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Blog Tour: Clipped Wings

Today I am one of the two blog stops on the blog tour for Clipped Wings by Jennifer Gilmour. Today I will be sharing my review. The publication date for Clipped Wings was October 30th.  This is a very powerful and at times hard to read book of true accounts that survivors of domestic abuse bravely share.

Book Description from Amazon:

The silent chorus.

Just imagine you thought that you had met the man or woman of your dreams. This person was charming and you thought they were the one or perhaps that this was fate; it was just meant to be.

But as the months go by things start to change. Their behaviour towards you isn’t the same, they are more critical, more particular about your appearance, what you do, how you do it, who you see. Time goes by and you feel isolated from your friends and family because that behaviour has now changed to threats, maybe violence and you feel that your identity is all but gone. But still you stay. Where would you go? Who would help you? You are not worthy.

But you are.

A group of survivors have spoken about their own experiences. In their own words they show that survivors do have a voice and that it needs to be heard. They show that abuse isn’t unique or strange but that it is, unfortunately, a surprisingly common problem in today’s society.

The message of this book is one of courage, as with courage comes awareness and an ability to understand what has happened to you and take the steps needed to become a survivor yourself.

Clipped Wings: Hear Some Stories of Survival
Author: Jennifer Gilmour
Published: October 30, 2017
148 pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: October 30- November 3, 2017
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Jessica’s Review:

Clipped Wings is survivors of domestic abuse sharing their stories.  One in four women and one in six men will become victims at some point in their lives.  We hear from many women and one man as we read Clipped Wings. Some of the survivors share their stories in their own writing while others are interviewed.  Jennifer Gilmour opens and concludes Clipped Wings with her own words as she also shares her personal journey of domestic abuse.

This is Jennifer’s second book, the first was her semi-autobiographical novel Isolation Junction.  She continues the path she is on to increase awareness on all forms of domestic abuse with Clipped Wings.

This is a very personal journey that these survivors share and I commend them on their bravery. Clipped Wings is very difficult to read.  It’s hard to comprehend that these are true stories.  It is a shame that people have to experience these situations.  This is a book you might have to read in spurts, you can only handle so much at once as you read.  These are all very strong survivors and I hope they all continue to have better lives and that this book helps them in their journey of recovery from abuse. I also hope this book helps those out there who currently face abuse to realize that there is a way out.

Clipped Wings is recommended.

About the Author:

Born in the North East, Jennifer is a young, married mum with three children. In addition to being an author, she is an entrepreneur, running a family business from her home-base. Her blog posts have a large readership of other young mums in business.

From an early age, Jennifer has had a passion for writing and started gathering ideas and plot lines from her teenage years. A passionate advocate for women in abusive relationships, she has drawn on her personal experiences to write this first novel ‘Isolation Junction’. It details the journey of a young woman from the despair of an emotionally abusive and unhappy marriage to develop the confidence to challenge and change her life and to love again.

Since the publication of her debut novel Jennifer has continued to be an advocate for those in abusive relationships through her blog posts, radio interviews and Twitter feed. Jennifer also gained a qualification in facilitating a recover programme for those who have been in abusive relationships.

Jennifer continues to publicly support those who are isolated and struggle to have a voice. Jennifer hopes that ’Clipped Wings’ give’s a voice to survivor’s experiences and raise’s awareness further of the types of unacceptable behaviour which fall into the category of domestic abuse.

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Contact Jennifer:
Twitter @JenLGilmour


Isolation Junction Review and Giveaway!

Author: Jennifer Gilmour
Published: October 14, 2016
126 Pages in Paperback

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: August 14-18, 2017
Jessica’s Rating: 4 Stars

Book Description from Amazon:

Rose is the mother of two young children, and finds herself living a robotic life with an abusive and controlling husband. While she struggles to maintain a calm front for the sake of her children, inside Rose is dying and trapped in ‘Isolation Junction’.

She runs an online business from home, because Darren won’t let her work outside the house. Through this, she meets other mums and finds courage to attend networking events, while Darren is at work, to promote her business.

It’s at one of these events that Rose meets Tim, a sympathetic, dark-haired stranger who unwittingly becomes an important part of her survival.

After years of emotional abuse, of doubting her future and losing all self-confidence, Rose takes a stand. Finding herself distraught, alone and helpless, Rose wonders how she’ll ever escape with her sanity and her children. With 100 reasons to leave and 1,000 reasons she can’t, will she be able to do it?

Will Tim help her? Will Rose find peace and the happiness she deserves? Can Rose break free from this spiralling life she so desperately wants to change?

Jessica’s Review:

Isolation Junction deals with a domestic abuse story that is semi-autobiographical for the author, therefore I can’t say that I ‘enjoyed’ this book. It gives you an inside feel of what a woman who is going through an abusive situation like this experiences. Not all abuse is physical, it can also be emotional. A woman who is in a situation like this might not even realize it at first.

This is Jennifer Gilmour’s debut novel and though it is short, it is an important one. She lives in the UK and is an advocate for both women and men who are in abusive relationships. She takes what was a mix of hers and other’s stories and creates the fictional Rose in Isolation Junction.

Isolation Junction did have a slower start for me but then it picked up.  I think part of it was Jennifer’s writing style.  It is written in two styles within the chapters: Rose’s current point of view and her life in the abusive relationship as memories.  The chapters go back and forth in time and are separated with *** so you can pick up that you are about to change again.  It was a little hard for me to follow at first. Once I got the feeling of the writing style I found myself not wanting to stop reading it.

You can feel the raw emotion that Jennifer put into writing this novel.  Her whole heart and soul is wanting to help people in these situations. Isolation Junction must have been a very difficult one to write because at times it was difficult to read.  As I was reading it, I was picturing Jennifer in Rose’s situation.

You can’t help but root for Rose and want her to get away successfully and move on with her life. It is a book that should be read by everyone to help get awareness out there for the many forms that domestic abuse can take.  This novel could also help someone who is in this type of situation become aware and realize that even if they don’t think they can, there is hope and help.

Isolation Junction is Recommended.

Jennifer’s second book Clipped Wings will be coming out very soon. Right now it is planned to be released in October of this year. Continuing her work with raising awareness on domestic abuse, Clipped Wings will be a collection of abuse survivors’ stories in their own words.  Jennifer currently has a Kickstarter Fund for Clipped Wings as her goal is to get each person who contributed a story a copy of the book. Let’s help her achieve her goal! She is getting close!

Jennifer’s Website

I am also be giving a copy of Isolation Junction away! **This will be US only due to postal fees. This giveaway will end Saturday, the 26th at midnight EDT. Help spread the word on Isolation Junction!

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