The Same Deep Water As You by Chad Lutzke

The Same Deep Water As You
Author: Chad Lutzke

Published: January 6, 2019
120 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars

Book Description:

Music, beer, skateboarding, and tragedy star in this coming-of-age lesson on love and lust and the line that divides them, as 19-year-old Jex experiences a life that meets River’s Edge and Kids with Dazed & Confused––a parentless indie yarn with the dark heart Lutzke is known for.

Kim’s Review:

Ok let’s start with the missing star. It’s as simple as me not knowing anything about punk rock or heavy metal. I’m too sheltered so most of that just went right over my head! But aside from that, I really liked this book! The story was beautiful and the characters were real and emotional. I found myself tearing up several times while reading.

I liked how Lutzke seemed to both confirm and break stereotypes, depending on the character. Jex grew up. He embraced his individuality, yet he matured and tried to adapt to what he wanted his future to be. And I loved his working his way through the difference between love and lust! I would almost say that mature teens should read this book, but very mature. There are great lessons in this book and I can think of several people I know who would benefit from, or even just enjoy this book! Lutzke has a list of other books and I definitely want to read them!

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