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Cobb County Book Sale Fall 2016


The Cobb County Library has their three day book sale every March and October. All profits from the sale go to buying more items for the 16 libraries in Cobb County. The book sale was this past weekend and it was my third time attending the sale.

I go on Sunday since it is BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) Day! For $20 you can fill up a ‘box’ of any size! And they mean ‘box’ loosely. I have seen people bring trashcans: They fill them up, go to their car, empty the trashcan, then go back in!

 Sunday at the Book Sale:

I was ready with my suitcase to find some treasures!:


The book sale began at 1pm, and I got there a little after 12:30. The line wasn’t too long when I got there as you can see:

img_20161016_123509 img_20161016_123459












Then people started to show up and the line began to get longer….

img_20161016_125029 img_20161016_125346

Then the doors opened and it was time to shop!!!

img_20161016_131336 img_20161016_131333

Anyone want some Twilight?  (In March there was an overabundance of the 50 Shades of Grey series):


As I was leaving I noticed all the people that were now shopping- the room with the hardback books had a LOT of people!!








My treasures that I picked out:

img_20161016_162430 img_20161016_162541

The hubby had to work, so I got him these:


I was very happy with the book sale.  All of that for just $20! What a deal!! Now to figure out where to put them…..