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Quinn Says Goodbye

Quinn Says Goodbye: Friends May Go Away, but God is Here to Stay

Author: Christie Thomas
Illustrator: Sydney Hanson
To Be Published: August 6, 2019
32 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: July 29, 2019
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Goodbye Is Never Easy, but God Can Make It Better

When Quinn the Owl makes a new friend, a firefly named Blink, she is filled with joy. But one night, Quinn wakes up to find her friend has disappeared in a flash.

“Momma, why didn’t God make Blink stay with me? Didn’t he know how much I loved him?”

“God doesn’t always stop bad things from happening, Quinn. But he does promise that He will always be with you, and He will never stop being your friend.”

Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written, Quinn Says Goodbye is designed for children dealing with different kinds of loss, whether it be death of a pet or a family member, or simply the loss of a favorite toy. Remind little ones that although people and things might not be in their life forever, God will never leave them.

Jessica’s Review:

Quinn is a baby owl and she finds an injured firefly and helps to take care of it. Quinn even names the firefly Blink. One day Blink is gone and Quinn is devastated as she really loved Blink.

Quinn Says Goodbye  is a good picture book that shows children that goodbyes (and grief) happen and it is ok to be sad about the loss.  Quinn Says Goodbye has a religious context to it and shows faith and even though God may let bad things happen, He will always be with us and take care of us.

This picture book can definitely help younger children deal with grief in a comforting way no matter the loss, and this story has a sweet ending.  Whether the loss is a family pet, family member, a favorite toy, or even a move, this story will help children positively.

There is also a “Did You Know” section about fireflies, so children can learn about them.  There are also Bible verses mentioned to help enhance the story and open up a discussion with your child and their grief if needed.

I loved the illustrations!  The colors have a peaceful and calming effect to them as you read the story. I adored the owls and was excited to find out that there is another Quinn book which is already out: Quinn’s Promise Rock: No Matter Where, God Is Always There.

Special thanks to the publisher, Harvest House Publishers, for granting me an e-arc copy via NetGalley. It was a pleasure to read and review.

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A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee’s Flutter by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee’s Flutter: Inspired by Psalm 46
Author and Illustrator: Jan Spivey Gilchrist

Published: July 8, 2019
32 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: June 25, 2019
Jessica’s Rating:  4 stars

Book Description:

Teaching children to know God and to hear His voice can be challenging. In A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee’s Flutter, you and your young readers alike will journey through the story of an African American boy who learns to hear God’s voice in the busyness of everyday life. Your little ones will be encouraged to know God and hear His voice while learning to trust Him through the story inspired by Psalm 46.

Jessica’s Review:

This children’s picture book is the true story of the author’s brother that is also based off verses of Psalm 46.  It shows children that God is our place of safety and gives us strength in times of trouble.

I liked how the bee was a constant in the illustrations throughout the story.  The bee shows us how God is always with us.  The colorful watercolor illustrations perfectly helped to capture the moods of the story.  The illustrations bought to life the feel of darkness and fear when called for and then the light of hope at the end of the story. I liked how the illustrations showed us African American characters.  I feel we need more stories that show diversity in characters, especially when the books are for younger children.

This story calls for us to remember to take some time out and remember to “Be still, and know that I am God.” It also encourages Bible reading by mentioning the exact verses that this story is based off of and other verses to knowing more on God.

As this is a story of the author’s younger brother, there is one page that tells us briefly of his life.  He was the middle of five children.

This children’s picture book is recommended. Special thanks to the publisher for granting me an e-arc copy to read and review via NetGalley.

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Two Children’s Bible Stories

Author: Paul Gully
Illustrator: Delores Gully
To be Published: March 6, 2018
32 pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: February 8, 2018
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Descriptions:

A Giant Headache is the biblical story of David and Goliath in a rhyming, fun format. The story teaches about the courage and strength we receive from God when we trust in him completely. Each page is beautifully illustrated and includes scripture references from 1 Samuel 17:1-49.

The Big Flood is the biblical story of Noah and the Ark in a rhyming, fun format. The story teaches about how much faith Noah had to build such a big boat to carry so many animals in a flood only God told him about. Each page is beautifully illustrated and includes scripture references from Genesis 6 – 9.

The books end with a Salvation page for your child to fill out with their name for a personal commitment to Christ.

Jessica’s Review:

I don’t read and review many children’s books as I have no children and feel I can’t give a proper review on them; but these two children books are from the Bible and you can’t go wrong with it.  This one review is for both A Giant Headache and The Big Flood.  They are both written by Paul Gulley and illustrated by Delores Gully, a husband/wife team.

The beginning of each story mentions the book and verses of the Bible the story is from.  The sentences are short and rhyme, which makes the books fun. The stories are written where young children can understand what is going on. The illustrations are bright and colorful with attention to detail. They will definitely appeal to children.

A Giant Headache also shows children how David stood up for what he believes and facing adversity. Headache can also be used as a lesson against bullying.

The Big Flood also shows children to listen to God despite the unknown (“What is rain?”)and to work together.  It also shows that God will take care of you, never leave you, and to trust in Him.

Both books end with a Salvation page where children can learn the ABC prayer and mention John 3:16 for accepting Christ to begin their walk with God.

These books will serve as a great outreach and introduction to some of the Bible stories for young children.

Special thanks to the publisher Broadstreet Publishing Group for granting me copies of both books via NetGalley.

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A Giant Headache
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A Giant Headache