Why I’m Afraid of the Dark

Why I’m Afraid of the Dark
Author: J.T. Withelder
Published: October 12, 20198

147 Pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 3 stars

Book Description:

Discover J.T. Withelder’s first collection of five unforgettable novellas that explore the darkest depths of his brilliant yet twisted imagination.

Featured in this anthology:

  • Stevie, a violent reimagining of the childhood trauma of the monster under your bed.
  • Magic Eight blends the believable with the unbelievable when a father discovers a clairvoyant toy amongst his children’s belongings.
  • Man’s Best Friend brings you heroism trapped in a nightmare where the forces of good and evil do battle in the most unexpected of places.
  • Guardian entangles you with the unspeakable horrors that emerge from the closet.
  • Finally, in Perfect, a bond forged by years of matrimony is irrevocably shattered when a husband makes a chance discovery leading to the horrifying implications that his life may not be what it seems.

These stories will question your resolve to sleep without a night light!

Kim’s Review:

I love scary stories! Now that I’ve admitted that to myself, they just seem to gravitate to me. I saw this cover and I wanted it. Unfortunately, only one of these stories was about the dark. I enjoyed three out of the four stories so I enjoyed the book. . . . it just didn’t give me what I wanted. I recommend it to anyone looking for simple, creepy stories. I read it in about an hour; it was easy and fun. But I wanted stories about the dark and I didn’t get that. I did like how Withelder tied everything together by the end. It was interesting that he had a bigger picture in his head.

Overall, I would have given it 4 stars if the stories had actually been about the dark. It really annoyed me so I docked a star. But the stories were engaging and spooky.

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