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The First Lady

Authors: James Patterson and Brendan DuBois
Published: December 13, 2018

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: July 3-13, 2019
Jessica’s Rating:

Novel: 4 stars
Audiobook: 2.5 stars
Average: 3 stars

Book Description:

“Sir, the First Lady … has gone rogue.”

President Tucker is caught up in a media firestorm. The scandal of his affair has sent shockwaves through his re-election campaign, and threatens to derail everything he has worked for. To win the vote, he needs the First Lady to stand by his side.

But Grace Tucker has a mind of her own.

After years of compromise, unfulfilled promises, deception and betrayal, Grace refuses to give in to her husband’s demands. Escaping the city and her Secret Service agents, she is officially off the radar.

But did the First Lady run away? Or is she in far greater danger than anyone could have imagined?

Jessica’s Review:

The First Lady is collaboration between James Patterson and Brendan DuBois and it was well done!  Patterson’s collaborations can be hit or miss and other than multiple narrator pronunciation errors in the audiobook, this one was a hit for me.

Just weeks before the election, the president is caught in an affair, which could ruin his re-election.  And to make things worse: the first lady goes missing and keeping that quiet is easier said than done. 

We also meet Special Agent Sally Grissom who heads up the Presidential Protective Detail.  She is determined to find the first lady.  We also see into Grissom’s life with is far from perfect. 

I never lost interest in the story and I had no idea what was going to happen. There is a twist ending that I enjoyed. If you like political thrillers, then you should read this one, but stay away from the audiobook version. 

The audiobook is where the biggest negative is: Yes, I did like the narrator’s voice and narration but she continuously mispronounced multiple words every time the word was said. I wish I had kept track of all the errors. I remember at least four words being mispronounced.  The Potomac River was butchered, and the name of Button Gwinnett was ruined.  I am originally from Gwinnett County so that mispronunciation bothered me. I don’t know how these errors were not caught in the editing of the audiobook.  Maybe no one cared? Due to the extremity of errors I had to give the audiobook 2.5 stars.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel, but stay away from the audiobook! 

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The Fall of Crazy House

Author: James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet
Published: April 8, 2019
368 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Escape is just the beginning.

Twin sisters Becca and Cassie barely got out of the Crazy House alive. Now they’re trained, skilled fighters who fear nothing–not even the all-powerful United regime.

Together, the sisters hold the key to defeating the despotic government and freeing the people of the former United States. But to win this war, will the girls have to become the very thing they hate?

In this gripping sequel to James Patterson’s YA blockbuster Crazy House, the world is about to get even crazier.

Kim’s Review:

Thank goodness!!! This book came at the perfect time, cuz I didn’t think I was going to make it! I have been waiting for this book FOREVER!! If y’all remember, I wanted to throw Crazy House across the room when I finished it. It wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if the sequel had been announced . . . But it wasn’t, hence the tantrum! A huge, unending expanse of nothingness!

But, thankfully, the sequel was written and it’s here! I read it quickly and easily and I wasn’t disappointed. Becca and Cassie were exactly as they should have been. They hadn’t changed a bit. I love their spunk and watching them grow and strengthen was great! Nate and Tim were pillars of strength that I would have missed if they hadn’t been there. There was historical research that I was naturally drawn to. Once again, I can’t say much cuz I don’t wanna give anything away!!! My one real criticism is that the ending was a little anticlimactic.There were loose ends that weren’t tied up and although it’s not a cliffhanger, I think this book would benefit from another book in the series. Overall, I really liked this book, it was definitely worth the wait. I think this series would be great for getting teens to read for fun. Save it for older teens.

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Two from the Heart

Author: James Patterson
Published: April 10, 2017

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: January 2-11, 2018
Jessica’s Rating: 3 stars

Book Description from Amazon:

Anne McWilliams has lost everything. After her marriage falls apart and a hurricane destroys her home she realizes that her life has fallen out of focus. So she takes to the road to ask long lost friends and strangers a simple question: “What’s your best story?” Can the funny, tragic, inspirational tales she hears on her journey help Anne see what she’s been missing?

Tyler Bron seemingly has it all-a successful company and more money than he knows how to spend. But he has no life. So he hires a struggling novelist to write one for him. There are no limits to the fictional world that Bron’s money can transform into a reality, and he soon becomes the protagonist of a love story beyond his wildest imagination. But will Tyler Bron be able to write the happy ending himself?

Jessica’s Review:

Two From the Heart is made up two novellas: Tell Me Your Best Story and Write Me a Life. They were both decent stories but for me something was missing. It was a quick read at just five discs for the audiobook. There is a theme explored for both novellas: How stories can shape our life in one form or another.

Tell Me Your Best Story:

Anne McWilliams is our protagonist and she has dealt with two life changing events in a very short time.  The first event was her failed marriage.  The second event is what changes her life forever. Her home and darkroom (which is her livelihood) is destroyed by a hurricane.  She is anti-technology so she loses everything with her photography. Instead of dealing with this devastating loss she decides to go on an adventure all over the country. She sees old friends and also meets new people along the way asking “What is your best story?” During this adventure she decides to turn this into a book with these people’s stories and a picture of them.  As with all road trip adventures, it becomes life changing — for the better — for Anne.

I did not like Anne dropping everything with her home. She all but forgets about it and just moves on. No clean up, nothing!  What a way to ignore your responsibilities.  I would be devastated if this happened to me, but I can’t see myself just dropping everything else and becoming carefree.  Now, I did like the premise of the book she decides to write and photograph.  In fact it would be one I would most likely buy. Everyone has a ‘best story’, what is yours?

Write Me A Life:

We meet Damian Crane, a struggling author who is approached by Tyler Bron, an extremely wealthy man, who happens to have no life.  Tyler Bron tells Damian to write him a life and whatever he writes WILL happen, with no limitations.  So begins a “create your own adventure” type story.  Both Crane and Bron wonder what they got themselves into and you wonder how the story will end.  Will Crane continue the story or will Bron be able to create his ending on his own?

I liked the premise of this novella better. Audio may not be the format for this story as the narration goes between Crane and Bron and I had difficulties keeping them straight.  Reading it in print may be clearer as to who the narrator is for each chapter. It did not help that the narrator did not distinguish the two character’s voices in any way. I had to go back several times; I was getting confused as to who each narrator was.  I lost some interest in the middle of the story.  The ending is satisfying.

Though not the best, Two from the Heart is not the worst either. If you want a quick read in between books, I would recommend it.

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