Day: July 20, 2022

Jessica’s Reading Room is Six!

Spread the news: Jessica’s Reading Room is six years old! We are far from the biggest blog,  but we are the best! (We may be biased, but that’s ok!)  I mean… life is busy in general and Jessica works around 43 hours a week, so she gets tired.  We can usually get what we want done.  I wish I could do more, but as long as I still enjoy doing it, that is what matters!  I started my blog for me first and it may not be a blog with a huge following (which I am fine with ) I still do have people looking at what I think and this is great! It’s crazy to think that people actually read about what I have to say about books!

And we have Kim as well who brings her own flair to things here at JRR:  She does her monthly video wrap ups, has a You Tube channel, does semi-weekly book giveaways, and she also heads up the Most Gorgeous Cover contest on the Facebook page which we have moved up to quarterly now! We just find so many gorgeous covers. Yes, we admit it: We judge books by its cover!

But today we PARTY! Have some cake with us to celebrate!

Kim hasn’t been here the whole life of JRR, but she’s been here for most of it! Between the two of us, we cover a huge variety of genres! ( Some Smut included… HA!)  Kim has a few things to say as well:

6 years! And what fun years they’ve been too! Jessica is easily the best boss I’ve had in every way! I didn’t think I’d be any good at reviewing books, but because of her, I’ve been able to try all kinds of new things and adjusted the way I read books. I’m living the dream because she gave me the opportunity! So here’s to 6 years and to many more ahead!!

We may have some differences in selected genres of choice to read, but we still respect each other in those opinions!  We keep politics out of the page for the most part (unless it is a book being reviewed, then we still try to keep it tame) And Kim is Team DC while Jessica is Team Marvel….

Here are the social media we are on:

Jessica’s Reading Room:
Twitter @JessReadingRoom
Facebook: It is a companion to this site and Kim and I use it as a way to get to know us more personally. If you have not given us a ‘like’ you should.  We have lots of fun things going on! We are getting close to 600 ‘likes’ and ‘follows’!

**Twitter is run by Jessica; Both Jessica and Kim post on the Facebook page. Jessica ends her posts with JPJ and Kim ends hers with KSF (When we remember… Sometimes we forget, we aren’t perfect!)

Instagram @jessica42980

Instagram @kimsnerdlife

We are having a GIVEAWAY:

Kim will be heading up the giveaway this year. Unfortunately due to costs, this will be US Only. I’m hoping one day we can have international giveaways again!

What will you win?: The House of Furies series by Madeleine Roux. This is a set of gently used books.

This giveaway will run through the Facebook page and Kim’s Instagram account.  It runs from today through Sunday and then Kim will announce the winner.  More specific details will be on the post.  It will be up a little later today. And be sure if you don’t follow us on Facebook to do that.  You get so much more personal stuff about us there! And fun too!!

6 Years…. Wow! it doesn’t seem like that long, but in some ways it does (in a good way!)  Let’s see how much longer we can keep it going! 

Enjoy reading and sharing the book love.

Jessica and Kim