Day: July 6, 2017

Ladies: Safety First!!

Ladies: Please be aware of your surroundings! This happened to me last night:

My husband and I were meeting after work at the Target in Austell, Georgia. We were both coming from our jobs, so we were in two different vehicles. We purchased what we came to get and headed back to our cars separately. Then a tall, skinny, black teenager who was sweating a lot started to approach me by walking fast.  He said, “I don’t mean to approach you this way ma’am.” He was trying to say more and still walking towards me and I was backing away from him. I quickly interrupted him and say I can’t help him.  I’m a little freaked out and can’t remember where my car was so I beeped it once. I hear it and head over there.  Then the teenager approaches me and says again, “Excuse me ma’am”… And I raise my hand towards him in a stop signal and shout very loudly, “GO AWAY!” He did and started walking very quickly towards the restaurant in the shopping center.  It was then that I saw he had another teenager with him.  I was parked right by where the shopping carts go and there was a cart attendant out there who saw the whole thing. My husband did not see any of this unfold and hates that he did not.  Whenever we are meeting somewhere now, he will make sure I am in my car first before we leave.  He also thinks if the kid had seen him, he would not have approached me.

This scared me really bad.  It seemed to me like the kid was on something.  My husband said that he could have been on something or they might have been planning to jump me.  The fact that I shouted loud most likely deterred the kid if that was his purpose of approaching me.  Yes, he might have needed genuine help, but you just don’t approach a woman like that. This was a very quick incident that lasted less than a minute.  If the kid had been white it would have been the same result. DO NOT APPROACH A WOMAN!  My husband said this was the time to hit the panic button on my car remote, but it happened so quickly that I didn’t even think of this.  It’s scary- I could have become a statistic tonight. BUT I did not and am safe at home.

What scares me even more was that there was a second teen. What if they had grabbed me?  I carry a stun gun, but the carrying case for it is broken so it was in my purse. Needless to say it would not have done me any good tonight if something had happened. We are going to find me a good case for it ASAP. I don’t carry a handgun as I have not practiced enough to be comfortable to conceal carry.

Ladies- again PLEASE be aware of your surroundings- Look up as you are walking to your parking spot. DO NOT be texting and walking to your car. Don’t even be on your phone! Don’t take the chance on something happening to you.

I don’t post often about my life as this is my book review blog, but this really scared me and I want women to know about it and to be aware of their surroundings.