Short Story Review: Gretel by Annalee Adams

Author: Annalee Adams

Published: October 31, 2018
78 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4.5 stars

Book Description:

Trapped in a cage, fighting for her life, will she survive the night?

Gretel is a blood-curdling serial killer thriller, that tells the story of seventeen-year-old Lucy, taken against her will five years ago. Caged up with no-one left to protect her she must survive the night or become the killer’s latest victim.

After he killed her, she wept. Body bags and chainsaws stripped the night clean. Her mind a mess of revulsion, as the silence took over and the girls pleaded for their lives. Had it been five years already? Trapped down in the darkness, away from reality. Now Jess was gone, brutally murdered; she was like a lamb to the slaughter… and tonight was the feast.

Halloween had arrived and that meant only one thing, candy bars, and corruption as he took her screaming soul from the cage and introduced her to her former best friend. This short story is a novelette of nightmares, forgotten victims and surreal realities.

Kim’s Review:

I’m not sure what I expected from this little book, but it’s nuts! It’s the perfect short story for those Criminal Minds fans. The cover is amazing, the story is simple and effective, the characters are interesting and easy to sympathize with. My only real criticism is that I’d like more overall info; I also acknowledge that it’s just a short story. Gretel just left me shaking my head. It was terrifying and nasty and engaging and I have to say that the twist was pretty crazy! A very good book!

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