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Happiness is a Commodity


Author: The Behrg
108 pages in Kindle

Published: December 1, 2016
Dates Read: 12/02-12/04/2016

My Rating: 4 stars

Book Summary from Amazon:

In the future, Happiness can no longer be achieved through natural means, but must be purchased from the government for brief 20-minute increments.

And the price is going up.

One man documents his experience as he uncovers a conspiracy by the governing elite. Those who are ALWAYS happy. But he will soon discover that the cost of real Happiness may be far worse than living perpetually in the dark.

Told through blog-post entries, this non-traditional novella explores a world where darkness and misery are the norm. An allegory for living with depression, this story will open your eyes to the millions lost in darkness around you, and may prepare you for a future that is all too likely to come.

My Review:

Happiness is a Commodity deals with a topic that many won’t write about: Depression. At a short 108 pages, Happiness is a Commodity is very intense, deals with heavy content, and it makes you think. Happiness is a Commodity is written as a blog and you feel yourself drawn into those posts. I enjoyed the title of the blog: The Modern Ramblings of a “Jerry-atric”.

People are no longer able to be happy anymore unless they use their ‘punch card’ and then they can be happy for a short 20 minutes. People can save their ‘punches’ for one big event or use them little by little. Suddenly, the punch cards stop working. What’s happening to cause this? Is happiness ending for everyone or is it some government conspiracy?

One day at work Jerry is invited to a work party for upper management… But he isn’t upper management. An invitation is also in his home when he arrives. Even though he has zero desire to go to the party, he decides to attend. What happens to Jerry at that party changes everything for him and causes a series of events that lasts for the rest of the novella.

I can’t say much more except to read Happiness is a Commodity! Also read “A Note From the Author” and “About the Author” after you finish the novella.

I will end with this: What is Happiness? It can be many things and can change daily. For me today (Sunday December 4th), Happiness is:

  • my cats
  • freedom
  • a relaxing, rainy day

Tomorrow (which will be Monday, December 5th- the day this review is posted) Happiness will be different for me. I know one thing it will be at least: Watching The Walking Dead with my husband on our Monday night date night!

What is happiness for you?

I received a copy of Happiness is a Commodity from The Behrg.