This information is current as of 10/01/2023:

 I am very rarely accepting physical/ kindle books for review. I work about 45 hours a week and have an hour commute. This leaves little time for reading books unless they are audiobooks.  I WILL accept books for review available on Audible from Amazon, Spotify, and Netgalley.  If you have another way for me to stream the audiobook on my phone, I will be open to seeing if it will work for me.

I am  currently taking spots for Author/Book Spotlights, Interviews, Blog Tours, etc. I really enjoy doing cover reveals.

Once open again, if you are an author and have a suggestion for another type of feature please contact me! I am open to new features for this site.


 Please see the Books Read By Year page for books I have read since 2009 to get a feel for my interests. **Self-published/Indie Authors are welcome!

I will NOT accept:
-Books in a series unless it can be read without having read the previous books in the series.

I am selective with choosing books in these genres:

I WILL accept most everything else. I have a wide range of “book tastes” that is hard to narrow down. I will read Adult and YA/NA. Again, please see the Books Read By Year page on this site to see what I have read in the past.

Accepting Books:

If I accept a book, it does not guarantee a review. I will make every effort to read and review the book in a timely fashion. I will take the release date in account for when I read the book and post the review. Please send a book to review at least 3-4 months ahead of release date to have a better chance to be read and reviewed.

Review Postings:
In addition to this site, reviews will be posted in these locations online: Amazon, Goodreads, and I will link to the review in an Instagram/Bookstgram post. 

There are several ways to be featured on this site:
1.  Author/Book Spotlight
2.  Review
3.  Interview
4. Cover Reveal
5. Blog Tour


Author/Book Spotlight

**I AM currently accepting authors for the Author Spotlight.

The Author Spotlight will feature the author and 2-4 of his/her books. The Author Spotlight will include:

-A picture of the author
-Some information on the author- That could be a sentence or two and you may provide this to me
-Up to 10 books listed that have been written with links to Amazon
-The books that will be featured in the spotlight will be mentioned along with the book description from Amazon unless a different description is provided.
-A review if possible for the featured books.

**An author can be featured in the Author Spotlight without me having read a book as a review is not necessary.


Book Review

Book Reviews will include:
-Book Title
-Cover Art and/or possibly a Bookstagram photo
-Date Published/Expected Release Date
-Dates book was read
-Where the book came from if given in exchange for a review
-Star Rating
-Amazon US links and Amazon UK links

Ratings score:
1 star- I did not like the book/ I could not continue reading it
2 stars- It was ok/ It wasn’t terrible
3 stars- It was good/ I liked it
4 stars- I really liked it
5 stars- I loved the book and was blown away/it was amazing

*Ratings can include half star rating
**Most books tend to get a four star rating from me. I don’t often give a five star rating; when I do it is well deserved. Rarer still is a one or two star rating.

I do not set a word count on my reviews. They will be the length I determine that it take for me to give my input on the book. I do my best to keep reviews spoiler free. If spoilers will be mentioned, I will give a disclaimer.

My goal is to write a review for every book I read. I write fair and honest reviews, but this does not mean I will always write positive reviews. My reviews are my opinion, and if I don’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that. My reviews will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon though they may be modified.

My reviews are written in a relaxed manner similar to a conversation among friends. I like to think I am talking to my blog readers.



Interviews will include:
-Picture of the Author
-Something about the author- That could be a sentence or two and you may provide this to me.
-Up to 8 books listed with links to Amazon and cover art
-Interview questions and answers
-Author’s contact information (website, Facebook, etc)
-Links provided of any specific organization mentioned in the author’s answers

**I like to personalize the author’s questions to the books they have written, so it helps if I have read some of their books first.

Authors can feel free to not answer any of the questions asked.


Cover Reveal

I would love to feature your book for a cover reveal on this site!!
Cover Reveals would include:
-The cover of the book
-Description of the book
-Release Date

If the book is part of a series, I may include pictures of the other books in the series.


Blog Tour

If you are having a blog tour/blitz for an author or book I would love to participate!

If you have any interest in The Author/Book Spotlight, Review, Interview, Cover Reveal, or Blog Tour please email me at or use the Contact Me page.


Thank you!



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