Day: February 9, 2024

Audiobook Review: The Girl on the News by Elizabeth Carpenter

The Girl on the News
Author: Elizabeth Carpenter

Narrator: Zoe Mills
Published: January 29, 2024
Audiobook: 6 hours 59 minutes

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read:  January 25- February 1, 2024
Jessica’s Rating: 3.5 stars

Book Description:

My heart pounds as I take in the headline: ‘Missing girl believed kidnapped’. Underneath is a photo of my beautiful daughter Mia, her gap-toothed grin unmistakable. But Mia is safe beside me, snuggled up on the sofa. Why would someone pretend my child has been taken?

I thought my husband Mark and I had built a perfect new life with our precious daughter Mia. She is everything to us. I thought we were finally safe from my past. But I know Mia’s picture on the news means someone has uncovered who I really am…

They must know about the terrible accusations I faced. Those other missing little girls. I was only a child myself but no-one believed I was innocent. Not even my own family. It still haunts me, every day.

Then my worst nightmares come true. Mia is taken, snatched from the playground, and my world collapses.

My sweet daughter is in danger. Because whoever took those children years ago must still be out there. Why are they trying to destroy my life again? And if they knew where to find me, how to take my daughter – does that mean they are someone close to home?

I can’t trust anyone. But it’s not like last time. I’m not a child any longer. And I will do anything to get Mia back, before it’s too late…

Jessica’s Review:

This is another book that had an interesting premise, but didn’t totally work for me.  For me, I think this would be another book that would have worked better if I had read it versus listening to it. 

There are two timelines and at times it did get confusing for me.  We have Rosie who killed her best friend when she was younger and spent time behind bars.  Now she is all grown up with her own family.  Like another book I recently listened to, the narrator’s child comes up on Facebook posts as a missing child when the child is in fact with mom. Things turn around over the course of the novel as her daughter actually ends up going missing!

The book is more about a series of child murders than Mia going missing and we also have a reporter, Sadie, who believes in Rosie’s innocence and has always believed her.  Through a series of twists, what starts as a slow burn turns into a fast-moving story!

Zoe Mills narration was great! She really brought the story to life with her voice.

Many thanks to the publisher Bookouture for granting me a copy to listen to and review!

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