September 1st: We are all about Harry Potter!!!

Today is September 1st:

This is the day that students come to King’s Cross station, slip through the barrier to Platform 9 ¾, and board the Hogwarts Express. At Hogwarts, the first years will be sorted into their houses, after listening to the Sorting Hat’s newest poetic creation, of course. After a speech from the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, the feast in the Great Hall marks the beginning of another term! Welcome to Hogwarts and have an awesome school year!

As you all know, Kim is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so today is all about Harry Potter at Jessica’s Reading Room. Kim does a video review of the Harry Potter series (and more!), the link will be shared to her post about Harry Potter World at Universal, AND we have a video of Kim’s wand experience! 


Kim’s visit to Harry Potter World at Universal is here.

Kim’s Ollivander’s Wand Experience:

My wand experience at Ollivander’s in Diagon Alley is easily one of my favorites while at Universal in Orlando. The first time we went to Universal, we had to cover the whole park in less time, so I missed some things. Going back, we had more time to just explore, and that’s how we found Ollivander’s. Ivan had promised me a wand ever since we decided to go back for Halloween Horror Nights, so I was shaking with excitement. As we walked up to the store, the park employee asked if we had been through the wand experience yet. We just looked at each other questioningly, and he smiled and directed us to another door. We walked in and found ourselves in a room lined with wands in every nook and cranny. A wandmaker walked down the stairs and over to me and asked if I was here for my wand. I said yes and so began the process of letting my wand choose me! I can tell you that it is just as magical as you can imagine! My wand is made of vine and has the core of a phoenix tale. Thankfully, Ivan caught it all on video, so y’all can see it all happen yourselves! Remember, the wand chooses the wizard!