Day: March 5, 2018

The Scourge

Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Published: August 30, 2016
368 pages

Reviewed By: Kim
Kim’s Rating: 4 stars
Book Description:

When a plague isn’t all that kills…

As a lethal plague sweeps through the land, Ani Mells is shocked when she is unexpectedly captured by the governor’s wardens and forced to submit to a test for the deadly Scourge. She is even more surprised when the test results come back positive, and she is sent to Attic Island, a former prison turned refuge — and quarantine colony — for the ill. The Scourge’s victims, Ani now among them, can only expect to live out short, painful lives there. However, Ani quickly discovers that she doesn’t know the whole truth about the Scourge or the Colony. She’s been caught in a devious plot, and, with the help of her best friend, Weevil, Ani means to uncover just what is actually going on. But will she and Weevil survive long enough to do so?

Kim’s Review:

This book was awesome!! In a world of all the same stories being published over and over again, changed only with new character and setting names, I found a book that is unique! It’s a very simple story but it’s not like anything I’ve read before.

The world that Nielsen has created is a beautiful place with interesting people and fascinating dynamics. The River People, those who are believed to be ignorant and dirty, vs. the townsfolk, Grubs vs. Pinchworms. I identified very strongly with the misunderstood minority. Yeah ok, a little dramatic, I know, but as a Southerner, I completely understand being misunderstood and labeled as ignorant. Lies are told about my ancestors and my heritage and I know the frustration very well.

Ani is such a great heroine! She’s smart, she’s cunning and she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to survive. Weevil is an awesome guy and I’m totally happy with him, wouldn’t change a thing! ? And of course, every story needs a character that you love to hate! So there’s Della! She’s snobby and bratty and spoiled, and I loved hating her! The government conspiracy is simple, yet genius and works really well until Ani shows up to throw a wrench in everything. This was a really easy read, yet kept my attention through the very end! I recommend this book to anyone looking for a unique read or to any tween or teen looking for an interesting book!

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