abby- 5 stars

Burying Eva Flores- Jennifer Alsever- 3 stars

French Holiday- Sarah Ready- 4 stars

My favorite read was Paint it All Red by S.T. Abby. It was the conclusion to the Mindf*ck series and the best one! I also got the series in paperback from my husband for my birthday this past Saturday!  This is great as the physical cover is so much better than the e-book covers!

My least favorite by deduction was Burying Eva Flores. It wasn’t a bad book, but it got the lowest rating with 3 stars.  It’s a mesh of Mean Girls and Death Note.