There is Freedom and Power in Transparency
Author: Natalie Thomas, MBA
110 Pages in Paperback

Published: August 3, 2016
Dates Read: October 21-23, 2016

My Rating: 3 stars

Book Summary from Amazon:

When most people experience God, it’s through the love of family and friends, and even the kindness of strangers. For Natalie Thomas, MBA, God’s presence was much more tangible.

In this deeply personal memoir, Thomas details her life story and firsthand encounters with supernatural forces. Be prepared to open your eyes to how demons tried to deceive her family and angels offered blessed guidance.

Like Jesus miraculously feeding a crowd with fish and bread, God supernaturally provided Thomas’s family with food and money. By keeping her ears attuned to God’s still, small voice, she gained invaluable insight about her troubled marriage and her husband’s addiction.

As you walk with Thomas through her life, you’ll soon discover how God has always had a hand in yours.

My Review:

There is Freedom and Power in Transparency is Natalie Thomas’ memoir. It begins with her childhood experiences with angels and demons. The memoir also continues through part of her college experience, her very troubled marriage, and ends in present day. Through the many tough times she faced, she still had her faith.

I personally know Natalie, I used to go to church with her and at one time was in the same Sunday School class as her. At that time she was not the teacher, but I heard some of her story. I did not know all of her story until I read this memoir and I felt I got to know her more as I read it. If you do not know her personally you will definitely get to know her as you read There is Freedom and Power in Transparency.

As previously mentioned, Natalie shares her experiences with angels and demons during her childhood and teen years. She then goes to college and meets the man she will marry. They do marry, but it is a troubled marriage. I won’t go into what happens in that marriage, you will have to read the book to find that out. You do begin to wonder what else is going to happen. I found myself wondering what her life would have been like if she had not married her husband. It would have been a very different life! Natalie’s journey was a hard one where many people would have doubted their faith or even lost it, but Natalie persevered with her faith intact.

The only critique I can give is that at times it had a raw, unfinished feel to it. There could be a little more editing done to the book.

I liked that when Natalie referenced Bible verses that she included the version of the Bible that she used. While reading Transparency, it seemed hard to believe that it is a memoir.

There is Freedom and Power in Transparency is recommended.

I was given a copy from Natalie Thomas in exchange for a review.  An interview will also be forthcoming.