Day: July 27, 2018

First Line Friday #78

Today’s First Line Friday is one by an author I interviewed earlier this year: Gemma Metcalfe.  She has had a great 2018: a new book and a baby on the way!! I’m so excited for you Gemma! And I *promise* I will read your books soon! My interview with Gemma is here.

Before I share the first line with you, here is the book trailer for a Mother’s Sacrifice:

The woman’s nightdress blew against her bare legs as she made her way towards the bridge.

God ensured she crossed my path. And that is why I chose her.

The day Louisa and James bring their newborn son home from the hospital marks a new beginning for all of them. To hold their child in their arms, makes all the stress and trauma of fertility treatment worth it. Little Cory is theirs and theirs alone. Or so they think…

After her mother’s suicide when she was a child, Louisa’s life took an even darker turn. But meeting James changed everything. She can trust him to protect her, and to never leave her. Even if deep down, she worries that she has never told him the full truth about her past, or the truth about their baby.

But someone knows all her secrets – and that person is watching and waiting, with a twisted game that will try to take everything Louisa holds dear.

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