Audiobook Review: When Animals Rescue by Belinda Recio

When Animals Rescue: Amazing True Stories about Heroic and Helpful Creatures
Author: Belinda Recio
Narrator: Hayden Panettiere
Published: December 15, 2021

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read: March 17-18, 2022
Jessica’s Rating: 4 stars     

Book Description:

 A Collection of True Tales of Animal Empathy and Altruism that will Inspire Us to Reflect on Our Own Human Nature
What do stories about humpback whales protecting a biologist from a shark, a pride of lions rescuing a girl from kidnappers, gorillas working together to dismantle poacher snares, a parrot warding off an attacker in a park, a chimpanzee consoling a human, and an elephant trying to rescue a baby rhino tell us about animal nature? And what might they suggest about our very own human nature? 
Until just a few decades ago, there were only a few animals reported to behave empathetically and altruistically. More recently, the list of species who have been observed behaving in compassionate, helpful, and caring ways has grown exponentially, ranging from rats to elephants.
When Animals Rescue presents dozens of astonishing and heart-warming stories about animals, such as chickens, horses, dolphins, and wolves, who engage in acts of helpful kindness. During a time in history when studies show that human empathy is decreasing, our knowledge about animal empathy is increasing. These true tales of heroism, kindness, and compassion suggest that we have far more in common with other animals than we once believed and provocatively suggest that what’s best about our human natures just might be our animal natures.

Jessica’s Review:

This book is for every animal lover! And it will work for kids too!

A collection of real-life stories that show how animals can show compassion, kindness, and dare I say love???  And this is not just to their own species, but other species that they may not normally ‘cooperate’ with/ live with.  And yes, this includes their actions to us humans, who may or may not show compassion back to the animals. 

This book shows how smart animals truly are.  Those of us with house pets already know this, but you might think differently about the opossum or even hippopotamus! That is until you read this book! 

The stories range from the expected with dealing with dolphins, whales, cats and dogs to the unexpected as I just mentioned and more including bears, parrots, and crows.  The chapters are short and work for quick trips in the car or for an extended drive.  The chapters are easy to understand for all readers and this book is age appropriate for young children who I imagine would love the stories even more so than the adult animal lover.  The narrator is Hayden Panettiere and she does a good job in her narration. 

When Animals Rescue does leave you thinking about the extent to the intelligence and more of animals and where we humans as animals would fit on the scales of all emotions and feelings. 

Many thanks to the publisher who sent me an e-audiobook version to listen to via NetGalley. 

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