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The Last Wish of Sasha Cade

Author: Cheyanne Young
Published: October 2, 2018
312 pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: October 7-18, 2018
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

The day Raquel has been dreading for months has finally arrived. Sasha, her best friend in the whole world — the best friend in the whole world — has died of cancer. Raquel can’t imagine life without her. She’s overwhelmed and brokenhearted.

And then a letter from Sasha arrives. Has she somehow found a way to communicate from the afterlife?

In fact, Sasha has planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for Raquel, and when she follows the instructions to return to Sasha’s grave, a mysterious stranger with striking eyes is waiting for her. There’s a secret attached to this boy that only Sasha—and now Raquel—knows.

This boy, Elijah, might be just what Raquel needs to move on from her terrible loss. But can Raquel remain true to herself while also honoring her friend’s final wish?

Jessica’s Review:

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade captures everything it intends to: Friendship, love, loss, grief, and new beginnings.  From the start you are pulled into Sasha and Raquel’s friendship.  They are true best friends about to be separated because Sasha has cancer.  You know they would have been best friends into adulthood.  Not many people get to experience that. 

Though we only briefly meet Sasha, we care about both her and Raquel and what will happen next. When Raquel starts receiving the communications from Sasha from beyond the grave, you want to know what the next adventure will be.  Sasha herself helps Raquel through the grieving process; Sasha shares a secret that she was unable to tell Raquel while she was alive. 

This is a truly touching read and one I will not forget. I surprised myself by not tearing up at all…Until I read the epilogue….  Though a complete story, I would love a second book where Raquel continues to receive letters from Sasha throughout the important events in her life.  Even though death separates them, you can see that these two girls are BFF’s for life.

Thank you so much to KCP Loft for my copy I received! I really enjoyed this read.

Special thanks to the author, Cheyenne Young who sent me some swag:

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Me and Me by Alice Kuipers

Author: Alice Kuipers
Published: October 9, 2018
248 pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: September 14-20, 2018
Jessica’s Rating: 3.5 stars

Book Description:

It’s a perfect day for Lark’s dream date with Alec from school. Blue skies, clear water, a canoe on the lake. Alec even brought flowers for Lark’s birthday. Everything is just right … until they hear screams from the edge of the water.

Annabelle, a little girl Lark used to babysit, is struggling in the reeds. When Lark and Alec dive in to help her, Alec hits his head on a rock. Now Annabelle and Alec are both in trouble, and Lark can only save one of them.

With that split-second decision, Lark’s world is torn in two, leaving her to cope with the consequences of both choices. She lives two lives, two selves. But which is the right life, and which is the real Lark?

Me and Me is about how it feels to be torn in pieces, and how to make two halves whole again. This mind-bending novel from Alice Kuipers, expert chronicler of the teenage heart, explores loss and love, music and parkour, all while navigating the narrow space between fantasy and reality.

Jessica’s Review:

I am not the target demographic for Me and Me. As an adult (though not a mom) I know what my decision would be. But as a teen, I can see how Lark was torn as she could  only save one. This would be every teen girl’s nightmare. And Lark lives it; even worse she lives the after effects in two different lives! 

I enjoyed the back and forth between the chapters of the two lives Lark ends up leading: The one where she saves Alec, and the one where she saves Annabelle.  All of our choices have consequences, positive or negative and this novel shows that in more than just the main decision Lark makes.  One decision she made changes everything in her life. 

It is not a perfect novel and the characters are not perfect.  They all have their issues, as we all do. I can see where going through an event like this would bring you closer to the other person, but I did not really like Alec with some of his actions towards Lark. He came off controlling and pressuring.  It seemed almost too intense and almost an ‘instant love’ (IE: Romeo and Juliet.) I did enjoy the Epilogue.

Though not really for me, I would say give Me and Me a read and see what you think of it!

Thank you KCP Loft for my copy!

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The Leading Edge of Now

Author: Marci Lynn Curtis
Published: September 4, 2018
336 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: August 19-23, 2018
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Just when Grace is beginning to get used to being an orphan, her estranged uncle suddenly comes forward to claim her. That might have been okay if he’d spoken to her even once since her father died. Or if moving in with Uncle Rusty didn’t mean returning to New Harbor.

Grace once spent the best summers of her life in New Harbor. Now the place just reminds her of all she’s lost: her best friend, her boyfriend and any memory of the night that changed her forever.

People say the truth will set you free, but Grace isn’t sure about that. Once she starts looking for it, the truth about that night is hard to find — and what happens when her healing hurts the people she cares about the most?

Jessica’s Review

The Leading Edge of Now is a very well written novel that deals with tough subjects: Loss and sexual assault at a young age. Grace is still trying to deal with the loss of her father and what happened to her one night two years ago. Grace was in foster care for the two years until her only relative, her uncle, decides to take her in.

Grace also lost her best friend and boyfriend while in foster care.  Now, she is with her uncle and she finds herself back around those that she did not think she would see again, which includes the person she believes assaulted her.  She begins to have doubts as to who it may have been and mixed feelings of everything that has occurred.  The answer of who did assault her is discovered and you can feel everything Grace does with the discovery. With the discovery, the story is not over. Grace ultimately discovers who she is.

Grace has a genuine ‘realness’ to her with all of her thoughts and emotions. Curtis has written a very powerful novel that all teen girls should read.

Thank you KCP Loft for my arc copy I was granted!

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