Book Spotlight: The S.K. Series: Case #1 Jedidiah Walker

Today I am bringing you a book spotlight to the newest book written by Savanna Loy.  It is titled The S.K. Series: Case #1 Jedidiah Walker.  It is her fifth book and is available now! It is the start of a series she is writing and this book is inspired by her childhood. Despite those dark themes, the book aims to avoid harm, sustained by love, friends, family, Jesus, and coffee.

The S.K. Series: Case #1 Jedidiah Walker is currently only .99! Give a ‘new to you’ author a try! If you have read any of her others, now is the time to buy this one!

About The S.K. Series: Case #1 Jedidiah Walker
Author: Savanna Loy

Publication Date: December 15, 2023
224 Pages

Book Description:
Embark on a heart-pounding journey into darkness with “Case #1 Jedidiah Walker,” the debut in The S.K. Series.

FBI duo Jonah and Mackenzie Hudson, entwined in an unexpected love story, face a spine-chilling series of cases. Jedidiah Walker, a monstrous force driven by a twisted compulsion, takes the spotlight, crafting perfect murders. Drawing from the author’s haunting childhood, this psychological thriller weaves trauma, love, and resilience. In a world where the line blurs between killer and investigator, Walker’s relentless pursuit of the “perfect” crime captivates.

“Case #1 Jedidiah Walker” confronts serious triggers, offering an unflinching exploration of darkness and suspense, setting the stage for an enthralling five-part series. Are you prepared to unravel the enigma and explore the chilling pursuit of perfection on the edge of suspense?

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About the Author:

The author cherishes her marriage to a traveling RN, whom she has known for more than half her life. While he supports her, she juggles social media, book coaching, public speaking, and serving as a church secretary. From a 911 dispatcher and hostage negotiator in training, she transformed into a Christian School Principal. With six children—five adopted after fostering—and a mix of Bernedoodles, chickens, and goats, their blended family thrives. Despite dark themes inspired by her childhood, her newest book aims to avoid harm, sustained by love, friends, family, Jesus, and coffee.

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