Book Review: The Perfect Girl by Kelly Golden

The Perfect Girl
Author: Kelly Golden
Published: February 3, 2023
402 Pages

Reviewed By: Jessica
Dates Read:  January 26- February 19, 2023
Jessica’s Rating: 3.5 stars

Book Description:

He always said she was just a friend… What if she’d kill for more?

Sophie is perfect. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and when she smiles her wide, open, caring smile, her teeth sparkle. Everybody loves her. So would I, except she’s my husband Mike’s best friend, and sometimes they seem a little too close for comfort.

This summer, Sophie is renting the grand house next door, bringing over fancy wine, offering to babysit our beautiful three-year-old daughter. It’s nice, actually. She’s smart and funny. Maybe the way she is with Mike – squeezing his arm, tilting her head when she laughs at his jokes – is just how she is with everybody.

But then she says something that sends a shiver down my spine – does she know something about me she shouldn’t?

And when her new husband arrives, looking slightly too familiar, I realise my time is running out. My baby girl and I are in terrible danger.

Sophie really is perfect. She has me perfectly trapped. And as my world begins to crumble, I start to wonder: does Sophie just want to steal my husband, or has she planned the perfect murder?

Jessica’s Review:

This is the first novel by Kelly Golden and I will be looking at her other novels she writes.  This one has an intriguing book description so I was looking forward to reading it. It was not really suspenseful to me until the last 20% or so and I didn’t really connect with Emma, which might be where my issues were. I was intrigued and wanted to see what would happen and that last 20% really packed a punch! Golden came up with the character of Sophie that is just.. Oh wow.  Emma was also our only narrator and she was unreliable and well… If you have read my past reviews you know that is hit or miss for me.

I do think men and women can be friends, but Sophie and Mike’s relationship was a bit too much for me as a wife. If my husband was that close with a female friend we would have to have a talk…

But that ending, I need this story to continue! Please Ms. Golden, say you will write more!  I feel like you were just getting started with this story!

Despite some issues I had, I did enjoy The Perfect Girl and would recommend it! I can see Golden getting better with her writing as she continues. 

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