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Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh

Do You Dream of Terra-Two?
Author: Temi Oh

Published: March 7, 2019
520 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

When an Earth-like planet is discovered, a team of six teens, along with three veteran astronauts, embark on a twenty-year trip to set up a planet for human colonization—but find that space is more deadly than they ever could have imagined.

Have you ever hoped you could leave everything behind?
Have you ever dreamt of a better world?
Can a dream sustain a lifetime?

A century ago, an astronomer discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting a nearby star. She predicted that one day humans would travel there to build a utopia. Today, ten astronauts are leaving everything behind to find it. Four are veterans of the twentieth century’s space-race.

And six are teenagers who’ve trained for this mission most of their lives.

It will take the team twenty-three years to reach Terra-Two. Twenty-three years locked in close quarters. Twenty-three years with no one to rely on but each other. Twenty-three years with no rescue possible, should something go wrong.

And something always goes wrong.

Kim’s Review:

I really liked this book! Once I started and seeing that most of the characters were teens, I rolled my eyes and expected an obnoxious, drama filled snooze fest. I was wrong! These teens were forced into adulthood and maturity in order to win a place on Terra-Two. The best thing about this story was the sense of adventure and wonder. It captured some of the best qualities of humanity. It felt very Lost in Space even though the Damocles was tracked every step of the way. This book definitely scratched the sci-fi itch, without being so ridiculously scientific that I didn’t understand everything. I think this is actually a great book for teens and adults! Even those who don’t gravitate towards sci-fi will enjoy it!

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ARC Review: Before You Wake by Cheyanne Young

Before You Wake
Cheyanne Young

To Be Published: TOMORROW: June 7, 2022
248 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: May 11-22, 2022
Jessica’s Rating: 5 stars

Book Description:

The day after Millie’s crush asks her on a date, a comatose teenager arrives at the hospital where she volunteers. He’s labeled as a John Doe, but Millie would recognize Wesley anywhere. Thanks to a teensy misunderstanding by an elderly nurse, everyone thinks Millie is Wesley’s girlfriend. 

As Wesley’s condition worsens, Millie spends all her volunteer time at his bedside, reading him Jane Austen and waiting for him to wake up. Then his group of friends show up, including Sloane, a beautiful and charismatic girl who instantly takes a liking to Millie. They invite her out with them, and Millie seizes the moment. She’s never had friends like this before and it feels great to be included.

The longer Wesley’s coma goes on, the more attached she becomes to his friends and her shiny new life in the popular crowd. Millie knows she’ll have to come clean before he wakes up, but she’s in too deep, and her lies have become the foundation of the very real friendships she’s made. Revealing the truth now would cost her everything. But keeping her secrets will cost even more.

Jessica’s Review:

Before You Wake is a YA retelling of the 1995 movie While You Were Sleeping starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. I loved that movie, so I was excited when I heard about this one and ready to read it! I was excited to see where a YA novel would go in this direction.

If you have not seen it before, I would recommend watching While You Were Sleeping to see where Young got her inspiration from! Unlike a fun and cute-ish romantic comedy film, Before You Wake came off realistic for me.

We have Millie who is a loner who volunteers at the hospital. And what starts out as a misunderstanding becomes a lie that escalates. Before she knows it, Millie is in way too deep and cannot figure out how to tell these people the truth. Because she knows that when the truth comes out it will hurt all involved and she has formed attachments that become very important to her.  And even living the lie a little bit is worth it to Millie. 

Before just continues to build on the lie and I did not know what was going to happen. Millie constantly is wanting to tell but also not wanting to tell knowing how everything will fall apart.  There is also twist that happens in regards to Wesley’s injuries and I liked where the novel went there.

If you are a fan of Jane Austin and Pride and Prejudice, you are also in for a treat with this novel!

I received an arc copy from Young to read and review, and I enjoyed it so much that I ordered a signed copy from her Etsy shop.  You can buy Before You Wake from her directly and get it personally signed.  And she even sent some extra goodies with the book! I really enjoyed this novel, and have read three of Young’s novels and have given them all 5 stars! 

While You Were Sleeping Trailer:

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Audiobook Review: It Will End Like This by Kyra Leigh

It Will End Like This
Author: Kyra Leigh
Published: January 4, 2022

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: March 30-April 4, 2022
Jessica’s Rating: 3.5 stars     

Book Description:

For fans of The Cheerleaders and Sadie comes a psychological thriller that reminds us that in real life, endings are rarely as neat as happily ever after. A contemporay take on the Lizzie Borden story that explores how grief can cut deep.

Charlotte lost her mother six months ago, and still no one will tell her exactly what happened the day she mysteriously died. They say her heart stopped, but Charlotte knows deep down that there’s more to the story.

The only person who gets it is Charlotte’s sister, Maddi. Maddi agrees—people’s hearts don’t just stop. There are too many questions left unanswered for the girls to move on.

But their father is moving on. With their mother’s personal assistant. And both girls are sure that she’s determined to take everything that’s theirs away for herself.

Now the only way to get their lives back is for Charlotte and Maddi to decide how this story ends, themselves.

Jessica’s Review:

It Will End Like This is a contemporary take on the Lizzie Borden case.  After unexpectedly losing their mother, Charlotte and Maddi are heavily grieving while their father has all but moved on… with their mother’s personal assistant.  The PA is also closer to their ages, so the sting is worse for the girls.

What follows is an extended story of unreliable narrators, mental illness, and grief. Over time the grief they are feeling encompasses everything. Our main narrator and focus of the story is Charlotte, but I wanted more of Maddi’s narration.  Their grief became too much of a focus and it made the story drag on.  It was just too excessive for me.  I think I was also really anticipating the ending since we (sort of) know what happens in the real case. I wanted to know how the author was going to reach that climax and the conclusion.  I listened to the audiobook and the last hour of the novel really picked up for me.  This is what kept me listening.  And then we have that ending!  That last hour is what redeemed the novel for me. 

I have always found the Lizzie Borden case intriguing and have read a few books on it. The fact that we won’t ever truly know what happened keeps the case alive to this day almost 130 years later.   Listening to this fictional tale made me want to read about the Borden case again: And I might just do that!

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