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Flower by Safira X

Author: Safira X
Published: December 5, 2019
47 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

He stops when he catches sight of the perfect girl. “Sky Winter”, her username reads. She has long, blonde waves that go down to her waist, bangs that stop just above her porcelain blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. Her cheeks are so round that you can’t even see her cheekbones.

‘Her skin must feel like a baby’s,’ he gushes.

He can’t keep his eyes off her lips. They look so soft and plushy. He can’t wait to taste them. Not to forget, she has the most defined hourglass waist he’s ever laid eyes on.

He clicks her image, bids $20,000 on her, and tells where and when he’d like to meet if she accepts the bid. It’s a foolish decision. He’s never bidden that high, but he can get his money back when it’s all over, like always. More than that, he has to have her…

Kim’s Review:

I was contacted by Safira X about reading her first novel, Flower. It sounded like something I would enjoy, so she sent me a free copy. I read it very quickly. I will admit that it is disturbing and not meant for everyone . . . And of course I liked it! There are some elements that I didn’t like, but the ending gave sufficient satisfaction when dealing with those elements. Overall, this is a dark book filled with horrific themes and I would only recommend it to certain people.

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Short Story Sunday: A Christmas Crime by Tara Lyons 

A Christmas Crime 
Author: Tara Lyons
Published: December 9, 2019

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: December 12-13, 2019
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

With snow falling in a quaint Surrey Village, it’s the perfect setting for Holly and Christopher’s dream Christmas wedding. But instead of enjoying mince pies and mistletoe, their happiness is threatened by old secrets and someone harbouring a grudge. When the truth is finally revealed, can the couple enjoy the festivities with their family, or is their marriage doomed from the start?

Jessica’s Review:

This short story starts with quite the first line:

The blood splatter on the altar wasn’t the only sign that everything wasn’t right.

This is the first I have read by Tara Lyons and this short story gives us a taste of what she can write.  I hope to read some of her full-length novels sometime!

The only negative for me was that I wanted to get to the ‘meat’ of the story, which did not happen until the wedding day.  Despite being a short story, it did drag a little for me.  I think I wanted to know what the crime was.  And I did not see that ending coming, it was quite unexpected!

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Short Story Sunday: Killer Kitteh Khristmas

Killer Kitteh Khristmas
Author:  Sian B. Claven

Published: November 15, 2018
26 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Date Read: November 27, 2019
Jessica’s Rating:  5 stars

Short Story Description:

This is not a Christmas story.
This is not a cute story.
This story features demons, cats and some strange occurrences.

Prepare to take the same journey as Toni as she navigates her way around a new rescue cat and the problems arise when you don’t actually know where your pet comes from.

Jessica’s Review:

In some ways I read this short story at the wrong time, but I also read it at the right time: A stray kitten showed up at my husband’s job and he brought it home and now we have three cats!  We are going through an adjustment period now, and then I picked up this short story… It’s about Toni who brings home a rescue cat from the shelter she frequents….

This is not a Christmas story, though it does take place at the Christmas time of year.  Do not think this is a happy story as it isn’t.  It makes you think about your rescue animals and what they might have experienced and been through and that we will never know. 

And the rescue kitten from my husband’s job… She is Maine coon, like Snuggles in this short story…. I just hope my Shiva is not like Snuggles!

I plan to read more written by Sian B. Claven!  

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